Saturday, November 02, 2019

Thursday’s Fatal Crash Wasn’t An Accident, It Was A Consequence Of An Inadequate Regulator !

TfL have scandalously played fast and loose with public safety. It’s not probable that there will be more deaths, it’s inevitable.

Inevitable as we wait for more private hire drivers with fake criminal history/medical checks, bus drivers allowed to moonlight night and day as minicab drivers, to kill members of the public. 


Emergency vehicles stuck in 24/7 gridlock!

Virtually every scheme that TfL have implemented since 2000 has resulted in chronic congestion and added pollution. 
  • How on earth was London run by London Transport for all those years on a fraction of TfL’s budget?
  • Where is the accountability and where does the money go?
The alleged unchecked licence applications, perceived malfeasance and inadequate management from TfL, is now resulting in deaths and serious life changing injuries. People are dying because of the poor quality of the regulator and bias from both TfL and the Mayor. 

Thursday night, south East London, crash involving an alleged TfL registered Minicab with two buses.  One dead...fifteen injured. 
A TfL registered minicab driver has been arrested for driving whilst high on drugs. 

Ask by news agencies if this latest incident involved a TfL registered Private Hire Driver, TfL refused to comment or make a statement. 

It’s been alleged that the registration number of the Private Hire Vehicle was removed from the TfL licence checker within minutes of the death crash last night. 

Is this another example of TfL covering up for their major stakeholder?

TfL have consistently refused to distinguish between Taxis and Private Hire when it comes to collision data/passenger assaults/fraud... this attitude in itself gives a distorted vision of the real problem facing public safety. 

But again, TfL have never held public safety as paramount, especially when its concerning a certain on-line ride share app. 

Buses and cycles have been given priority (in the name of safety) on certain London road systems and yet KSI figures have trebled. 

TFL are now to reduce speed limits to ridiculous levels on major main roads. If this continues, we may eventually see traffic crawling along at walking pace, while unchecked, unregistered cyclists tear about like lunatics, mowing down unsuspecting pedestrians.

Segregated Cycle lanes have been implemented by TfL and the Mayor, in the name of safety and cleaner streets... yet the NOx levels on the embankment have sharply risen in the wake of the added congestion, plus cyclist casualties have tripled.

TfL are sweeping these accidents under their carpet

But, it’s not just TfL !

Not content with putting people’s lives at risk on an everyday basis, discouraging visitors to London and adding hours to working people’s commute, Camden Council intend to go further and close even more streets.

How is it we let these unaccountable people play with people’s lives?

We’ve seen the contempt that Camden’s councillors (particularly Adam Harrison) holds London’s safest passenger transport in. 

As streets are given over to buses and cycles, with all other traffic excluded, we have seen a plethora of bus/pedestrian collisions, caused by buses driven dangerously. 
We’ve also seeing an increase in the number of pedestrians mowed down by irresponsible, unregulated cyclists

In Tottenham Court Road, ambulances driven along the segregated cycle lanes, or on the pavement have become a regular sight, necessitated by manufactured congestion, the result of ill-considered planning by Camden Council.  

It’s time now for the London Assembly (GLA) to step up to the mark and thoroughly investigate the consequences of the actions of the Mayor, TfL and it’s commissioner, directors and managers, plus the actions of local council planners. Most new schemes have been implemented with no impact assessment whatsoever. 

This present situation can’t go on completely unchecked...people are dying on the streets of London, due to the inability of TfL to regulate sensibly. 

Is it really incompetence? or is there something more sinister going on behind the scenes?

Tonight, Buckingham Palace Road !
What it looked like earlier...

What it looks like now !

And before TfL take the details down off the website checker, it’s definitely a TfL registered PHV!

Friday, November 01, 2019

Rebecca Dykes: Uber driver sentenced to death for murder of British embassy worker

An Uber driver has been sentenced to death for the murder of a British embassy worker in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.
Tarek Houshieh had already confessed to the "senseless" attack on 30-year-old Rebecca Dykes, whose body was found dumped by the side of a highway on 16 December 2017.
She had been strangled with a rope, with choke marks found on her neck.

Lebanese judges routinely call for death sentences in cases of murder, however the country has an unofficial moratorium and has not carried out an execution since 2004.

