Monday, August 24, 2020

Blackwall tunnel approach road in Greenwich to be closed for 18 months

Work next month will see a slip road in Greenwich leading to the A102 Blackwall tunnel closed to all vehicles.

The northern slip road leading from Angerstein roundabout will see barriers installed and then only permitting emergency access.

These ideas were mooted in plans for permanent changes, though only now do we see that’s it’s brought forward and included in a temporary project.

Drivers will turn off at this junction

Drivers heading from the east towards the Blackwall Tunnel will be expected to turn off and head to Bugsby’s Way and then access the A102 at Blackwall Lane as shown below.

Reducing traffic along Woolwich Road has been a long term aspiration though not without repercussions. It will result in an increased number of vehicles heading past the recently opened St Mary Magdalene School – which is still a long way from an eventual 1,600 pupils.

Traffic will increase here beside new school

It also means more cars along Bugsby’s Way – which is often congested and a poor experience for pedestrians.

End of bus lane on Bugsbys Way

A bus lane on this stretch ends before reaching retail parks and buses are often stuck in queues.

Bugsby’s Way traffic. Bus lane ends here

From the west drivers will need to turn off at Blackwall Lane to reach the Blackwall Tunnel.

New route

This will reduce traffic levels to the west along Woolwich Road.

Blackwall Lane

Vehicles will then enter the A102 towards Blackwall Tunnel at a junction up the road. It’s frequently slow-going due to some drivers trying to jump the queue, though newly installed cameras should help reduce that issue.

Main access to Blackwall Tunnel from the west

People moving into new-builds along Blackwall Road will see an increase in traffic:

New build approved on Blackwall Lane at garage site

There are of course no easy answers in an area with a burgeoning local population, public transport capacity heavily reduced and a need to prevent gridlock and encourage walking and cycling.

Heavy traffic in east Greenwich – camera go live soon covering this area

Elsewhere cycle lanes along Trafalgar Road will become two-way on the north side of the road instead of one each side of the road as now. These light segregation measures lasted barely over a year since a “Low Emission Neighbourhood” scheme was installed last year.

Wands installed in 2019 will be removed

I took at look at the Low Emission Neighbourhood project in September last year. It improved Trafalgar Road quite a bit, in what is a constrained and narrow road.

It’s a shame a lack of foresight ensures some work is rendered moot so soon after installation.

Cycle lane here will shift to opposite side of the road
In terms of the new cycle lane upon leaving the Old naval College, it heads along Old Woolwich Road though instead of entering Trafalgar Road at Lassell Street – which is more direct – it carries on around Old Woolwich Road and joins at Christchurch Street.

Blue route = what is planned. Red = what is quicker

I wonder how many will go the longer route? Doing so may mean a quieter road, but one that has cars parked on both sides, a blind bend and five junctions.

All this should get cracking in September. 
Expect some vociferous arguments soon.

Source : Murky Depths 

All Barriers removed from Duke St, Parking bays and this Disable bay all available again,

The question now is; when will they be opening up the Taxi Ranks in Oxford and Regent St??  

London needs to be opened up not closed down like Mayor Khan wants !!!

REMEMBER, they are after us

So let’s be careful out there

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