Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Restricting Access To Taxis, Downgraded To No Better Than A Private Car, Taken Out Of Mayors Transport Strategy ...What’s Not To Protest ???

Our representative orgs/unions might think the present unsolved situations are ok...where TfL and local councils are gradually squeezing the life blood out of London’s finest...BUT WE DON’T

We refuse to take this abuse from Mayor Khan, TfL and local councils, and we are calling all colleagues from the rank and file to join our fight against this unfair restriction of trade. 

Sadiq Khan has ignored repeated requests to meet with a Peer of the realm acting with a number of Peers on behalf of and in the interest of “London’s Taxi Trade”, to discuss the ITA's ongoing campaign, to have 'Where Buses Go, Taxis Go' enshrined in legislation. 

In just a few weeks time, Tottenham Court Road will be lost to us and reduced to buses and cycles only....but this is just the thin end of the wedge. Camden, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets are about to ramp up the exclusion of Taxis from many more streets in their boroughs. 

Unlike our so called representative orgs and Unions, the Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) are not going to take this laying down. 

Our protests will now resume again this Wednesday.   
Please arrive at Parliament Square by 1 pm but be prepared, as we may well be moving on.

If enough drivers turn up to stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters, a second venue could be hit simultaneously. The location of which will be given out on social media groups and by word of mouth in the square.

In previous weeks on a number of occasions, police have tried to make it awkward or difficult to enter protest. If this happens again, we will be off on tour, hitting a number of locations at the same time. 

A marshal will be sent to each entry point to make sure Taxis are given full access to the peaceful protest area, with general traffic excluded. 

Although committee members from two orgs and one Union have in the past regularly attended,’unofficially’, It's now time for our orgs and unions to step up to the mark and supported this campaign "100% Officially". 

The current policy of 'Waiting and Seeing' doesn’t work and is a massive part of the problem, rather than a solution.

We have now completely lost the Bank junction and the CoL are shortly going to introduce extra restrictions of passage which will affect journeys to/from and through the City. 

What these councils are doing not only restricts the Taxi trade, it also discriminates against disable passengers, who can no longer expect a door to door service. 

General Secretaries and Chairman need to let their respective members know, if they support the 'Where Buses Go Taxis Go campaign', or if they are to carry on supporting Khan, TfL and local councils’ decisions to ban Taxis. 

For they who shed their blood with me this day, shall henceforth be MY BROTHER AND SISTER, BE THEY NE’ER SO VILE...
And those who worked will be accursed and hold themselves cheap, while others speak, who fought with us upon this day. 

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