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You Wouldn't Believe How Few Consultations Replies It Takes To Bring London To A Standstill

Can’t be bothered to fill in consultations.... well don’t moan about the unbelievably stupid TfL traffic schemes currently hitting London, bringing the place to a gridlocked polluting mess. 

If all the people users and residents alike, who use Edgware Road, only 584 bothered to fill in the consultation, most from the cycle lobby and probably living outside the Greater London area. 

On the approval of just 340 people, the speed limit will be permanently lowered to 20mph. 

With the approval of just 374 people, there will be dramatic changes to 5 major junctions, including:
• Narrowed Road space
• Longer red signals with count down timers 
• Enforceable cycle only boxes at each junction 
• Additional pedestrian crossings 
All this because people couldn’t be bothered to fill out a 5 minute consultation. 

This below from TfL’s website:

The junctions proposed to be improve are: 

  • The Chapel Street/Praed Street Junction
  • Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Junction
  • Kendal Street/George Street Junction
  • Connaught Street/Upper Berkeley Street Junction
  • Seymour Street Junction

We are proposing the following changes to this junction

  • Chapel Street – we will provide a new green and red man crossing opposite Marks and Spencer and Patisserie Valerie
  • Edgware Road – we will provide a new green and red man crossing opposite Patisserie Valerie and Devonshire Pharmacy  
  • All crossings will have count down timers
  • Kerb area on the corner of Praed Street and Edgware Road – we will extend this kerbed area to reduce the time it takes to cross the road as well as creating space for those waiting to cross
  • Praed Street – we will create two lanes for right-turning traffic on Praed Street, changing the middle lane from a ‘straight ahead only lane’ to a ‘straight ahead and right turn lane’, to ease traffic flows on Praed Street 
  • Introduce an advisory cycle lane on Edgware Road south, outside Marks and Spencer
  • Modify the existing advisory cycle lane on Praed Street to reflect the new junction layout 
  • New cycle boxes for cyclists at each arm of the junction 

Improvements proposed to the Chapel Street/Praed Street Junction with Edgware Road

download the PDF.

The Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Road Junction with Edgware Road

We are proposing the following changes to this junction

  • Edgware Road – we will install green and red man crossing signals to the existing crossing between Select and Save and Cambridge Court 
  • All crossings will have count down timers
  • We will provide new cycle boxes for cyclists at each arm of the junction

Improvements proposed to the Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Road Junction with Edgware Road

 download the PDF.

The Kendal Street/George Street Junction with Edgware Road

This junction forms part of the Mayor of London’s Safer Junctions project and has been prioritised for improvements along with 72 other junctions in London. We are proposing the following changes here

  • We will provide green and red man crossings  on all arms of the George Street and Kendal Street junction
  • All crossings will have count down timers.
  • We will provide a new cycle box and a mandatory cycle feeder lane for cyclists on George Street
  • We will provide new cycle boxes for cyclists on each arm of the junction

Improvements proposed to the Kendal Street/George Street Junction with Edgware Road

 download the PDF.

The Upper Berkeley Street/Connaught Street Junction with Edgware Road

We are proposing the following changes to this junction

  • We will provide green and red man crossings  on all arms of the Upper Berkeley Street and Connaught Street junction
  • All crossings will have count down timers.
  • We will provide a new cycle box and mandatory cycle feeder lane for cyclists on Connaught Street 
  • We will provide a new cycle box and mandatory cycle feeder lane for cyclists on Upper Berkeley Street
  • We will provide new cycle boxes for cyclists on the north and south arms of the junction with Edgware Road

Improvements proposed to the Upper Berkeley Street/Connaught Road Junction with Edgware Road

 download the PDF.

The Seymour Street Junction with Edgware Road 

We are proposing the following changes in this junction

  • Seymour Street – we will provide a green and red man pedestrian crossing between Starbucks and Marble Arch House
  • All crossings will have count down timers.
  • We will provide new cycle boxes and mandatory cycle feeder lanes for cyclists on both East and West approaches of Seymour Street
  • We will provide new cycle boxes  for cyclists on the north and south arms of the junction on Edgware Road 

Improvements proposed to the Seymour Street junction with Edgware Road 

 download the PDF.

This below, is the email reply from TfL to the 584 who could be bothered. 

