Saturday, November 23, 2019

Claire’s Unmanned Road Works Initiative Has Had 7 Out Of 8 Victories SoFar

Since Monday, I’ve reported 7 fake roadworks and know of 1 reported by someone taking my lead... and within 24hours, five of these fake roadworks were completely removed!! 

Question their authority..why are we allowing this ??
London is being mugged off

Use Claire’s template it really works a treat. 
So far 7 of the 8 reported  unmanned road works have been removed in a matter of hours.  

Claire said :
I totally believe this proves TfL are purposely creating traffic jams and the illusion that london has too many cars on the roads..

When the true fact is london has lost miles of road space due to extended pavements, cycle lanes, bike docking stations and now unmanned road works. 

If london really had too many cars on the road.. then there would be as many parked cars as moving cars... look around there are miles of vacant car parking spaces everywhere except in the centre.. it’s an optical illusion... But, don’t take my word for it check yourself how many cars were actually sold in london over the last few years... I bet it’s not even half the number that was being sold ten years ago... and ten years ago ... traffic moved faster than today. 

In just a few minutes on Google, I found that UK new car registrations fell in May by  4.6%, with 183,724 units registered. 

To June 5th this year the market was down 3.1% with 33,000 fewer cars registered, compared with the same period in 2018. 

Claire Zazzara. 

Claire’s template below can be used to report unmanned road works/ roped off plant equipment to all councils and for Red Routes to TfL.

Report: Obstructions made by builders works. 
Location: Harrow Road, Paddington Green. 

There is absolutely no reason for this cones blocking off access to one lane of traffic at this location. It is causing chaos and adding to pollution and is totally unnecessary. 

I am requesting that these cones/plant equipment be removed as soon as possible, or that you provide me with a copy of the relevant permit, licence or link to the legislation that permits this major road to lose one lane heading eastbound for no good reason. 

I look forward to your prompt reply

And that’s it... just copy and paste (changing the location) to the applicable council website. 

So far Claire has complained to: 

Harrow Road/Paddington Green,

Westminster Bridge

Park Lane/Stanhope Gate,

Charing Cross Road/Lichfield Street 

Goswell Road/St Johns Street


Pelham Street/Brompton Road


High Holborn/Smarts Place...

Claire has proved that these unmanned road works and unlicensed storage facilities for plant and equipment can be cleared away pretty quickly. 

But don’t sit back and leave it all to Claire... try it yourself. 
There’s quite a bit of self satisfaction attached to getting this stuff removed and streets reopened. 

It is our opinion that TfL are weaponising congestion to raise revenue to fill their £1bn budget deficit. To get the most out of charging for congestion, you have to create it and that’s exactly what TfL and many local councils are allegedly doing.

Also to those who chose not to protest over losing access to road space

Friday, November 22, 2019

Canary Wharf And Canada Water Evacuated As Toxic Air Fills Stations, Putting Passengers Health At Risk.

Canada Water and Canary Wharf Tube stations were evacuated at rush hour this morning.

Footage was published on Twitter showing Canada Water packed as people were funnelled into a bottleneck trying to leave the station.

Passengers posted video of the scene on Twitter, showing a haze in the air on the crowded platform. 

TfL responded by Tweeting: "The issue was investigated and was found to be dust from the ventilation and not smoke. Sorry for any panic caused."

TfL again trying to trivialise what actually happened, instead of telling the public the truth.... this was toxic fumes that they normally vacuum from the system and distribute through ventilation shafts on to the roads above. 

A passenger at North Greenwich tube station said that an announcement was made saying the two stations had closed while "high dust levels were being investigated". 
So now toxic PM10s are now only dust when it comes to the tube?

TfL have know for years that the air on the Tube network is highly toxic. Instead of dealing with this massive problem, the air is sucked out of the system and distributed into the atmosphere of the streets above, through a network of ventilation shafts like the ones that are highly visible at Warwick Avenue and Swiss Cottage. 


TfL has accepted the recommendations in various reports and say they will carry out further monitoring and testing of dust samples.

They insist that while the tube operates well within the Health and Safety Executive specified limits, it has set an “informal target” to limit exposure to dust.

