Saturday, May 09, 2020

The Taxi Charity Makes A Special VE Day Delivery To A WWII Veteran: Plus 100 Surprise Birthday Party

This May the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans would have been taking WWII veterans to 75th anniversary Dutch Liberation in the Netherlands and VE Day celebrations in London. 

Sadly, these events had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions, so the charity arranged for a special gift commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day to be delivered to over 120 WWII veterans.

On VE Day, Ian Parsons, Chairman of the Taxi Charity and his wife Anne Parsons, delivered a commemorative VE Day 75 tin to WWII veteran, Harry Rawlins in Edgware. 

Harry was in the 8th Armoured Brigade, 30 Corps and was part of Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Every year Harry joins the trips organised by the Taxi Charity to the Netherlands for the Arnhem commemoration services.

Ian Parsons, Chairman of the Taxi Charity, said, ““Ensuring our veterans know that the Taxi Charity is thinking about them during this unprecedented time is so important to everyone at the charity. 

We know how disappointed the WWII veterans were that the events to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day here and across Europe had been cancelled so we were keen to provide them with a commemorative gift. It was really special to be able to deliver this gift to Harry on VE Day and thank him for all he did for this country.”

WWII veteran Harry Rawlins, said, “The Taxi Charity are truly a lifeline. For many years I have joined the charity on trips to the continent to pay my respects to the comrades who didn’t come home. It was lovely to see Ian and his wife Anne on VE Day and to receive such a thoughtful gift.”

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D-Day veteran is stunned when Boris Johnson wishes him 'a jolly good knees up'

A D-Day hero's 100th birthday was celebrated by Prime Minister as more than 50 well-wishers and standard bearers made an emotional lockdown tribute.

Don Sheppard was left stunned after his relatives organised the secret celebration after his planned shindig was cancelled due to coronavirus.

Boris even took time out from fighting the menace to send a heartfelt letter hoping he had 'a jolly good knees-up as befits an old soldier still going strong'.

Police helped to guard his drive and ensured the party didn't put the centenarian who survived the Normandy landings, North Africa and Sicily at risk and no one broke lockdown legislation.

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