Ms Dykes had been out in the Gemmayzeh area of Beirut with work colleagues the Friday night before she was found, and she hailed an Uber after leaving a bar on her own at around midnight.
She was picked up by Houshieh, who was working for the cab firm despite reports that he had a criminal record.
Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar reported that he had previously spent six months in prison for stealing a motorcycle, and AFP reported he had twice been arrested for alleged harassment and theft related to customers.

More from Beirut

Uber denied those claims at the time and said it was "horrified" by the murder, but it saw Lebanese people warned to stop using the app and instead flag down traditional taxis.
After the murder, Lebanese interior minister Nohad Machnouk called Uber a "virtual" entity that is "not safe".
Houshieh, who is a Lebanese national, was booked to bring Ms Dykes home from her night out - but instead raped her and choked her to death before driving to the Metn highway to get rid of her body.

The death of Ms Dykes was reported on the day her body was found, but Houshieh had tried to further cover his tracks by disposing of her purse and identity papers.
He was arrested just a few days later after police tracked his car using CCTV cameras and traced activity on his phone, and the killer quickly confessed to his crimes.

Following the murder of Ms Dykes, her family launched the Rebecca Dykes Foundation.
They said she was "simply irreplaceable" and "wanted to make the world a better place" - and set up the foundation to improve the lives of refugees and vulnerable communities in Lebanon.
According to her LinkedIn profile, she had been working at the British embassy as a programme and policy manager for the international development department at the time of her death.

Before that she studied anthropology at the University of Manchester and did a masters in international security and global governance at the University of London.

She attended Malvern St James Girls' School in Worcestershire and a Chinese international school, having grown up in Hong Kong.

Friends said she was due to fly back to the UK for Christmas on the Saturday that her body was found.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

TfL, Still Putting People In Danger. How Bad Must It Get Before They Act And Do The Right By The Public

TfL must be bought to book over putting the public at risk by continuing to licence this toxic company. 

This post below has recently appeared on Face book 

On sunday at 1.30am, I got an uber from bexley to Swanley. 
My driver was named ajmal...this driver is dangerous and made me feel so scared its unreal. 

He took the dover exit of the M25, down the M20 and missed every exit the sat nav prompted him to take.  I sat in the back asking him to take the exits he should. 

This man chose to ignore both myself and the SatNav !

He ignored my worries and questions, drove down numerous dark lanes that in day light, I might of known where we was...but being as it was 1.30am and pitch black, I had requested we stay on the main roads, after he had taken the incorect exit and i was scared. 

The journey should of been 3.9miles and should take 16mins  but insted was around 19.9 miles and 40mins !!!!!. 

The trip should of cost me £14-£18 but I was charged £38! 

£38 for the privilege of being scared !!!.

After numerous messages to ubers customer service team, the best they can do is give a good will gesture of £20 credit on my uber account, that i wont be using, as I’m scared to get a Uber cat on my own !!!!. 

Today I called the main customer care team to be told my situation basically ‘isnt strong enough to be given the time of day’ by the specialist care team. 

My issue yes I was massively over charged but the main concern over all of this is what if another girl gets in ajmals cab and doesnt argue back to be taken home the correct way?

What if she is too drunk and doesnt realise whats going on? 

What if she calls uber the next day and says she has been raped or attacked? 

Will she be brushed off by uber??? 

Will her situation be strong enough to be listened to?!?!?!? 

Do not get in this mans cab!!!!  Uber Transport for London

This is the standard reply from Uber which in most cases results in no more than an offer of £20 off future Uber rides!

Not very reassuring to someone who’s been seriously sexually assaulted 

WhatsApp hack: Messaging app sues Israeli spy firm for attack that targeted users

WhatsApp is suing an Israeli surveillance company for a cyber attack targeting 1,400 users earlier this year. 

The Facebook owned messaging app is seeking undisclosed damages from the NSO Group for using its services to spy on users in April, according to a suit filed in the Northern District of California court on Tuesday. 

It alleges that NSO employees created WhatsApp accounts to send malicious software to lawyers, journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, diplomats and senior foreign government officials. The malware was injected by initiating a WhatsApp call which the targets did not need to answer for their phones to become infected.