So if the tube operates within the Health and Safety Executive specified limits, and given that the pollution from the tube system is anything up to 30 times higher than the streets up above.... why is the Mayor screaming that we have an air quality emergency on our streets and yet, never mentions the tube ??? 

The question begging to be asked is : Does the tube have a different Health and Safety Executive specified limit, to the roads above....if so, why ??? 

Taxi Driver Turns Meter Off And Drives 1,700 Miles, To Bring Home Regular Passenger After Accident In Spain

A taxi driver from Northern Ireland has set off on a 1,700 mile journey to pick up a regular customer - who was injured in Benidorm.

Phil Hamilton is on his way to the Spanish town after his pal Jim Moore suffered a head injury while on holiday last week.

Jim, 58, was declared missing for 72 hours after going on a punters' club break, Belfast Live reports.

Friends set up a search party and social media campaign to try to track him down, and Jim was eventually found in a hospital being treated for a serious head injury following a fall.

Now Phil, from 365 Taxis out of Newtownabbey, County Antrim, has agreed to turn off his meter in order to get Jim back to Northern Ireland.

And a number of friends and the taxi firm have clubbed together to cover the costs of the journey which is expected to take days.

Phil's mammoth journey from Northern Ireland to Benidorm

Driver/manager Phil said: "It's just the right thing to do. Jim is out of danger but he has been advised by the medical team not to fly for a few months, so this is the best way to get him home.

"He has spent time in a Spanish hospital on his own separated from friends and family and now we'll get him in the car and we can have a good chat on the way back. I'll be driving myself but the family are keeping me company.

"It's about 1,700 miles to Benidorm so we've left Newtownabbey and are getting the ferry to Scotland and then we'll drive on down to Benidorm.

Benidorm is a popular seaside resort on the eastern coast of Spain

"I might just leave the sign on for a laugh for Jim to see, but the meter is off.

"It was such a relief to hear that Jim had been found after he'd been missing, and even better news that he's out of danger now.

"Jim is a regular customer of 365 taxis, and when we heard he was unable to travel by air we decided we'd send a taxi out to Spain to bring him back to Newtownabbey to reunite him with his family and friends.

"I can't wait until the next fare I get asks me, 'What's the longest taxi journey you have done?', to see their face when I say it was a waiting return from Newtownabbey to Benidorm and back.”

The taxi driver started his trip from Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland

A spokesperson for 365 Taxis said: "He can't fly for a few months and he just wants to get home to his family.

"So we are sending a taxi. It's fair to say here at 365 Taxis we really are more than just a taxi company. Phil should arrive in Benidorm on Saturday or Sunday to pick up his passenger and we wish them all well."

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Guy Lynn the reporter from the BBC minicab licence fraud has made this announcement today, after an update from TfL

Guy Lynn the reporter from the BBC minicab licence fraud expose’ has made this announcement today, after an update from TfL

I’ve had an update from TfL - all applications from colleges frozen. With no end date.

Affecting 1000s.  276 licences from Vista training solutions may now be withdrawn.

Guy was asked if TfL are looking into other cases of licenses granted with Btec certificates or will they again sweep this under the carpet?

He said:

It’s obvious TfL can have no idea by looking at qualifications if they are fraudulent.

OFQUAL have said there are concerns about the way Btecs are overseen.

TfL will be under pressure to turn the ban permanent.
They are looking into this

United Trade Action Group’s 3rd Letter To TFL Pre UBER Decision

3rd Legal Letter to TfL setting out again why Uber must not be relicensed on November 25th.
Dear UTAG Donator,

As you are aware the two-month licence granted to ULL on September 25th 2019 will expire on Monday next, November 25th.

TfL will then need to decide whether or not to renew or grant a further extension to the licence.

It is and always has been UTAG's opinion that ULL has never been, are not currently and never will be a Fit and Proper company to hold an Operators license. Nor do they have any intention of abiding by regulations or conditions placed upon them.

This third letter sets out in detail why Transport for London must not give ULL another licence.

Uber has had 4 chances to improve and are still as bad as they ever were. TfL must revoke without further delay.

Please click on the link below to read the letter.

