Friday, April 17, 2020

TFL directors call emergency meeting due to Coronavirus catastrophic hit on finances

Tfl held a briefing yesterday afternoon, Directors gave a talk on the impact that the Corona virus pandemic was having on the revenue and finances of Tfl.

Directors told the meeting that they have been hit catastrophically, by the huge loss of revenue. TfL went on to say that they are also spending £600million every 4 weeks, just keeping Tfl operations afloat.

Tfl said they have been in talks with the government, looking for financial support.  They said that those negotiations are still in hand.

Emergency company councils have been called today. 

John Leach of the RMT Union, told the meeting that whilst we are all rising to the challenges of the crisis, we will not allow any of this to be an attack on our hard won terms, conditions or wellbeing at work.

Since Sadiq Khan took the helm as Chair of TfL they have slid into a £1billion deficit. Most of the money wasted on vanity projects. 

TfL have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are unfit for purpose, with their management of TfLTPH. 

We now have a foreign registered company that is currently facing charges in the high court for failing to pay £1.4billion in that would have come in very handy in this present emergency. 

This company has had more customer complaints, more customer account hackings, more fraudulent licence acquisitions, more driver/passenger rapes/sexual assaults in its original 5 year licence term, than all the other private hire companies in London put together. 

Although TfL refused to relicense this company twice, they stopped short of revoking the company’s licence (mainly because they were scared of facing their legal team). 

One of the worst affects of this pandemic lockdown, is that Khan and his completely
Inadequate mayoral team, will reign for an extra year.  

Is it not time for the government to step in and break TfL up into more manageable units. 

The public carriage office under the metropolitan police reigned supreme for 150 years (1850-2000). When TfL took the helm, there was somewhere in the region of 30,000 minicabs. Now, we face competition from nearly 120,000.

With the responsibility for Taxi and Private Hire transferred to TfL, in just 20 years, the London Taxi trade has been virtually bought to its knees, trying to survive while TfL handed out Private Hire licenses like sweets, in an attempt to claw back much needed funds. 

It apparent that the present corrupt system isn’t working, and there’s no room for both the licensed Taxi trade and a bankrupt regulator. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different...New Idea, Or Just Revamped

Think cargo and Taxi cycles deliveries were an original bang up to date idea ???

Wrong they were doing this type of delivery, way back in 1927

Or what about an electric scooter.... this has got to be bang up to date... surely ???

Wrong, this one below dates back all the way to 1916

And this fine specimen below was an exclusive nanny version dating 1922

And finally, surely this has got to be an out and out first, the Dynamo Electric Purpose Built London Taxi

Not so.... The Bersey Electric Cab (also known as the London Electrical Cab) was an early electric-powered vehicle and the first electric taxi cab in London. Developed by Walter Bersey the vehicles reportedly had a top speed of 12 mph (19 km/h) and could carry two passengers.

Free Now to restructure as it plans to merge with French app Kapten: Fears for jobs as corporate restructuring in the works

The Free Now taxi ride-hailing service run by Daimler and BMW announced on Thursday a corporate restructuring, which could lead to job cuts, and unveiled plans to merge with French app Kapten.

The Free Now company said in a statement that its restructuring was aimed at reducing costs in order to offset the hits to its business caused by the coronavirus crisis, which has hurt transport companies around the world.

The Free Now and Kapten ride-hailing apps are among many relatively new companies that have been set up across the globe to take on the likes of main players such as Uber. 

Free Now, previously known as My Taxi, entered the market in 2016 when it merged with taxi-hailing app Hailo. 
Source : Reuters

As Taxi leaks predicted, going the same way as Hailo....these third party apps never learn.

This was the statement, put out by FreeNow earlier today.

“Freenow were keen to point out that their driver surveys and focus groups indicated support for the merger???? and suggested that I was living in the past by not recognising the benefits of taxis working on the same platform as minicabs, or 'licensed PHVs' as they refer to them”

Part of the letter sent to Steve Mac at the LTDA.
Where are the @FreeNow_UK drivers that filled out these driver surveys? 
Did they really opt for having PHV’s alongside taxis on the App?

I think this is total BS by @FreeNow_UK

Well, maybe @FreeNow_UK could divulge the results to these “surveys” you stated were carried out by the drivers on your App?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

As TfL Struggles For Survival, Should Sadiq Khan Be Held Responsible For Tube Passenger Deaths Due To COVID19 ???

