Saturday, May 30, 2020

Joint Statement From LCDC, LTDA UCG‬, Following A Brief Phone Discussion:‬

Please find below, an agreed statement following a brief phone discussion:

The implications of the possible ban on taxis using Waterloo and London Bridges, along with certain main routes, through and across the capital are extremely concerning. If implemented without allowing universal taxi access these schemes would have a disastrous impact on both our trade and our passengers who rightfully expect to be taken to their destination via the most direct route.

Disabled and vulnerable passengers would be at a serious disadvantage and with the reduction in capacity on the tube and bus network many would be unable to travel.

London Taxis are the only form of Public transport where social distancing is possible, have a partition separating the driver and passenger and are fully wheelchair accessible. To exclude them from any road scheme is counterproductive and increases congestion and pollution.

As yet, we have been unable to obtain details of how the proposals will, or even if they will impact on our business. We, as a trade must be prepared to take appropriate action if necessary. 

A meeting is expected to take place with the deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander, next week to discuss the topic in more detail before final taxi access plans are revealed.

It is expected that no concessions will be forthcoming from this meeting (that’s if it actually takes place). The fate of the trade will then be in the hands of the rank and file drivers to support the expected call for action 100%....this really is the last chance saloon for the majority of Licensed Taxi drivers. 


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