Thank you for all your support.

Angela Clarkson


Noticing on Twitter, drivers are putting in to UTAG17 twice !!

Although I commend those drivers, but truthfully...they shouldn’t have to... There are approx 24,000 drivers out there.

Come on, stand up for YOURSELF!

TFL will walk all over us, if you don’t join UTAG17

Jo Maugham Takes To Twitter To Explain That Kapten Is Just As Bad As Uber When It Comes To VAT.

I know lots of Londoners have adopted Kapten as the ethical, tax-paying alternative to Uber. But it isn't. THREAD.

Here's Kapten's advertising and how it has been reported in the press. The actual truth is that, with one probably immaterial difference, it uses the same wheeze as Uber.

The terms and conditions of Kapten make clear that it only supplies - and for free - a Booking Service and use of the App. The Transportation Services are - or at least are said to be - provided by the Driver.

This matters because if (as Kapten claims) the "Transportation Services" (the Taxi rider to you and me. Well, you anyway) are supplied by the driver, they only attract VAT if the driver earns more than £85,000 per annum. And she/he won't.

The Ts and Cs of Kapten are written as if to suggest that the fare you pay "includes VAT". But this should be read as including ANY VAT. And there isn't any.

It's the fiscal equivalent for the ethical consumer of your mum stroking your head and telling you it will all be fine.

This is just like Uber's terms and conditions are said to work. ("said to" because as I explained yesterday I believe we will shortly learn that they don't work. And nor should Kapten's.

The "probably immaterial difference"? By some piece of  jiggery-pokery @Uber takes its booking commission (and so pays any VAT on it) in the Netherlands whereas, we are invited to believe, @Kapten takes it and pays it in the UK.

(Indeed, if you read Kapten's marketing materials really carefully they suggest this is the notional difference between bad Uber and good Kapten.) But it's not clear to me whether a hugely loss making business like Kapten will pay any VAT on its commission.

Anyway. Got that off my chest. As you were. Tomorrow, perhaps, AddisonLeeCabs.

By Jo Maugham QC.  

Jo’s post got this reply from the UPHD. 

Kapten should also hold all booking information and records at a fixed address (booking office) It’s a requirement for their license, it’s been alleged that they recently admitted they have no such address and do not hold booking information, it’s all virtual (online). 

They should never have been given a licence in the first place, another example of TFL failing to regulate.

How much longer are our orgs and Unions going to sit back and do nothing about this totally inadequate regulator???

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


With the news breaking today that Gett have not only put up their commission rate to 15%, they are to form a partnership with Private Hire minicab app Lyft, London’s only fully driver owned, driver led, black cab only on line Taxi app (TaxiApp) makes you an offer you can’t refuse .

No subscription for three months no commission to pay....EVER. 

Sign up to Taxiapp UK today or before the 3rd of December and qualify for free subscriptions until the 3rd of March 2020. 

They are asked their drivers and 83% agreed that they wanted to grow our Cooperative membership, by offering you free subs and 0% commission on in app fares for the next
three months.   
That’s right nothing at all to pay for three months!!!!

Why You might ask?
Because with your help, we can improve our waiting times for passengers, grow work going into the new year and hopefully you will decide to stay with us. So take advantage sign up now and help Taxiapp UK grow.   

A direct debit mandate for £20.00 will have to be signed, but no subscriptions or commission will be collected, until the 3rd of March 2020.   

Help Taxiapp UK the driver cooperative help you to
have a vested interest in your our own technology.

And Now For The Good News: TfL To Cancel PCNs At Buckingham Palace Road Bus Stop

Good news today as we hear the London Cab Drivers Club has heard back from TfL in regards to the confusing layout of the Bus Lane in Buckingham Palace Road. 

In an email from Neil Hasslett, they have been inform that all PCNs issued to their members have been cancelled and that no further action needs to be taken as all drivers in receipt of a PCN will be written to in due course. 


This Post appeared on the Clubs FaceBook Page this morning

Good news for all our members who received PCN at Buck Pal Road 
——- ————

Hi Aimee

Thanks for your email to Stuart. He’s asked me to contact you on his behalf.

I have reviewed these penalties and have arranged for them all to be cancelled.

