Saturday, May 09, 2020

MP’s Bill To Regulate Pedicabs...Pushed Back

Cities of London & Westminster MP, Nickie Aiken’s 10-minute Rule Bill calling for increased regulation of pedicabs in Central London has been pushed back. 

The bill, which is designed to bring the regulation of pedicabs in-line with black cabs and other private hire vehicles, will now be presented at a later date.

“Unfortunately, has been confirmed to me that I will not be able to present my Bill until further notice as the presentation of Private Member's Bills has been suspended to allow Parliament the time to pass legislation needed to establish a Virtual Parliament.

I have also been told that once this has been done the focus will be on Urgent Statements and Questions to allow the government to be held to account.

On a personal level, although I find this frustrating and disappointing, I completely understand why Parliament has made this decision. Parliament needs to be up and running, holding the Government to account and focusing its attention on responding to Coronavirus.

This is not the end for my Pedicabs Bill. I have been told by the authorities that I will be given time to present it as soon as Parliament begins debating Private Member's Bills again. I fully intend to do so. As soon as I know when that will be I will let you know.”

Nickie is still collecting support from the public for her Bill. You can still show your support for it here

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