Dear Sir or Madam
Between 5 November and 23 December 2018, we consulted on proposals to improve five junctions on Edgware Road, between Marylebone Flyover and Marble Arch, and to introduce a 20mph speed limit.
We have published our Consultation Report, which summarises how we sought the views and ideas from the community in and around Edgware Road on our proposals. Our report includes our responses to the most common issues which summarises the responses we received to our consultation.
In total, we received 584 responses to the consultation of which:
·         64 per cent supported or strongly supported the changes to the five junctions; and,
·         59 per cent supported or strongly supported the introduction of a 20mph speed limit
We intend to implement the scheme as consulted upon but will continue to work with our partners and stakeholders on its detailed design and future construction and implementation. 
You can find our consultation report here:
Yours faithfully
Abbas Raza
Local Communities & Partnerships
Transport for London

Friday, April 26, 2019

Will Taxi Drivers Be Supporting Uber’s IPO, Or Will You Boycott PayPal And iZettle ?

A message to all drivers taking CC payments using PayPal.... did you know you are actually funding a $500m investment in Uber?

Will you carry on being Turkeys voting for Christmas, or  will you switch to a new CC payment provider?

This article below has been posted online by Reuter’s news agency 26 April 2019. 

Online payments company PayPal Holdings Inc plans to invest $500 million in Uber Technologies Inc as the ride-hailing firm readies to unveil terms for its initial public offering on Friday, Refinitiv IFR reported. 

PayPal will invest in Uber through a concurrent private placement at the IPO price, IFR reported on Thursday, citing sources. 

A financial services component is important to Uber as it works to expand into a "superapp" of logistics and transportation services. 
Superapps are applications where customers go for a range of services, such as transportation, shopping and payments. Such companies can be much more lucrative than those that offer just one core business or service. 

Uber is expected to tell investors it will seek to be valued at between $80 billion and $90 billion, according to people familiar with the matter. 
The valuation sought is less than the $120 billion valuation that investment bankers told Uber last year it could fetch, and closer to the $76 billion valuation it attained in its last private fundraising round last year. 

Uber and PayPal were not immediately available to comment on the IFR report.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : The  iZettle Connection 
Let’s also not forget that PayPal bought iZettle last year for a reported $2.2bn. So this also means that drivers using the iZettle system to clear CC transactions will be helping to fund Uber’s IPO 

Will drivers change there CC provider.... or will they stay with these two, because they’re cheap... like Uber ?

A few alternative providers 


CABVISION 24/7 UK Phone Support for Drivers and Passengers
171 Lukin Street
London E1 0BN. 0207 655 6970

SUM UP Contact us: 020 3510 0160
Opening Times: Monday-Friday: 8 AM - 7 PM / Saturday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Are TFL Looking To Exploit A Struggling Taxi Trade. Project Horizon In Full Swing.

TFL offers "money" (notice I didn't say cash) to decommission taxis... but has anyone seen or read the small print on how long they are going to take to pay you?

I didn't think so!

So, You apply to see if they (TFL) will accept your cab (jumping through the first hoop for delicensing).
If you feel lucky by receiving contact from them, they then entice you to jump through hoop number two...

They mention an amount you 'may' be eligible to receive (let's say £10k, but not at all guaranteed as I believe all the top amounts have now been taken). 
You duly arrange a date and time for you to show your vehicle to them at a selected NSL site and you duly attend hoping that you will most probably get you cab selected for decommissioning that day all being well.

You have probably planned to purchase a newer cab and may have been making all sorts of deals to get back to work as smoothly as possible with the decommissioning payment key to pursuing that objective.

Happily, NSL/Tfl does approve your cab and removes the plates right there and then, making you unable to work but as this is expected no problems right?...... wrong!

You now find yourself unemployed without a working vehicle and more bizarrely without any contractual time obligation from TFL as to when you will receive the funds to purchase a replacement cab?

If you are an LTDA member, you may call them and ask the $64000 question as many drivers have apparently done. We also see on twitter times payment scales bandied around 28 days... 56 days... so on so on, but nowhere is there an agreed time scale, and the recipient (driver) was too scared to ask just in case he felt he was rocking the boat and was rejcted... so he didn't even ask first and now feels a twat.

I know two 'ex mushers" who are fuming because of exactly, be very very careful what you want, because it is not neccessarilly what you are going to get!

The one simple reason for that is because...... You will be dealing with TFL... who are one of the most duplicitious organisations on this planet.
So, be very very careful.

Be Lucky (very lucky on this matter)


Why are TFL promoting an on demand bus service, run by a minicab company app?
Why are they allowing them to use euro 6 Vito's when they've banned the Taxi trade from using anything but electric vehicles?

Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch....but Project a Horizon is real.

Mike Brown totally unprepared when questioned by Keith Prince at City Hall. 
Also Sadiq Khan avoiding embarrassing questions
Click on link below. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

This Weeks Breaking News From Taxi Leaks News Desk.