No further action is required by the drivers and we will write to them confirming this. Any payments will be refunded back to the card which was originally used to pay.

If you need any further assistance just let me know.

Many thanks

Neil Hassett

Private Hire Driver Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Disabled Passenger.

Manoj Kuttiyani at Mold Crown Court

Manoj Kuttiyani from Penyffordd, who is standing trial in Mold, denies the charge

Manoj Kuttiyani from Penyffordd, who is standing trial in Mold, denies the charge. 
He is accused of "pouncing" on a disabled passenger and sexually assaulting her.

Mold Crown Court heard Manoj Kuttiyani, 48, took the vulnerable woman home before he "forced himself" on her. 

Kuttiyani, of Hawarden Road, Penyffordd, denies sexually assaulting the woman in her Flintshire home after picking her up at around 6.15pm from a pub in the county in February last year.

The victim had been to a karaoke night with her partner when the woman phoned a minicab and was picked up by Kuttiyani.

Her husband decided to get a bus home separately as he wanted to buy a Chinese meal for the couple.

However the victim said after she got home Kuttiyani knocked on her door and when she opened it he pounced on her and began to sexually assault her.

The victim said her ordeal for around 20 minutes and when it ended she called her son who told her to call the police.
When her partner arrived home she told him what had happened and he also told her to call the police.

A recording of the 999 call was played to the court. In it the victim told the operator how the minicab driver had brought her home then "forced himself" on her.

She said: "I am not very well. I am disabled. The front door was locked. When I opened the door he pounced on me, kissing me and touching my breasts. He's given me his private mobile number even. He wants to have an affair with me. 

I don't know what to do.
"He was all over me, touching me. He was over my face with his mouth open. He grabbed me between my legs. He knew I was vulnerable. 

The victim, who became distressed during parts of the recording, said she "didn't want a fuss" and had tried to talk to Kuttiyani about his wife and children but his mouth was around her mouth.

She said he pushed her up against the wall and the radiators when he was in her kitchen and kissed her.
She added: "His teeth were biting into my face. It was like he was hungry. I am just so much in shock.

"I didn't know what to do. I just kept him talking because I thought he was going to go further."

The trial continues on Wednesday, when the defence will open.

COUNCIL Chiefs Say They Will Step Up Patrols To Stop Drivers Ignoring Rules Over New Taxi Rank Location.

Cabbies were told to switch to a new site behind Brighton Railway Station last week as part of plans to transform the foyer at the front. Similar to the switch in location at London Victoria a few years ago. 

The decision was made by Govia Thameslink Railway, which runs the station.

Queueing taxis had led to a bottleneck in the area, causing delays for buses and other traffic in the surrounding streets.

Taxi drivers were told to queue in Stroudley Road, behind the station, instead. But most local Cabbies feel this location is totally unsuitable. 

The change was introduced on Monday last week, but after just a few days, some taxis were still being spotted parking outside the front of the station.

Brighton and Hove City Council said it has received a "number of complaints" that the new taxi rank location is being ignored.

Taxis and private hire cars are legally allowed to drop people off on yellow lines and at bus stops, unless the bus stop has a no entry sign.

But the authority has warned drivers they must not "wait or tout" in areas they are not permitted to be in.

One Argus reader took a picture of errant drivers and said: "This is why the taxi rank was moved to the back.

"But as you can see taxis are ignoring the move and still blocking bus stops and Surrey Street.By doing so they are in breach of their licence."

The change to the taxi rank location was welcomed by North Laine Green Party councillor Lizzie Deane, who incidentally is not a Taxi driver and has little knowledge of the everyday working of the Taxi Trade In Brighton. 

She said: "Residents will be pleased that GTR has finally taken the decision to relocate the taxi rank to the rear of the train station, freeing up the narrow residential streets they live on from traffic fumes, congestion and noise.

"This news will be particularly welcomed by people living on Surrey Street and Upper Gloucester Road where day-long traffic queues had become commonplace."

So we have a Green Party councillor who wants Taxis not to park up and switch off their engines while waiting to be hired, but to circulate adding exhaust fumes to the poor air quality of the area. 

