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Did Rise And Fall Of The Mutual Society Lead To A Control/Dictatorship?.... by Anthony Minas

A Letter to Taxi Leaks, from LTDA Green Badge Branch Chairman, Anthony Minas.

Dear LTDA members,

As the former & most recent Green Badge Branch Chairman, I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to a recent article written in the TAXI paper on page 6, dated 30th April 2019, by the Chairman & Executive of the LTDA Mr. Richard Massett.
Even though the undertone of the article would seem set up to provoke a reaction, as the Branch Chairman , I’ll endeavour to press home the ‘facts’ as opposed to indirect or underhanded swipes. 

The branches of the association are structured in accordance with the rules of the association which sit naturally alongside a democratic pathway for any member to attend or if they were ever to have a desire to be a representative. During my tenure as Branch Chairman with Peter Walsh, who was elected as Branch Secretary, we managed to change the dynamics of branch meetings from those under the previous regime. We brought a modern freshness that had been amiss previously.
We invited guests from Nissan Dynamo Taxis, LondonTaxi PR, as well as Wes Streeting MP to mention a few.

Surprisingly, not once, even with guests of this magnitude, did one CoM member take up the invite to attend.
We also made space for members to ask questions & in return, we would provide the Council of Management (COM) answers from the previous meeting, which again, under the previous regime, was not forthcoming & when it was, it was only vague answers.

Richard Massett makes a point about holding a ‘forum’ style round table meeting where all members are encouraged to take part in the discussion. These ‘hand picked’ 20 or so members, which is completely against the democratic process and I might add, if you held one a month it would take over 40 years for the 10,000+ membership to have their say at these round table discussions organised by not the branches anymore, but the COM!

In 2016, The branch members recognised how quickly things were moving against the trade & put a plan & proposal together to counter attack the tirade of detrimental abuse to our trade. The beacon of that plan was to create a ‘forum’ for all members to assign to, reinventing the purpose of what the society (LTDA) was set up for.......It’s members. Without going into detail too thoroughly, the plan was well thought out and very detailed. The irony of Mr Massett’s article using the term ‘forum’ in a sentence alongside ‘encouraging members’ is fascinating as the members proposal was unanimously refused by the Council of Management, now, here we are, over three years later & once again, a collective bout of amnesia has kicked in, where, a ‘forum’ is the greatest thing since slice bread. The kicker to the members though, is the forum is controlled by the CoM, who can cherry pick whom they choose to attend leaving no confidence that any member who has challenged the CoM or dared to ask a pertinent question in the past, will, without exception, be blacklisted from being ‘invited’.
Who’d have thought it ?
When the LTDA was set up, a member of a mutual society having to be invited to a members meeting that they pay into ?
Also restricted as to what they can or cannot say ?
It’s very easy to call that positive trade talk, especially when it means, you can’t talk democracy or accountability! To myself, it has all the hallmarks of a controlled dictatorship.

Under my tenure, the LTDA branch meetings had reached attendances that had never been seen before.
I’ve never felt it a point of interest to include ‘who’ attended as it’s not an issue that I recognise as being a problem, but since Mr Massett has projected it in his article, as promised, I’ll respond. He makes a point which I personally find insulting being probably the first Chairman in the LTDA’s history of a mixed heritage background as is also the case with the Branch Secretary.

By calling on a “Cross Section” of people to attend the CoM’s hand picked members meetings ?
How insulting & isolating is that ?
How is Mr Massett racially & religiously profiling his members ?
Maybe the fact that he had only attended one Green badge branch meeting in two years, could be one of the reasons where his uneducated view come from ?
Maybe if he had attended , he would have seen the record amount of women in attendance ?
Words fail me when it comes to his point on religion, race & gender In a branch meeting, for two hours, we all share a common bond, it’s plain & simple for everyone to see......we are CAB DRIVERS! Religion is not part of the remit of attending & once again, if Mr Massett or any other member of the CoM would have taken up the constant invites to attend the  meetings, he would have seen a wide variety of attendees, from different ages, races and gender?
I will note, that during my year long tenure, none of the above was addressed to me EVER?

