Saturday, June 22, 2019

Clean Air Car Free Day : Paris Shows London Mayor How It Should Be Done !

The city council of Paris continue with its efforts to improve the quality of life and air in the French capital.

Since October 2018, on the first Sunday of the month, the centre of the capital has been be closed to traffic, except for buses and taxis.  Mayor Anne Hidalgo thinks that Paris should then be a free playground for pedestrians and cyclists.

From first to fourth district

The first monthly car-free Sunday took effect , just three weeks after the 4th annual edition of the Car-Free Day. Every first Sunday of the month the first, second, third and fourth district in Paris will be completely car-free from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Back in October 2018, the Champs-Elysées shopping street car-free first Sunday of the month expanded considerably.
The new measure does, however, have a few exceptions. For example, public transport, taxis and supplier deliveries are still allowed to drive through to certain points.

More livable

Car-free Sunday is now part of a broader plan by Mayor Anne Hidalgo (PS) to purify the air in the city, to make Paris more livable for pedestrians and to make the city centre car-free. “Our residents have long been looking forward to these car-free days. The measure is the result of a collaboration between the police, the district mayors and the neighbourhood associations”, says Hidalgo in her so-called ‘Paris Respire’ plan.


Paris had already decided to ban all diesel cars from the city by 2024. Parisians who dispose of their cars can also receive up to 600 euro in subsidies for the purchase of a bicycle or for the purchase of a subscription to shared cars.
Small businesses can count on more than 8.000 euro to invest in an electric van. Paris is also studying the possibilities of making public transport completely free.

Less noise and better air quality

Despite all these measures taken, air quality in the French capital remains one of the worst in the world. 
Studies of the car-free Sundays show that urban noise would be reduced by 3 decibels and that it should have an immediate effect on air quality (according to Airparif, the levels of NO2 on car-free Sundays were reduced by 28 to 35%).

Well again.... you couldn't make it up!
After years of campaigning and lobbying for a right turn from Charing Cross Road Northbound into Shaftesbury Avenue and to everyone's surprise, a right turn has now been implemented. 

It's believed that the council have done this to elleviated congestion caused by the mess they've made of Tottenham Court Road, which is now gridlocked for most of the day. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Taxi Leaks Asks Mayor : "Will You Be Stopping Toxic Air From The Tube On Clean Air Day And Will You Be Paying Compensation To Cabbies You Stop From Working ?"

Mayor of London has announced a ‘Car Free Day’ to be held in 18 central London boroughs, under the banner of a Clean air day set for 22nd September.

Just a quick question to Sadiq Khan in light of his clean air day in London!

Will you also be shutting down London Tube lines and the Tube exhaust exit fans on 'Clean Air Day' as we now know from the expert report published in the Evening Standard, that the Tube is the single biggest source of toxic fumes in central London?

The Mayor and TfL have never announced plans to tackle the toxic fumes on the underground system, which are poisoning the lungs of a broad spectrum of Tube users, ranging from small babies to pensioners.

News just in that London taxi PR member Andy Scott has contacted the mayor's office with concerns over Taxi drivers being stopped from working in central London on car free day in September. 

The Mayor's office have now responded to Andy and have put him in contact with TfL's steering committee representatives.

Taxi leaks would also like to know if the Mayor or TfL... will be paying compensation to Cabbies for loss of earning for 22 September ?

Great work again from London Taxi PR. 
At Wednesday's protest in Parliament Square, Lee and Andy spent most of the afternoon speaking with MPs and Disability Lobby groups, who now understand fully why drivers are peacefully protesting outside in the square and bringing most of the City of Westminster to a complete gridlock.

The positive, proactive action from this group is tremendous and puts some of our representative groups to shame, and well worth a donation.

London Taxi PR are totally reliant on drive donations. 
Please use the link on the right hand column to fill out a direct debit

Just to update you all further. A response has been received this afternoon from TfL's Taxi & Private hire relationship manager, in response to the Car Free day concerns we raised. 

