Monday, October 05, 2020

More Khanage Expected As Tower Bridge Closes For Three Weeks.


Tower Bridge is allegedly due to be closing again...for three weeks. Our symathy goes out to those drivers who have chosen today to start back to work. 

So, with London Bridge, Vauxhall Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge, all closed to traffic, will we see even more Khanage out there???

Let’s also not forget that both Tower bridge and Vauxhall bridge are the boundaries of the current Congestion Charge and ULEZ zones. 

Empty cycle lanes alongside gridlocked traffic.... and Khan is looking for another £5.7 billion of tax payers money. This man and his highly paid team of inadequate couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. 

Just over a month ago, Khan said he was going to keep an eye on the congestion being caused by temporary COVID measures on the Euston Road. 

It makes you wonder which eye he’s talking about because now, five weeks on, the congestion is much worse, and the so called  ‘temporary’ restrictions are still in place. 

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