I challenge Mr Massett to present the membership with proof of any member of a different Race, Religion or Gender, who felt underrepresented at a branch meeting?
On the contrary, I could present the members with proof that ‘ALL’ members were included and encouraged to attend.
Also, before every branch meeting, new faces were always welcomed & encouraged to ask questions.

I was often told at CoM meetings to focus on leading from the front as opposed to focusing on those asking questions, one CoM member advised me, “Some members don’t want to speak or ask questions, they want to be led & sit & listen” ?
The CoM wanted to focus on those members, not the vocal ones who may ask an awkward question?
Collective amnesia again?
But let’s stick to the point Mr Massett makes and ask the question, if you are a member who isn’t vocal, who wants to listen rather than speak, where are you most likely to go?
To a branch meeting where you don’t have to do anything other than sign in, or, go through the charade of applying to a formal round table meeting where the pressure is on for you to speak in a face to face intimidating atmosphere chaired by Mr Massett himself and other COM members 
I think we all know which one it would be?

One of the bottom paragraphs in Mr Massett’s article says that the members who attended would like to attend again, who are these members?
Where are the minutes?
What was discussed?
What’s the quorum to pass a motion?
Where is the democratic pathway written in the rule book of the association?
All of the questions above would not be able to be asked at the members meeting according to Mr Massett.
He also mentions that they are looking to create a rota system to accommodate all members in future meetings, is this the same rota system as the marshalling ?

Under my tenure, the Branch members proposed to offer ‘ALL’ members the option to do marshalling duties. I asked for a new advert to be placed in the TAXI paper to give members the opportunity, (what if you’re a new member or missed the previous advert?) again, a unanimous “NO” decision was made by the CoM, stating that the members were given the chance when an advert was put in the TAXI paper back in 2015, & they missed the boat, “A bit like a job application” was one of the comments, “if you didn’t apply, it’s too late”!
Four years ago?

The rota to the marshalling is controlled by executive CoM member Mr Anthony Street and is certainly not a revolving door to every member, the only way you ‘might’ get a go, is if one of the regulars drops out and you’re on a very long waiting list.

Being on the waiting list to a members meeting does not go hand in glove with a mutual society, imagine if you were to say something that Mr Massett didn’t like?
It’s obvious what’s happening here & it’s nothing but control /dictatorship by the CoM, when the society is meant to be for the members ?

Co-operative principles are the seven guidelines by which co-ops put their values into practice, often called the seven Rochdale Principles:[20]

1. Voluntary and open membership.

2. Democratic member control.

3. Economic participation by members.

4. Autonomy and Independence.

5. Education, Training and Information.

6. Cooperation among

7. Concern for community.

Co-operatives values, in the tradition of its founders, are based on "self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity." Co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Read the co-operative values above, None of the Rochdale principles are being adhered to, in fact, they have been broken.

Mr Massett mentions ‘old style’ branch meetings in a pub, this again is insulting to the accommodating Horseshoe public house, who offered the members tea & coffee as standard with the meeting room at a very low rate for a central location.

They also provided a microphone & speaker so that all members could hear and be heard.
Situated in Clerkenwell Green, it’s the perfect destination for all green badge drivers to attend with free parking after 6:30pm. If Mr Massett would have bothered to come down, he would have seen for himself.

To round off, many in the trade are left frustrated that our trade will never be unified, there are lots of views on the reasons why, but here’s my take on it. The co-operative & community benefit society’s act (2014) is a act of parliament that all of our orgs fall under, the registrar to this act is the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA).

A mutual society is perfect for our trade as individual self employed sole traders, it’s a movement that brings the paying members together as one force to fight off illegal acts against the trade & instills democracy within it, when a council or regulator is implementing policy to attack our trade, do you think they look at what legal cover the org has as a reason ‘not’ to abuse our trade?
They look at how unorganised we are, how fragmented we are, even within our own orgs. The biggest failure that has created disenfranchised members & infighting within our trade is the fact the the co-operative movement has been lost, abused & manipulated by past & current representatives.
On joining a society, you should be educated as to what it is before joining, you should be supplied the rules of the society & advised to read before making a decision.

