Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Great News From The UCG As Access Is Granted To Jamaica Road Bus Gate...We Ask Does This Set A Precedent ???

We’ve just heard from the United Cabbies Group that Taxi drivers are to be allowed full access to the Jamaica Road bus gate at Culling Circus/Lower Road. 

Apparently The UCG chairperson has been fighting for access for quite sometime.

This now makes all other bus gate access questionable. If it is felt necessary to give Taxis access at this bus gate, there should be no reasons why access to Taxis should not be granted at ALL other bus gates 

Well done Karen and well done the United Cabbies Group. 

Word has reached us today that cycle use in Enfield’s flagship £45m faux pas is 70% busier than usual.....two cyclists this morning, as opposed to none. 

Tax payers money well spent?

Also, an open letter has been posted on social media to deputy Mayor Heidi “I know nothing about Transport” Alexander:

Can you tell me where I can See the Costings for this ?? And the cost to remove it ??  Seems a lot of work for a temporary measure. Also how are you going to monitor it to decide when to remove it

Outrageous... disabled people are being asked to travel to Birmingham for treatment, because of road restrictions in central London!

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