It's totally unsatisfactory and woolly in its content.

There's an admission that, 'The Equality Impact Assessment is still in development whilst the traffic management plan is being worked up'.

We question this and have made the relevant disability transport orgs aware, plus spokespeople who also raised concerns. 

We will keep seeking answers.

LTCFC Invited To Reception At The US Ambassadors Residence

The London Taxi Drivers' Charity For Children, were invited to meet the the US Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson at his London residence  of Winfield House in Regents Park on Wednesday. 

US Ambassador Johnson is pictured here with our Chairman Michael Son, sporting an LTCFC baseball cap and jacket. The Ambassador is a huge fan of the London taxi trade and it gave us the opportunity to raise awareness of our charity. 

We extend our thanks for a wonderful day and now we look forward to next Tuesday and our annual trip to Southend-on-Sea with over 250 special needs and disadvantaged children. 

These trips would not be possible without your help and your donations.

A big thank you to all our volunteers, donators and supporters! 🧡🧡

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Yesterday In Parliament : Doing Our Bit For The Best Taxi Service In The World.... by Andy Scott

I'm not asking for any praise as many of you know, I work with Lee for London Taxi PR. But let me just tell you about my Wednesday routine. I leave Mile End after 11am. 

I normally get to Westminster a bit before noon, depending on the tubes. I'm not a taxi driver so public transport is my route in. 
I have a wander round by the media haunts, to see if I can badger any journos or bump into any MPs. 

I'll wander up to the square for 12.30ish and then see who is there and again any camera crews/journos, try and do the same. 
Then obviously wait until those on the protest start arriving. 

Yesterday given the rain, we decided to see first if we could get into the public gallery in Parliament but given it would be a long wait and having chatted with security we went for the lobby MPs route. We bumped into Guide dogs for the blind once inside and engaged with them telling them about the demo and why we are there every week. 

Four of us filled out lobby forms for our MPs. Whilst waiting we saw other individuals useful to our campaign for engagement as well. 

Joe Johnson MP came out and listened to all 4 of us, not just his respective constituent which he could have done so fair play. 

By this time it's nearing 3.30pm so with job done out we come to tell others. A few pics of the demo for social media then a few tweets and we were on our way to the cafe for a well deserved cuppa and a chat. 

We finish up and Lee kindly drops me back at the Barbican around 5.20 then I'm back indoors in Mile End after 6pm. That's me done and I tell my Linda how it went. 

That's about 7 hours every week I devote to being in the square. Like I say I'm not asking for praise I'm just telling it like it is. What frustrates me is somewhere out there there's what 19,000 or so not giving up a few hours on one day a week to do the same for their profession. 17k on a site also not giving up a few hours in whatever numbers. Why? If I can do that why can't they? 

At least I feel we are doing something and yesterday we took it inside as they won't come out. I urge everyone to do the same.  


And those that are there week in week out well done again. 
Those that aren't well shame on you. Give me one good reason why? Cos I can demonstrate where 7 hours of my time goes every Wednesday. 

Sorry for the long rant but I felt it needed to be said. Keep the faith.



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Forget Driving Through Greenwich And Bermondsey, It’s About To Become A Massive Car Park.

Despite objections from residents and local businesses, construction on Cycleway 4, which will run between the iconic Tower Bridge and Greenwich, will start next month. The new cycleway will include a new 4km cycle track which will run two ways and be segregated.

There will also be new pedestrian crossings and the Rotherhithe roundabout will be redesigned to reduce accidents. Old street roundabout springs to mind. 

Although the Mayor can't find the money from his buget to fund the police to fight against knife crime that's seen 62 deaths in London so far this year , the cycleway will be funded from TfL’s healthy streets budget, which is geared towards walking and cycling projects in the capital.

The needs of local people and businesses put to the back of the queue so the Lycra clad bully boys can race each other home Kentward, while leaving a trail of utter chaos in their wake.