It's impossible to calculate the amount of people who have been infected COVID19 virus, after travelling to and from work, packed in like sardines on London's Underground system. During the last five weeks Sadiq Khan promised tube travellers "its safe" and "no risk of catching Coronavirus on the tube", stating that each carriage was sterilised each  night with a very special chemical cleansing agent. 

5 million journeys a day on the Coronavirus Express for 5 weeks equals 175 million journeys. 
How many deaths has this been directly responsible for ???? 

Think of all those who took Khan at his word and carried on using the Tube, 'a perfect Coronavirus incubator', to get to work and then infect colleagues....then went for lunch and infected other diners...then used the tube to go infected family and friends who have subsequently died.

Why did Mayor of London Sadiq Khan say “No risk of catching Coronavirus on the Tube”?

Why did he tell America “no risk of catching Coronavirus on our public transport” ?

By making these statements, did the Mayor on London put many lives at risk ???

So why did Khan make these statements....Could it be that TfL are virtually bankrupt and are appealing to the government for a massive handout to help them survive 

Has Sadiq Khan put people’s lives at risk, for a continuance of much needed revenue after spending billions of Taxpayers money on his vanity projects. 

TfL are now begging the Taxpayer for cash to bail them out after bending over backwards supporting a foreign company who refused to pay its Tax and is currently subject of a high court case, charged with owning £1.4bn in unpaid VAT. 

Is it time for Khan and Co to go ????
Should TfL be broken up into smaller agencies giving jobs to people who are qualified and can take on the responsibilities of their task.... rather than being given high paid jobs because of who they know?

After being given the role as deputy mayor for transport, Heidi Alexandra is alleged to have said "I know absolutely nothing about transport"....a growing trend within the walls of the TfL empire.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

MORE POSITIVE NEWS: The taxi drivers helping Tiverton's vulnerable cope with coronavirus lockdown

Tony Rowe of TK Taxi Service, Rob Redman of Castle and Marek Polovka of Frankies Taxis say they have been helping elderly, vulnerable and members of the NHS

Taxi drivers across Tiverton have teamed up to offer support for those who need it during the coronavirus crisis.

Tony Rowe of TK Taxi Service, Rob Redman of Castle and Marek Polovka of Frankies Taxis say they have been helping elderly, vulnerable and members of the NHS.

Tony said: “We have been looking after our regulars, the elderly, those who are stuck at home. We have been doing vulnerable people’s shopping. It’s not out the way of what we normally do, but we want to let people know we are here for them as some don’t think we’re working at all.

“It’s nice to get out and about, we’re not stuck at home all the time and there’s a positive atmosphere around the place.”

Rob added: “We have also been running nurses around to hospitals. People have appreciated it, and the staff at stores such as Tesco have been really helpful to us.”

Marek added that their cabs are regularly cleaned and they are looking after themselves during this time.

He said: “Things in the South West seem to be doing OK. It’s worse in London and the built-up areas.

“Of course, we tell people if they are feeling unwell to self-isolate and people who use us are sitting in the back of the cab, so they keep a distance and it’s not too bad. Some are wearing masks.”

From Cabbies do Kilimanjaro to Cabbies do Deliveries Two of the fundraising group Cabbies do Kilimanjaro join a team of supermarket drivers to deliver food during the pandemic

Two of London’s licensed black cabbies who saw their work driving cabs in London dry up almost overnight have joined a leading supermarket to make food deliveries during the pandemic.

Daren Parr from Blackheath and John Dillane from Orpington who are leading a group of twenty-five London Cabbies on a fundraising challenge to climb Kilimanjaro and raise funds for the London Taxi Drivers Charity for Children joined the supermarket last week. 

London Cabbie Daren Parr said “In February 2020 COVID- 19 changed the world into a state never seen before. London’s streets were eerily empty, Heathrow was quiet and along with millions of other people we were not a position to earn any money. After offering our services to charities and the Government to no avail, we were still determined to do something to help the most vulnerable people of London, so we applied to a supermarket and Cabbies Do Kilimanjaro changed from London Taxi drivers to grocery delivery drivers overnight.

