Wednesday, October 07, 2020

TfL Fail To Turn Up For A Third Time To Prosecute PH Driver, Allegedly 'Refusing' To Take Disability Assistance Dog

Private Hire driver is being privately prosecuted by TfL, for allegedly 'refusing' to take disability assistance dog.

The problem is that, although TfL have bought this private prosecution to court...the TfL prosecutor hasn't turned up... on two separate previous occasions. 

Yet the court heard that the Private Hire driver came to Marylebone magistrates court just a week after having an operation to have his kidney stone removed. 

What the hell is going on at TfL???

Now they can’t even bother to turn up at court to follow through with their own private prosecution. 

This appalling behaviour from TfL has nothing to do with lock-down or the pandemic, as the case itself, was first bought to court in 2018. 

This is just another example of the woeful Inadequacies of this organisation. Three years ago, it was found that 13,000 private Hire drivers were working with fake criminal record certificates. 

It was expected that all would have their licenses revoked and have to reapply. But TfL only contacted 2,600 of these drivers. They let the remaining 11,400 drivers with fake DBS certificates work on regardless. 
Public safety.... what safety????

There has also been numerous occasions when senior TfLTPH employees have been touted outside clubs and bars, yet no action was taken against the touts. 

And yet, as if to prove their bias against the License Taxi trade, a Cabby had his licence revoked for videoing the TfL commissioner Mike Brown and director Leon Daniels having a meal in a restaurant on Mount Street. 

The Taxi driver -unlike the private Hire online app Uber who had literally thousands of sexual, rape, account hacking and safety issues- was not allowed to carry on working. 

Subsequently with the help of the LCDC legal team, the Taxi driver who made the offending video, had his licence reinstated. 

Recently, we saw a case against private hire operator Uber, charged with not being fit and proper....the original complaint was made back in 2017, but at no time was the operator restricted from dispatching work to its drivers. 

 With continued performances like this, the question begs to be asked...
“Is TfL fit and proper to be a Taxi and Private Hire regulator” ???

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