A mutual society is not legal cover, legal cover is just a scheme added on to some society’s after it’s been registered. If you were to have been told from the outset that you are joining to be part of something, to have a say, to be encouraged to form a bond with your branch (sector) colleagues, I do believe that the trade would be in a stronger place today.

The only regulators of a mutual society are the members that pay into it, nobody else!
Instead we have been led into believing we’re joining to have badge-safe, legal cover, most pay in to give themselves conscious security but could go their whole taxi trade career without needing it, if it were just about legal cover, the LTDA would not qualify as a mutual society.
A cynic would say it operates more like a company.

It’s not known in the co-operative movement that executives within a society give themselves a wage, BUPA healthcare & company cars! Coupled with that, there is no Renumeration Committee to make a judgement on pay rises , pay reduction or bonuses!

Nobody who pays in, can actually see what an individual claims for or what it was spent on?
No member, is even sent an annual expenses report before the Annual General Meeting (AGM), so they can gauge an opinion before the meeting takes place to prepare some questions or raise any concerns?

In summary, the LTDA, as it stands, is not behaving like a Coop. The LTDA is being run like a company and one that the current COM feel they own and can do what they like. They cannot! It’s owned by ALL LTDA members. It’s time we took back our Association.

Thanking You All.

Anthony Minas.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Early Investor Celebrities About To Profit Big Time From Uber IPO

Publish today, a list of so called celebrities who will be profiting from Uber’s initial public offering, that could result in a significant boost to those who invested early.

Below is the list published today in the Daily Mail :

  • Actor Kutcher invested $500,000 in Uber, helping to make it a success story
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z were also early investors in the cab hailing app 
  • BeyoncĂ© was reportedly paid $6 million in restricted stock units for a concert 
  • Oliva Munn and cyclist Lance Armstrong also confirmed they had invested 
  • And actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto are also said to have money tied in
  • Launch set to be one of the largest ever, with firm valued at $80-$90bn
Considered to be the pioneer of smart-phone cab hailing and one of Silicone Valley's greatest success stories, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z were also early investors.

And while her husband has confirmed his investment in 2011, BeyoncĂ© was reportedly later paid $6 million in restricted stock units for a concert for employees. 

Olivia Munn also confirmed to Forbes that she had invested in the app. In January this year she admitted: 'I wish I’d invested more in Uber, but it’s hard to know when something will be successful.' 

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Edward Norton are all also said to have money tied to the company. 

And drug cheat cyclist Lance Armstrong has even credited his shares with 'saving his family' after his admission that he used banned substances throughout his career.  

He and Kutcher invested in billionaire and Chris Sacca's Lowercase Capital fund. Sacca was a friend of Uber cofounder Travis Kalanick and an early investor. 

Armstrong is said to have invested $100,000 via Sacca and said his return was 'too good to be true'. Estimates say it made him about $20 million. 

Kalanick's stock would be worth $5.3billion, while Camp's shares will be worth $3.7billion.

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, an Uber board member, owns shares that will be worth about $1million.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Shark Tank investor Chris Sacca also made large investments Uber early on and look set to make millions.

Uber drivers will also be offered bonuses with which to buy shares, with rewards capping out at $40,000 for those who have made more than 40,000 trips.

In 2018 the company’s revenue reached $11.3 billion, with losses of $1.8 billion reported. According to its IPO filing Uber has never actually turned a profit.

Recently the company has become embroiled in a pricing war with Lyft, with both of the hailing apps trying to attract and retain customers with low prices, while paying drivers enough to remain under their employ too.  

The pricing war has led to thousands of Lyft and Uber drivers striking this week, who claim they’re given low wages and limited job protections as most are considered independent contractors.

Uber has now reached settlements with some of drivers who said they should have been classified as employees instead of independent contractors.

Well, I will never feel guilty again about watching a pirate copy of any film containing actors on this list. 

Also I will not be using any of the companies  mention either. 

Let’s also remember the £500m investment from PayPal. Personally I have now closed my account with PayPal. 

Again, I really don’t understand the attitude of the drivers who say, well they are cheap?????
Isn’t that what Uber customers tell us
Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind AGAIN.  

Here We Go Again : Another £50m Waste Of Space From TfL

TfL Plan to improve the cycling infrastructure between Hackney and the Isle of Dogs in East London, this also includes the banning of cars, vans and lorries in Victoria Park during the daytime.

