Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Les Reid Follows Up On The Previous Post With Concerns Over The Public Rental Of These Dangerous Vehicles.

Hi Guys


The Electric Scooters (Trials) bill has been passed


I would at this stage ask all drivers to Lobby your MP contacts and urge representation (however it is a done deal, I believe).


Now many of the road closures we’ve seen so far are revealed as e-scooter friendly?

E-scooters can definitely manage to negotiate them.


As usual it appears to be mainly a London Problem...

However we all know that when London Sneeze’s the rest of us catch a cold.!


Also the Pedicab’s Bill is due its second reading in January 2021, I’ve attached some more details.


After a nightmare year, we would hope there would be light ahead, however it appears not now to be the case 


Les Reid.

MCR Blackcabs Manchester.



Official Statement from TfL

So apparently there is to be competition for operators, but as we’ve already seen, Uber have purchased both the major rental not much competition here then. 

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