Thursday, June 18, 2020

To Mask, Or Not To Mask, That Is The Question...But Don’t Ask TfL, That Is The Answer


Transport for London Taxi and Private Hire are refusing to answer driver’s queries on social media...Nothing new there then!!!

TfLTPH have made a number of statements over the last week, pertaining to the wearing of facial coverings whilst drivers are working.

The first TfL notification stated that from Monday 15th June all Taxi and Private Hire drivers should wear face coverings while working in the capital. 

Drivers asked for clarification on social media and TfL refused to answer. Some drivers have asked their representative orgs to clarify the notice but that too have not received clear advice from TfL. 

One driver did get a reply that said Should, actually means must!!!!! Again dad management from a woefully inadequate authority. 

Yesterday, TfLTPH put out this tweet, “Licensed taxi and private hire drivers are expected to wear a face covering, at all times, when in their licensed vehicle. See TPH Notice 08/20 for more information”

Notice the wording has now been changed from ‘Should wear’, to ‘Expected to wear’ and to be honest, we can’t see in any way or form, that ‘Expected’ could mean ‘Must’.

So, until we get clear and final clarification, it is Taxi Leaks opinion that it is up to the driver. 

We can’t of course speak for Private hire drivers who sit in close proximity to customers, but London’s Taxi drivers are enclosed in a compartmental bubble away from the passengers. 

In our opinion the only time a Taxi driver would need to wear a face covering and gloves is if they alight the vehicle to give assistance to a wheelchair, disabled or elderly passenger. 

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