Monday, August 31, 2020

Should Registration Plates Be Fitted To All Cycles, To Stop Irresponsible Riders Killing And Maiming Pedestrians ???

Should cyclists be more accountable???

After seeing a number of hit and runs from the cycling fraternity, some fatal, is it time for registration plates to be made mandatory. 

The roads are not velodromes that cyclist can use when ever they want to test their personal best times, using on line apps. 

Cyclists should only be aloud on our roads if they can show they are responsible enough to share the space available to them 

Helmets with registration numbers on would not suit all purpose, as fire bikes such as Boris bikes and Lime, attract passing pedestrians. Helmets attached to these bikes would soon be stolen or damaged. 

Therefore, number plate regulation would be a more practical solution. 

Fitting all Hire cycles and personal bikes with registration plates could be achieved in quite a short space of time, and would not be very expensive to the cyclists. 

Isn’t it about time, cyclists were held responsible for their actions 


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