Tuesday, September 01, 2020

The Hypocrisy Of It All: The Anti-Car Fanatics Who Clutter The DoT And Town Halls, Have Seized The Opportunity Provided By Covid To Close Roads And Build Thousands More Bike Lanes.

Motorists who park on pavements are to be hit with a £70 fine under new rules published by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

Cars who park on pavements will be given £70 fines designed to stop cars and vans blocking the free movement of wheelchairs, parents pushing buggies and morbidly obese people on mobility scooters making their way back from the chip shop. 

Yet you can hire an electric bike from Uber’s new acquisition (Lime), and you can dump it anywhere you like on any pavement. 

They are even changing the law so people can hire e-scooters from Uber’s other new venture and dump them on any pavement they like. 

Can you see the pattern emerging here 

Meanwhile, back on the mean streets this morning, more routes through the city got the 7-7 buses and bikes only treatment.... making it increasingly difficult to get Taxi passengers who are disabled, travellers with heavy luggage, mothers with buggies and the morbidly obese from door to door. 

So, if you park with just one wheel on the kerb, that’s if you can actually get to the kerb to park, you will get a £70 fine courtesy of Grant (whatever name he’s using this week) Shapps.

But feel free to wantonly discard your hire bike or e-scooter, in what ever position, on whatever pavement you like.... and just walk away with gay abandon, and not a thought for disabled, blind, mothers and prams, mobility scooters or anyone else. 

The cycle lanes they have built already are grossly underused, being virtually empty. The blockages and congestion they have caused has affected the response times of emergency vehicles.

But that doesn’t seem to worry the Lycra clad brigades at the DoT and Town Halls. 

On BBC London news tonight, Will Norman says he doesn’t want people to use cars to come back to work... so why is this highly paid, so called expert, not in favour of people leaving their cars at home at getting Taxis to work ??? 

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : Real People - Real London

Family man Wes, the taxi driver made famous for heckling Sadiq Khan outside Selfidges last month, talks rationally about the impact of widespread road closures. 


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