Saturday, March 14, 2020

Mike Browns Parting Gift... Private Cars To Be Banned In Central London

TfL commissioner Mike Brown,  said yesterday in the Evening Standard, that in the “medium to long term there is a major question to be asked about whether private cars should be in a central city area, in a city that is designed and laid out the way London’s streets are”.

In his interview in the Standard, he added: 
“It’s really not the best way to be travelling around the city.”

But then as TfL’s fortunes are fading fast, that’s exactly what he would say to try to get more people to squeeze onto the tube and buses. 

His comments are an indication  that the transport authority is planning for a largely car-free future in Central London which has been turned into a  congested and polluted mess by bad manning from both TfL and local councils. 

Mr Brown conceded that black cabs and mini­cabs, including ride-hailing apps, would continue to “have a role to play” after private vehicles have been banned. Of course they will as TfL make a large amount of money selling off driver and vehicular licenses. 

Mr Brown, who is standing down in May after just five years as commissioner, also wants big reductions in car use in the rest of outer London.

News that the Mayoral election is to be postponed for a year will see Khans plans to expand the ULEZ area out to the suburbs which could seriously damage his chances of being elected in 2021 as motorists fight back.   


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, TfL plans to take a lane from the extremely busy A40, and give it over to cycling and walking. 

Perhaps the staff who work at Westfield and the BBC can walk or Cycle to work now from the Hanger Lane Gyratory all the way to Wood Lane. 

Should save the Beeb a fortune in Minicab fees

This was sent out yesterday by TfL as part of their weekend traffic updates....
White City - From Monday 16 until Sunday 22 March, the A40 will be closed westbound from the A3220 roundabout to Perryn Road every night between 22:00 and 05:00

This is for cycling and walking improvement works between Acton and Wood Lane. 

Diversions will be in place. Consider taking the A4 if driving from central London

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