The new proposals, announced by TfL, will see cars, vans and lorries banned from Grove Road, which travels through the park, between 07:00 and 19:00 daily. The road will remain open for bikes, buses and taxis. (Another victory for the ITA)

The proposals would also see the speed limit on Burdett Road reduced to 20mph.

The construction of the 7.4km (4.6 mile) 'cycleway' dissecting the east of London will also see a fully segregated route between Mile End and Westferry with the section between Bow Common Lane and Ming Street set to be two-way. 
The same plans would also see the introduction of double yellow and red lines on the busiest of roads, the improvement of pedestrian crossings and adjustment to parking and loading provision en route.

This comes after TfL used 'strategic cycling analysis', a new method which calculates which areas of London would benefit most from segregated cycleways and potentially encourage more people to cycle.

Running through Mile End Road, the proposed route would also link to Cycle Superhighway 2 and Cycle Superhighway 3 that run through Westferry. 

The route to Island Gardens and the River Thames will be decided in a later consultation but could connect to the proposed pedestrian and cycling bridge between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe, linking the route to CS4 between Tower Bridge Road and Greenwich, which begins construction later this year.
The plans set out by the TfL would cost £50m and will now enter a period of public consultation.

Consultation can be found here:

Cyclist tried to undertake a Minicab on Shaftesbury Ave last Night. To be fair, the mini cab had been indicating to turn left, all the way from Wardour Street to Dean Street, but the Cyclist still tried to pass on his inside.

Oh Look, It's That Emma Arbuthnot Again In Unprecedented Belmarsh Visit

Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot visits alleged serial rapist in prison after he refuses to attend court to hear 21 charges against him over 'sex attack spree'

The judge, plus lawyers, journalists, police officers and court staff, took taxis to Belmarsh, 15 miles away from Westminster Magistrates' Court” Uber or black taxi?
Alleged serial rapist Joseph McCann was visited by a senior judge in jail after he refused to appear in court for a second day.
In an unprecedented move, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot conducted a hearing at Belmarsh prison, in south-east London, after the 34-year-old refused to leave the cells. 
McCann, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is charged with 21 offences against eight alleged victims, aged between 11 and 71.
He is alleged to have carried out the series of sexual assaults in Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, London and Hertfordshire between 21 April and 5 May. 

McCann was arrested following a nationwide manhunt on Monday after a standoff between police just outside the Cheshire town of Congleton where he was found up a tree. 

In the unprecedented move, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot (pictured above right) conducted a hearing at Belmarsh prison, in south-east London, after alleged rapist Joseph McCann (left) refused to leave the cells.

McCann refused to leave the cells at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday and today, Prosecutor Tetteh Turkson told the court that McCann was again 'not being co-operative'. 
Ms Arbuthnot, also a senior district judge, tried to get him in front of a video link from the jail yesterday morning. But he again refused. 

By the afternoon, the judge said she was getting in a taxi to the prison and advised the prosecution, the defence and police officers and court staff, to do the same. 

The court crest was brought in an Argos carrier bag and placed on the conference table before Ms Arbuthnot told reporters: 'I will be going into Belmarsh prison to see the defendant, Mr McCann.
'I will be accompanied by the prosecutor, defence counsel and obviously the clerk.

'We will then have a hearing in there, which will be a private hearing, not in the presence of the press.'
As such, Ms Arbuthnot convened a private hearing inside Belmarsh prison, which the press were not allowed to attend.

Outside she told reporters the 'shortish hearing' had been held in the prison's healthcare wing, after walking into the jail an hour and 20 minutes earlier.  

Source : Daily Mail.

MP Bob Neil Replies To My Letter... by Lenny Etheridge.

I received a favourable response from my MP Bob Neil this morning.

He assures me he is doing all he can via the APPG on Taxis (sponsored by LTDA, LEVC, Gett and MyTaxi - none of whom fill me with confidence), and also in a constituency capacity, plus the Transport Select Committee have been working tirelessly on our behalf.