Follow the money:
"Civil enforcement officers patrol the area and licensing officers will also be increasing their checks on this area. 

Surely, if a regulating council takes your money when you purchase a licence to drive a Taxi, then they are obliged legally and morally, to provide facilities to accommodate these drivers.

The regulator in the Brighton and Hove area should be providing enough space for the Taxis to rank safely and responsibly. They take our money and want to do nothing more.

It’s a joke and it’s the same all over the country with these councils, they see our trade as no more than a cash cow.

Report Unnecessary Road Closures, It Works For Me... Claire Zazzara

Every driver should start to report all roadworks... especially the ones that are just closed roads or narrowed roads for absolutely no reason... 

Make sure you say no work is being done, no visible obstruction or obstacles preventing cars from using that road...

Ask to see the relevant legislation licence permit or traffic management order they have which permits the road to be shut...

Make the letter sound like you know what your talking about

Email the relevant council, roads and services dept... links below!
(photos included are good too)

I’ve done this twice with Westminster and twice the blockage has been removed the next day. 

Your basically doing is questioning their authority, the authority they obviously do not have...

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit : 
Our representative orgs and unions don’t appear to be doing anything like this, so this is something we can do ourselves. 

Their spokespersons are very good at saying not enough drivers are in an Org or Union, but if they did more work like this... they might inspired more drivers to join 

Be nice to see Camden getting 25,000 reports a day about unnecessary road closures...Westminster too needs shaking up. 

So let’s put the ball back in their court. 

Guess what... this obstruction in Goswell Road has been removed 7 hours after my email!!!! See below!

That’s three out of four so far, this isn’t just a coincidence. 
We believe that some of these utility companies don’t have the permission or the licence (TMO) to leave obstacles in the road or leave streets closed that are obviously finished. 

Follow Claire’s success and complain it takes only minutes. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

The War On Taxi Over Ranking Heats Up, Westminster Dishing Out PCNsLike Sweets. Plus Traffic Report.

The war on Taxis, in the vicinity of  Harrods appears to be heating up. One driver tweeted that he has been sent 5 PCNs from the same day, with possibly more still in the pipeline. 

We’ve been informed that it’s the residents who are complaining, mainly about the cabs parking in Walton Place while waiting to move across to the rank. 

The London Cab Ranks Committee (the ones who though it would be a great idea to put a night rank for Sexy Fish in Bruton Lane that’s unusable) are advising that drivers feeding from Walton Place are jeopardising the whole ranking facilities at this store. 

Not so much a representation, more a collaboration with London’s top PCN earner. 

Of the top 20 councils across the country showing a “Parking Surplus” (according to the RAC foundation) the top 17 are in London, with Westminster top of the pops at £69m, almost double 2nd place Kensington and Chelsea’s Surplus. 

Also in the ‘London’s Traffic News’ this week. 
  • Cannon Street is now open again eastbound, so please do not go through the Bank Junction. Are our largest org still refusing to protest with the Loonies (their word not ours) and waiting and seeing about this... mustn’t upset 'On Side Mike'...
  • Bridge street will be reopened from today, 
  •  Fenchurch Street will be closing from December 2019 between Fenchurch Buildings and Mincing Lane, for 9 weeks. 

London’s traffic this week has been disastrous. We’ve seen emergency services such as ambulance and fire engines stuck in the gridlock caused by Blackfriars Underpass being reduced to one lane. 

Terrible gridlock around Wapping as the new BusGate goes live (which 70% of residents disagreed with). 

A statement from ‘London Travel Watch’ said: 
We are getting reports every minute or so, with drivers sitting in gridlocked traffic throughout the whole London area! 

Is it time for the roads and highways in London to be taken out of TfL hands ?  

Meanwhile in Piccadilly: 
Westminster Council has had to move the traffic island 10 yards west of Bolton Street, after TfL registered Private Hire minicab drivers (looking at their SatNavs instead of the road) are continually over steering leaving Bolton Street, and smashing into and knocking down the traffic signals. 

The same crazy driving standards can be seen on Regent Street at the junction of New Burlington Street, where traffic signals are constantly being smashed into by TfL registered minicabs.