Friday, June 19, 2020

Lewisham Residents Fight Back And Remove Road Closures Restrictions

Residents opposed to the road closures put in by Lewisham Council on South Row and other roads have taken it upon themselves to move the temporary “planters” and have been driving through the “Road Closed” signs. 

As a result, the Council have said they will be installing droppable bollards (for emergency service access only) from next week, to address (as they put it) this “problem” and to ensure no motor vehicular traffic can pass through. 

Surely this is a good sign of the strength of opposition to these measures that the Council should heed. 

They are going to remove one of the barriers on South Row but we doubt this will overcome all the objections to this scheme. 

The council have received hundreds of comments on South Row and the other road closures which they have as usual ignored when they should have done a proper consultation of both local residents and the road users in advance of implementation.

There is no real democracy in Lewisham so some people have decided to take the law into their own hands – it’s hardly surprising.

Welcome to our world Lewisham residents. Councils across the capital have been closing off roads on a daily basis. 

Some councils have totally disregarded residents opinions after carrying out one sided consultations.

Questions have been fixed and any negative comments ignored. 

Is it time for residents to take matters into their own hand and follow Lewisham’s lead by removing these unnecessary, discriminating restrictions?

London Borough of Lewisham Covid response team have hit back with this statement on the council website:
Due to the temporary barriers that form part of the modal filter at the junction with The Paragon being removed by members of the public, this has allowed traffic to pass through and onto Paragon Place/Wemyss Road creating a significant reallocation of traffic through this area. 

The installation of a bollard (as part of the modal filter at The Paragon junction) next week will address this problem.

In addition, we will be removing the planters for the South Row modal filter at the junction with the B212, to allow the west bound movement from South Row on to the B212 to help facilitate exit from the area for residents in the Paragon Place area. 

Access onto South Row from the B212 will not be allowed to allow pedestrians a safer crossing of this junction.

Motor vehicle entry for residents in the area adjacent to South Row can be made via Wemyss Road. 

The new arrangement plan has now been updated onto the project site and will be reviewed closely once installed. We will be sending further updates regularly throughout this programme to ensure you are all kept updated.

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