He also states that the APPG maintain pressure on the government regarding recommendations of the Task and Finish Group, and have recently submitted a response to the DfT on Statutory Guidance for taxi and private hire licensing authorities.
The APPG's main push is to ensure primary legislation to set National Minimum Standards and define cross-border hiring.

However real power over Taxis has been devolved to the Mayor of London, the very nemesis of our trade.

I have been advised however to contact Gareth Bacon, the leader of the Conservative Group at the Assembly, who would be better placed to push the Mayor on specific issues.

This unfortunately is the message all of our MP's have relayed to us.
Our fate is not in their hands. 

I thank Robert Neill MP for his concise reply. His letter was judged and well reasoned.

Since Tony Blair dismissed the Law Lords and theoretically shredded our unwritten Constitution, the working class protagonist has to go around to the tradesman's entrance, wringing his cap and tugging his forelock, and asking the antagonist to take his boot off his neck.

I'd rather go through the front door, to be honest. Hit those bastards where it hurts.

If only we had with ten thousand of those drivers who carry on working though our protests.
But never doubt what you can achieve with "We few, we happy few."


We fight on 

Except for the LCDC (who support all the protests) and a couple of respected reps, the Orgs and Unions are anti ITA Protests, for various baffling reasons.

In fact a certain taxi Org and a certain Taxi Union have allegedly complained to the police about the protests (On behalf of their friends at TfL maybe?).

They want the protests stopped and the organisers punished.
What state of play is it when this happens?

Agree or disagree with the protests (mostly through missguided fear), but to openly, vocally undermine them and want the authorities to stop and punish the drivers is a betrayal too far.

What are these Orgs and Unions, who want taxi protestors castigated, doing about Tottenham Court Road or Bank Junction?
After all, these are the same groups who lost them in the first place!

What is their recommendation? 
To wait and see.... and then just take it up the arse?

Driver apathy is such, that concerned proactive protestors are speaking of paying into UTAG twice!!
But why should they?

Maybe those who choose to work during protests should cough up the extra fifty quid?
That would make more sense.

£50, from all the 8k -10k drivers who carried on working through the protests = the remaining UTAG funding found, in just one week!

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Consultations, Rank Suspensions and Events From TfL : Extinction Rebellion Are Coming Back For International Mothers Day

Air Quality - Identification of taxi and private hire vehicles entering charging Clean Air Zones - consultation outcome
In 2018, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs consultedon their method for identifying taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) entering or moving within a Clean Air Zone.

As a result of this consultation, the Government has published a Statutory Instrument entitled: Air Quality (Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles Database) (England and Wales) Regulations 2019.

This instrument requires licensing authorities to supply information relating to taxis and PHVs to the Secretary of State for the purpose of the enforcement of local air quality measures. A summary of responses to this consultation was publishedearlier this year.

Just in case you were in any doubt :
Using taxi ranks and taxi-only charging bays
Private hire vehicles must never stop or wait in taxi ranks or taxi-only charging bays, or the driver will be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice and potentially licensing action. 

Taxis must not be left unattended on working taxi ranks. Read moreabout where taxis and private hire vehicles are permitted to stop, wait, drop off and pick up. 

Important notices
Did you know that all taxi and private hire notices are available to read on our notices and consultations page

These notices contain important information about your licence. You can also see a list of current consultations relevant to taxi and private hire on the same page. 

Rank suspensions 

  • 5477, Bunhill Row, from 07:00 until 20:00 on Saturday 11 May.Whole rank to be suspended for a crane operation, subject to weather conditions. There is a road closure in place
  • 5512, Sloane Square, from 00:01 until 11:30 on Sunday 12 May.Third portion of the rank to be suspended for the Moonwalk
  • 5799, St James's Square, from 08:00 until 17:30 on Sunday 12 May.Whole rank to be suspended for a crane operation, subject to weather conditions
  • 5620, Holborn (Waterhouse Court), from 08:00 until 18:00 on Sunday 12 May.Whole rank to be suspended for a crane operation, subject to weather conditions
  • 5563, Belvedere Road (London Eye), from 05:00 until 11:00 on Monday 13, and from 21:00 until 23:00 on Tuesday 14 May. Whole rank to be suspended for an installation at the London Eye
  • 5323, Half Moon, from 07:00 on Wednesday 15 until 18:00 on Friday 31 May.Whole rank to be suspended for major carriageway works. There is a road closure in place
Events :

