Wednesday, February 19, 2020

RMT London Taxi Union Vote To Hold TfL To Account For Failing To Implement Mayors Policy

At last nights branch meeting, the membership of the RMT London Taxi branch voted unanimously, to  to ask General secretary MickCash, to look again at bringing an injunction against TfLTPH. 

The London Taxi Union want advanced driving test reinstated. The RMT London Taxi Union believe that all  drivers seeking licensing or re-licensing should undergo an advanced driving test. 

It is now hoped that the RMT’s Mike Cash will hold Mayor Sadiq Khan and deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander to account for the injuries caused to ordinary peoples lives, due to TfLTPH’s failed implementation of the Mayors policy. 

There can be no hiding place for TfL on this complete disregard for public safety. 

The LTDA have also made a statement on this issue, which they have posted on Twitter this morning, in response to the RMT announcement. 

Their post in regards to the proposals states:
It’s number 1 item on agenda at next trade commissioner meet, we have consistently raised it and expect an announcement

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