Major changes to the cycleway include:
  • A 4km two-way segregated cycle track on Tooley Street, Jamaica Road, Evelyn Street and Creek Road, which will keep people cycling separated from motor traffic
  • Five new signal-controlled pedestrian crossings and upgrades to more than 20 existing pedestrian crossings
  • An overhauled Rotherhithe roundabout, which will transform one of London’s most dangerous junctions
  • A new eastbound bus gate on the Jamaica Road approach to Rotherhithe roundabout, giving buses priority and easier access into Lower Road
  • New and improved street layout at Deptford High Street and Rotherhithe roundabout, including new paving and trees
London mayor Sadiq Khan said: “High-quality segregated cycle routes greatly increase the numbers of people who feel confident cycling on our streets, and with new pedestrian crossings along the route road danger will be substantially reduced for thousands of pedestrians too"....he never mentioned the gridlock and subsequent increase in pollution to the area!

“Boroughs like Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich really understand the huge benefits of investing in high-quality walking and cycling infrastructure. With record investment from TfL we will continue to work with boroughs who share our vision to tackle London’s inactivity crisis, reduce road danger, and get more people out of their cars and into cleaner greener forms of transport.”

The construction of cycleway 4 comes after Kensington and Chelsea councillors vowed to block a new £42m cycle lane through Notting Hill and Holland Park following protests by celebrities including former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson.

In a letter to the council today, Khan said he wanted to express his “profound unhappiness at the actions of you and your councillors”.

Probably upset as the contracts had already gone out to the golden stakeholders 

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced that 18 central London boroughs will be hosting a car free day on Sunday 22nd of September. 

Actress and disability campaigner Samantha Renke, asks Sadiq Khan, What are the disabled and elderly supposed to do while he holds another of his vanity, self promoting projects. Again, Khan is isolating the most vunerable in society, while refusing to concentrate of more important issues. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

With TfL Designing Consultations To Get The Result They Want, Should Orgs Be Issuing Templates For Drivers?

In another letter to Taxi Leaks, Greenbadgejohn asks the representative orgs and union:
Why are you letting this happen???

Its a great pity this meeting wasn't held before the taxi age limit consultation, because there were a couple of questions on that consultation that could attract an agreement without causing any dissent and maybe those questions were deliberately inserted to get a common agreement, to bag people into a whole 100% agreement assumption as the RBK&C councillor warned the congregation at the cycle lane meeting mentioned.

This comes as a severe warning to us all, regarding the low integrity and total bias, in the way TFL conducts itself on so called consultations. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea themselves have called TFL consultatns out with warnings on individual completions... So it must now be highlighted to all of the cabtrade (if they did not know it already by now) that it really is them verses us.... So do your duty when replying to all consultations and complete without giving any leeway.

The question must now be asked...why the representative orgs and Unions haven't in the passed, create a prior template to be followed to the letter by drivers???
Because The Councillor in the previous article warned of tricks ahead by TFL to effctively get their way against RBK&C
So, because of the situation between 'them and us', we must always expect the worse ourselves.

Let's face it, the cycle lobby have been doing this for a while now and this is one reason they seem to always get what they asked for....simply because they know exactly how to ask!!!

Be Lucky... And but be warned.


It's not just in London, Cycle lanes are causing congestion and pollution throughout the UK.

This is something we've covered before, but since the RBK&C meeting....there's more.

Why haven't senior reps bought up this issue of bias consultation questions at the trade's meetings with TfL?
Or if they have... why haven't we heard about it?

What is it they talk about?
Do they get to talk?
Or are they just given messages to report back to the rank and file?

This is why its imperative that all meetings must be minuted, so we can all find out what is and isn't being talked about.

Why did our largest org and Unite the Union vote against minuted meetings?
What are the frightened of?
Are they frightened we will find out what they are actually saying to TfL?

The UCG, LCDC and the RMT have all asked for minutes to be taken at all meetings, but so far this request has been refused...again the important question here is WHY ???