Procession, Trafalgar Square - Thursday 9 May
  • From 12:00 until 16:00 today, a group will form up at Trafalgar Square and march to Great College Street via Whitehall and Parliament Square
  • Delays are expected
March, Westminster - Saturday 11 May
  • From 11:30 on Saturday, up to 5,000 people will form up at Portland Place and will march to Whitehall via Richmond Terrace, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Haymarket and Trafalgar Square
  • Delays are expected
March and rally, Westminster - Saturday 11 May
  • From 13:00, a group will form up at Great Smith Street
  • From 14:00, they will march to Parliament Square for a rally via Victoria Street, Artillery Road, Horseferry Road, Millbank, Abingdon Street and St Margaret Street
  • The cycle lane on the south side of Parliament Square will be closed
Vanarama National League Play-Off Final, Wembley Stadium - Saturday 11 May
  • From 14:00 until 20:30 on Saturday, Wembley Stadium will host the Vanarama National League Play-Off Final football match, with kick off at 15:00
  • Large crowds and increased traffic levels are expected in the Wembley area before and after the game
  • Roads likely to be affected include the A406, A1, A40, Harrow Road, Wembley High Road and roads around the stadium
Moonwalk, Clapham Common - Saturday 11 May
Dulex London Revaluation - Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May
  • Saturday and Sunday will see a two-day cycle ride around London and surrounding areas, starting and finishing in Lee Valley athletics centre with an overnight stop at Windsor Racecourse
  • The race will start on Saturday between 06:45 and 08:15 and finish at 19:00
  • On Sunday, the race starts between 07:30 and 09:00
  • Delays are expected along the racing route across London

Extinction Rebellion: International Mother's Day march, Westminster - Sunday 12 May
  • From 12:00, a large group will form up on Park Lane
  • At 12:30, they will march to Parliament Square via Piccadilly Circus, Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall
  • Delays are expected in the Westminster area
Graspan Parade and Coldstream Guards Remembrance Service - Sunday 12 May
  • Horse Guards Road will close for two ceremonial events
  • From 09:30 until 10:50, the road will close for the Graspan Parade. There will be an annual service of remembrance for the Royal Marines at the Graspan Memorial, The Mall. After the service, 500 association members will march with the Royal Marine band to Horse Guards via The Mall, Spur Road and Birdcage Walk
  • From 12:30, the road will close for the Coldstream Guards Remembrance Service. 200 Coldstream Guards Association members will march from the Guards chapel with a band to lay a wreath

Arena events

Monday 13 May, O2 Arena
WWE (Raw), from 19:00 until 23:00

Tuesday 14 May, O2 Arena
WWE (Smackdown), from 19:00 until 23:00

The Money For The Film To Address TfL’s Reluctance To Regulate The Statutory Regime Has Been Raised

I am delighted to say that the money for the film to address TfL’s reluctance to regulate the statutory regime has been raised.

In every area of life, mental well-being is being highlighted as something we should take very seriously and yet TfL think it’s ok to absolve themselves of responsibility.

With that in mind, we are now looking for drivers who are willing to share their stories regarding TfL’s neglect in this area and how it has impacted on their lives.

Sensitivity and anonymity (if required) is assured.

Silence of Suicide -a respected charity within the industry - is endorsing the film and will be providing the Forward, one or two celebrities have also offered contributions, and a couple of London Assembly members will be providing sound bites. 

The focus here is mental well-being, and how nurturing a healthy environment should not be optional. The problem transcends our trade and is prevalent in services such as the NHS, LFB, and the teaching industry.

Drawing attention to TfL’s dereliction of a care should not go under the radar. It needs to be explicitly weaponised against them as an abdication of their primary responsibility as a regulator to not implement policies that are potentially damaging one’s health and wellbeing.

If this is something that might interest you then you can either message me privately or call/ text Mirna on 07976945585

We know the cause...

Stop TfL’s punitive policies in action, and we go some way improving the mindset wellbeing of an entire workforce... and that is what it’s all about

Again, thanks to everyone for helping make this film happen. Just another example of what can be achieved when the trade pools its efforts. 

