Saturday, August 22, 2020

Impact Assessment Shows Council Knew People Friendly Streets Would Cause Even Worse Toxic Pollution

The Islington Council impact assessment also showed that their people friendly streets would have devastating affects on disabled and elderly groups in their area. 

As more and more streets are closed off, our attention has been bought to Islington Council’s own Impact Assessment from just a few weeks ago, back in June 2020

In general, PFS measures will restrict through traffic, which will reduce the number of entry and exit points in each neighbourhood. This may impede movements for essential car trips indirectly and disproportionally impacting older and disabled residents as local car journeys may take longer and be less convenient. 

Islington’s main roads are already at capacity and the neighbourhood measures could however displace traffic onto main roads, which could increase congestion, which may affect bus journey times as well as affecting air quality and community severance.

*Increases in congestion, community severance and worse air quality may affect more deprived communities living near busy roads or junctions. Increased bus journey times would have a greater impact on certain groups with protected characteristics who are more likely to use bus services, and on those who would have the most difficulty dealing with the impacts of a reduced service.

Some specific impacts have been identified for protected characteristic groups : 

Older people may rely on private cars for their local trips and so may be inconvenienced by longer journeys.

Disabled people could be disproportionately disadvantaged by the increase in cycling and increased risk of conflict between pedestrians and cyclists if cycle infrastructure is not designed properly.

Disabled people may also rely on private cars for their local trips and so may be inconvenienced by longer journeys.
Some measures will involve parking suspensions, which could have a specific negative impact on blue badge holders. 

They are well aware of the adverse potential effects of this scheme on the quality of life of the elderly and disabled. But in the rush to get their greedy little hands on part of the massive government grant available, they’ve gone ahead with the restrictions, against better judgement. 

When will sanity be returned to the people we elected to look after our wellbeing ???

Message to Leader of the Green Party at City Hall Caroline Russell: 
* Increases in congestion, community severance and worse air quality...
You are happy with the community severance and worse air quality ????

Is the climate emergency over in Islington Caroline???

Are you happy that your disabled and elderly residents are being Do you know what freedom and being discriminated against ???

Is Islington no longer a democracy, has that been set aside in the rush for government money???

Caroline, have you sold your Green Party beliefs down the river, with your greed for the 30 pieces of silver ??? 

Caroline riding her new fold-up bike on the pavement, between the two cycle lanes in Hyde Park and Park Lane. 

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