Wednesday, March 25, 2020

French Government Mobilises An Army Of Licensed Taxis To Transport Front Line Key Workers

The French Government  has today (March 24th 2020) launched its mobilization of licensed Taxis in France, for hospitals staff and nursing staff. 

The plan is that passengers will not have to directly pay the Driver. The hospital pays the driver through an account and the French government/NHS then reimburses the hospital. 

Unfortunately, we appear to be two weeks behind everyone else, maybe Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson can sanction a similar scheme to run here in the UK. 

Our taxis service is the golf standard and has regularly been voted best Taxi service in the world. But unfortunately at this present time, it's redundant and most Cabbies are now out of work.

Celebrity motoring correspondence Quinton Wilson said on Twitter:
 UK Govt should pay for NHS and key workers to use London’s fleet of black cabs to get to vital jobs. Central divide between driver and passenger make them much safer than public transport. 

But are things about to change?
This today in Parliament 👇

“This army of drivers need work and could have financial reward for their services if the Government wish to do so.

“Can the Government start to use the army of taxi drivers up and down the country who know their geographical areas and their communities, to deliver the food and essential parcels to the millions of people who have to be in lock down to stand any chance of being alive at the end of this pandemic?

“Please can we have reasonable reassurances and support during this difficult time so we taxi drivers can lend a hand to support our government and the public of which we serve well. 

Taxi drivers are seen as a special emergency service to many year-in year-out. I believe the great British public will agree.
“Let us help deliver to save lives.”

Taxi drivers in Barrow are facing huge drop-offs in business following the closure of pubs and restaurants.

One driver, John McDonald, said his takings had taken a huge hit.
“I worked a 12-hour shift and I only made a tenner,” he said.
The 65-year-old said he would carry on driving despite suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung condition that puts him among the group of people classed by the Government as vulnerable.

The Mail understand Barrow Council has told taxi drivers who are struggling to pay fees to renew their licences, that they may be able to take part payments and defer the rest to a later date

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