Love SPD

To be honest, this should never have been left to drivers to finance through crowdfunding. Let's face it, between the two biggest unions in the country and our largest Taxi org -who's members are affected by these issues- this type of finance, of such an important issue, is just a drip in the ocean. 
However chair of our second smallest org, the LCDC's Grant Davis, did make a donation to take the appeal over the line as time was running out.

ITA Protests To Continue Every Wednesday, As Regent Street Slips Silently Into The Frame.

In a move designed to preempt any sections being dished out to drivers, it has now been agreed by those who regularly attend...the ITA protests will only take place on Wednesday’s.  

But the ITA have insisted that general traffic must no longer be allowed down the inside lane. All traffic must be diverted or the protesters will move en masse to other locations, around Central London. 

The police have now given assurances, they will no longer be allowing any traffic down towards Bridge Street. 
Emergency vehicles will be shepherded along the other side of Whitehall. The outside lane will be left clear in the square, to circumnavigate the outside of the central protest, no traffic will be allowed to enter, other than emergency vehicles. 

We have therefore told police from now on until further notice, we will only be doing Wednesdays....mainly because it’s unfair for "the same faces" to be protesting time after time, on behalf of the 20k who work on.

Tooley Street Is now won.
Who won it? 
The Orgs? 
Steve Mc? 
The Consultation?
Of course not, it was the ITA proactive protesters who’s  militant drivers attended for 13 weeks of campaigning. 

Tooley is a massive victory, as eventually we would have been excluded all the way through to Greenwich and Lewisham.

Plus the Tottenham Court Road ‘Buses And Cycles Only’ scheme has been given a 10 month reprieve after concerns from disabled groups over access to the McMillan cancer centre and UCH facilities. 

 Virtually all the proactive drivers who attended the ITA protests have signed up to UTAG and London Taxi PR, which the ITA promoted during the campaign.

Andy and Lee from London Taxi PR (who have attended every protest, were in the square yesterday handing out free reusable coffee cups to drivers along with lanyards and pens. 

TfL and the rotten Boroughs know that if Taxis are excluded from roads, or are part of a consultation which favours Buses at the expense of Taxi access, the ITA will protest as frequent, as disruptive and for as long as it takes.
Discriminations aimed at our working practices will not be tolerated. 
We will ALWAYS fight back!

 No one has ever called protests for so many consecutive demos, EVER.

The new arrangement may not suit some constant critics, but everyone is welcome to call demos or protests on their own behalf to suit. I’ll come.

It’s extremely easy to be an armchair critic, but not that easy to turn up every time and stand alongside drivers fighting for the continued survival of the trade. 

What’s next on TfL and the Mayors agenda. 
A whistle blower from Palestra has indicated that TfL and the New WestEnd Company are looking at traffic flow along the bus lanes on Regent Street. 

It is imperative that Where Buses Go, Taxi Go is written into legislation to stop our continued decimation.  

Also mentioned in dispatches: 
It also appears  George Osbourne’s arse-wipe (so good, they have to give it away)has jumped on the emotional blackmail band wagon with the head line "Ban taxis over 12 years old to cut pollution, mothers urge Mayor.... really George? 
How many Mums know that much about the difference between Euro 4 and Euro 6 Diesel engines ???

Notice who’s behind this dreadful emotional blackmail style propaganda...

The article goes on to say:
 The Mums For Lungs group has joined the London Cycling Campaign in calling on the Mayor to implement proposals to ban taxis older than 12 years to tackle the capital’s toxic air crisis.

Perhaps the standard can now post the research down by the Mums for Lungs and the London Cycling Campaign (most of who’s members are based in areas such as Bristol, Manchester and Leeds) that shows deregulating the few remaining Euro 4-5 Taxis will make a significant difference...while Euro 4-5 TfL and council vehicles are just left to spew out their fumes over London streets.  

After a meeting with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor Of Paris Anne Hidalgo said, while she promotes walking, cycling and buses - she never hinders the mobility of the elderly, disabled or infirm travellers. 

She went on to say that in London Taxis can and must be allowed to use ALL BUS LANES for swift door-to-door service, as Taxis are Official Carriers for NHS and considered ambulances.