Last Thursday night, I was driving down a street in Abbey Wood in my delivery van at 8pm, people were out on the streets banging pots, pans and clapping. Some were pointing at me in the van and cheering. I welled up with a lump in my throat as big as a cricket ball. I could not have been prouder. 

At the end of the street I had a delivery. It was to a disabled man who was self-isolating, and he could not have been more pleased and thankful to see me. I knew at this point that, along with millions of other people who have volunteered or changed their careers temporarily, that it was the right decision. We will continue to help for as long as it takes to beat this virus. Thank you to Tesco for giving us this opportunity.”

London Cabbie John Dillane said “Daren and I were as shocked as the rest of the country with both the speed and impact that this deadly virus has had on the everyday lives of the UK. Overnight our work as cabbies in London disappeared and we were basically unemployed. 

This cruel disease seems to target the most vulnerable sections of our communities and at the same time as these people were being told to stay at home, others, who could get out, were stripping supermarket shelves of basic supplies! 

We quickly learned that online supermarket deliveries were people’s lifelines, but the big retailers were struggling to keep up with demand and were desperate for drivers to get these supplies to where they were needed. Daren and I, along with many London Cabbies applied to Tesco and were fast tracked through their training system onto the frontline. 

Cabbies do Kilimanjaro are proud to be doing our bit for our country in this war against an invisible lethal foe.”
Daren and John are still training (within government guidelines) for their huge challenge in October to climb Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro back to back for a charity that is very close to their hearts.

Daren said, “The social distancing regulations mean that The London Taxi Drivers Charity for Children have had to cancel many of its events and fundraising activities this summer, so now more than ever we need to raise  as much as we can to ensure this charity has some resources to continue the amazing work it does to support special needs and disadvantaged children.”

You can follow the Cabbies do Kilimanjaro story at

About Cabbies do Kilimanjaro
After successfully raising £18,000 for The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans in 2019 by losing 12 stones in weight, getting fit and climbing Kilimanjaro, two of the original Cabbies Do Kilimanjaro, Daren Parr and John Dillane, have put together a much bigger challenge for 2020.

A group of 30 London Licensed Taxi Drivers, will be attempting to lose 52 stones, get fit, with the support of Be Military Fit and then travel to Tanzania where Daren and John will climb 4,562 metre Mount Meru before being joined by the rest of the cabbies to climb 5,895 metres to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Cabbies do Kilimanjaro team is hoping to raise £7,500 for the London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children and £2,500 for a children’s community project in Tanzania
Follow their progress by visiting

About London Taxi Drivers' Charity for Children
The London Taxi Driver’s Charity for Children arranges days out in the UK, for special needs and disadvantaged children and provides funding to support children who need recreational, technology and mobility equipment.

Founded in 1928, the charity is funded totally through donations and supported by an amazing group of volunteer London Taxi Drivers who give up their time to take the children and their carers on day trips.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall is Patron.
For more information, to arrange interviews or to request images about Cabbies do Kilimanjaro please contact
Christina Bowden
Bowden PR
07984 433614

Monday, April 13, 2020

Edinburgh taxi company deliver hundreds of Easter eggs to youngsters at Sick Kids hospital

An Edinburgh taxi company has made a delivery of hundreds of Easter eggs to youngsters at Sick Kids over the weekend.

City Cabs had a busy Easter Sunday, swapping passengers for 200 chocolate eggs destined for the Royal Sick Children's Hospital.

Taking on the role of the Easter bunny, the taxi drivers made sure the youngsters still got their chocolate fix with the huge haul of eggs.

In a statement, the company said: City Cabs working with the Easter Bunny!

"Today, we were honoured to deliver over 200 Easter Eggs to Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children! Although our city may be closed, our hearts are still open.

"Happy Easter to all and however you're spending your day - stay safe!"

Amid the lockdown, the Sick Kids have seen a heartwarming selection of donations from different charities and organisations across the city to keep patients and their families smiling.

Visiting is currently very limited as part of measures to fight the spread of coronavirus, with charities such as the ECHC and Radio Lollipop who would usually visit the wards now unable to.

Elsewhere, stores made sure hard-working key workers got their Easter egg haul.

Edinburgh bus drivers received a whopping delivery of 200 chocolate eggs from Morrisons to keep their staff going right through the holiday weekend

Sick Children's Hospital receives a host of heartwarming donations from all over Edinburgh