Friday, August 28, 2020

TfL Bottle It Over The Licensing Of Uber, Said “It’s A Question For The Court To Decided”.

Regulators TfL have signalled they would prefer to take a neutral stance on the renewal of a  London license for Uber, offering a chance for the firm to continue to operate in its biggest European market.

TfL plan to leave the final decision to a judge, an attorney for Uber said, in filing an appeal at the court hearing today. 

The decision will essentially mirror the process whereby Uber recurved a 15-month license from Chief magistrate Arbuthnot two years ago.

“The question whether, in the light of the changes made by Uber London since the decision, it is now a fit and proper person, is one for the court,” Tim Ward, a lawyer for Uber said in the filing, noting that he was summarizing the view of TfL

Uber’s disclosure came ahead of a trial to challenge Transport for London’s decision to strip the company of its operating license. 

The regulator said last year that the firm had failed to adequately verify drivers’ identities and safeguard the service for passengers.

TfL declined to immediately comment after the hearing, plus
 Uber didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

TfL had said one driver found using Uber’s app had already had a private hire license revoked after it discovered the person had received a police caution for distributing indecent images of children.

In its new appeal, Uber will have to prove to the court that it’s not a repeat offender, after the judge previously criticized the “gung-ho attitude” of the previous management team.

Source : Bloomberg 


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