Monday, May 25, 2020

We’ve all seen the fantastic video the beautiful Tamzin Outhwaite made,its time to pay back and say thank you

We’ve all seen the fantastic video the beautiful Tamzin Outhwaite made and circulated on behalf of the London Taxi trade. 

Now it’s time to pay back! 
Tamzin is asking for all of us to sign the petition calling for government support to save the British Theatre & Television industries. 

The petition is calling for additional urgent government support. The pandemic has hugely disrupted the entertainment industry.

  • Theatre & Television sets are busy crowded places. 
  • The audience requires large numbers to huddle together.
  • Theatres can not be profitable while we are social distancing for so many reasons and unlike other industries, we cannot work from home. 
  • Furlough schemes only take us to October 2020, but the industry is unlikely to reopen until 2021.   

Bectu says “ The industry is facing a potentially catastrophic impact from COVID 19, and government, employers and workers must come together to develop a strategy for our cultural sectors’ survival.”

Why is this important?
The entertainment industry has never suffered such a crippling blow. The impact is unprecedented and we must protect this great British institution.

So please, on behalf of Tamzin, sign this petition and please pass it on to all your family and friends and ask them to sign too. 

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