The hacking tool, dubbed "Pegasus"  could remotely retrieve calls, messages, and location on smartphones running Android, iOS, and BlackBerry operating systems.

NSO Group is reported to have several government contracts around the world for surveillance tools and Pegasus is its most popular products.

It responded to the suit claiming that "in the strongest possible terms" it denied the allegations and would "vigorously fight them". It said its sole purpose was to fight terrorism and serious crime on behalf of intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

A spokesman said: "The truth is that strongly encrypted platforms are often used by pedophile rings, drug kinpins and terrorists to shield their criminal activity. Wiithout sophisticated technologies, the law enforcement agencies meant to keep us all safe face insurmountable hurdles. NSO's technologies provide proportionate, lawful solutions to this issue."

In May, engineers conducting routine security checks noticed the malware in circulation and WhatsApp urged its 1.5bn users to update the app to ensure they were using a safer version. It did not say at the time how many, or whom, had been affected but announced that a "select number" of users had been victims. The bug affected all but the latest version of the app on iOS and Android. 

WhatsApp numbers implicated included country codes from several countries including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico, Facebook said.

Facebook's lawyers will argue that NSO Group broke WhatsApp's terms of service and broke the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

In May, the Financial Times reported that a UK-based human rights lawyer had been targeted, along with Amnesty International. At the time, NSO Group’s spokesman said it was investigating but that it "would not, or could not" use its own software to target an individual or organisation.  

NSO, which has used several different names to avoid scrutiny, was founded in Israel in 2010. It opened a marketing headquarters in the US and in 2014, San Francisco Partners, a Silicon Valley-based investment company invested an undisclosed sum into the startup. It sold its controlling stake to Novalpina, a London-based equity company in February. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Stop Press!! Campaign Update……. London Taxi PR reveals ‘significant success’ of the ‘All Hail the Street Hail’ campaign

London Taxi PR (LTPR)an organisation which represents the interests of the Licensed London Taxi profession, has announced the success of its most recentadvertising and promotional campaign, ‘All Hail the Street Hail’, which reported combined street and pedestrian viewing reach figures in excess of 36.8m for the month of its duration.

The campaign, which celebrated 365 years of being ableto traditionally hail a London Taxi, went live across 24 prime major billboard advertisement locations throughout central London and has been reported as one of London Taxi PRs most successful campaigns to date.

Produced in conjunction with digital media out of home advertising company, London Lites, All Hail the Street Hail also included the usage and display of the advertisement a number of rooftop signage display boards on London Taxis.

All Hail the Street Hail not only drew significant response and positive feedback & comments from those within the profession, but was also referred to by London Lites as, One of their most interactive and responsive campaigns they have had.

Speaking about the success of All Hail the Street Hail, London Taxi PR founder and Director, Lee Sheppard, stated, This proves just how successful and responsive one of our campaigns can be. Our intention has always been to produce and release a new campaign every month, and we hope thaby revealing the viewing stats for this latest campaign will encourage more from the profession, not just drivers but businesses as well, to get on board and support London Taxi PR in what we do.
Lee added, We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to London Lites and look forward to working with them again soon.

The campaign celebrated 365 years of the traditional hailing of London Taxi from the street, and will also carried subtle messaging such as, Mobile Datnot Requiredalong with a reminder that ALL London Taxis accept all major credit cards as well.

The reasoning behind the campaign was to not only remind the general public how long the traditionalLondon Taxi has been serving and transporting customers in London, but also just how easy and simple it is to hail a London Taxi rather than using your mobile phoneas has been witnessed with the increase in mobile apps to hail Taxis.

Since their formation, London Taxi PR has undertaken aseries otargeted media campaigns, which are being usedby London Taxi PR to promote the benefits, advantages and safety of using the iconic London Taxi to a wide audience.

All the campaigns and publicity that has so far been generated by the company has been funded by fellow London Taxi drivers as well as supportive companies andorganisations, many of whom have signed up to donate to the cause on a monthly basis, indicating how passionate they all are about their industry and the cause.
London Taxi PR. Passionate about promoting and preserving the iconic London Taxi trade and funded byLondon Taxi drivers who care about their industry

For more information on London Taxi PR and their campaigns, please visit their website