Published figures show that London Taxi Vehicle licenses (for the first time in many years) have dropped below 20,000 to 19,955 this week, a reduction of 101 on the previous week....and we’ve also been informed that another 2,700 are waiting in the queue for delicensing. 

At the last Commisioners meeting, Mike Brown was asked the question, what measures TfL are putting in place to safeguard against  drivers being thrown out of work, through not being able to find a suitable taxi to rent ?
The Commissioner refused to answer the question.

We are getting reports that since the changes to Tottenham Court Road by Camden Council, people are arriving late or missing hospital appointments 
London Travel Watch Have Out our advice that I f you have an appointment at UCH if the McMillan cancer centre, allow at least an extra 1 Hour to get there... as we’ve seen massive delays along Tottenham Court Road and the surrounding area.

Also in the news this week:
Highbury Corner is in a complete mess as the roundabout has been switched to two-way traffic.

Please drive carefully while pedestrians, cyclists and other traffic try to get used to the ensuing chaos of this new unneeded two-way system. 

Advice from TfL....Pedestrians should look both ways and be careful when crossing the road. 

Latest News Just In :
Mike Brown, Transport for London's commissioner has refused to quit over delays to the Crossrail project after a report suggested he should consider doing so.
Mike Brown told the London Assembly transport committee he was "fit" to do his role and the "buck stops with previous Crossrail management".
So in our books that would mean he’s actually passed the buck !

TfL’s email this week contained the paragraph : Bus routes have been moved from Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street on to Tottenham Court Road. Stewards will be in place this week to help guide you through the area.

In Camden’s councils unmistakeable style, the actual Stewards came in the shape of cardboard cutouts. Cheapskate measures from a cheapskate Council. 

Also in this weeks TfL email:
Taxi toilet trial
As committed to in the Mayor's Taxi and Private Hire Action Plan, a three-month trial giving taxi drivers access to staff toilets at four London Underground stations has been launched.

The trial, which started on Monday 11 February, has been taking place to offer taxi drivers better access to toilets on the TfL estate. The stations involved are: Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Victoria and Baker Street.

Could someone from TfL kindly tell Taxi drivers where they can safely leave their Taxis at Oxford Circus, Victoria and Baker Street, without the risk of getting a PCN or a letter from TPH for parking on a working cab rank ?????

EXCLUSIVE : Fantastic Victory For The Where Buses Go, Taxis Go Protesters

We’ve received word that Mike Brown has allegedly let it be known to the assembled trade reps at the last TOPS meeting that the trade is going to be allowed full access to Tooley Street. He said the results of the consultation are now in and they will be officially published in May. 

Although the reps have been tight lipped, the news has started to surface on social media. We wait with baited breath to see who will emerge first to claim... "it was all our work... honest". We may even see a few broken arms as certain trade so called  senior representatives, vigorously pat themselves on the back.  

Before anyone tries to claim it was all their work (where’ve seen that before?), let’s not forget that the ITA told everyone about this victory at the Bank Junction, back in December last year. 

Taxi Leaks would like to thank the true combatants, the true victors, the actual front line troops...the working drivers from all unions and orgs, who turned up time and time again to answer the call from the ITA, after the 13 week campaign, which has resulted in this fantastic victory.

This statement from the ITA:
Nothing's changed.
We told you before Christmas.
The results were due to be published in February. They held back because they did not want it coming out during protests.
They thought we'd just go away.
Remember, these ongoing protests are unprecedented.
The word is it'll be May, but could be delayed again. 

But it doesn't stop there, there's more ... Another victory that seems to have slipped under the wire is the fact that Camden Council have decided to delay the Tottenham Court Road Northbound ban, until March next year. The Buses and Cycles only scheme was originally scheduled to be put in place from the 20th April, but it’s alleged the council planners were worried about a new wave of total blockades by the ITA and so have delayed their implementation till next spring. 


As the General Secretary of the UCG Trevor Merrills says : 
"This isn’t about the colour of your’s the badge on the end of it, what counts". 

Grant Davis LCDC congratulates all Drivers and the ITA who took part relentlessly in protesting. This shows just how wrong and out of touch Steve Mc and the LTDA COM really are with the conditions of working drivers. 

On international woman’s day, the general secretary and committee members of the RMT Taxi Branch, were joined in Parliament Square by their first ever elected female president, Michelle Rodgers.  

Is it not time the trade took a good look at their representation. As a working taxi driver, you need a bit more support than a new lanyard and a diary.....

The ITA protests were fully supported by the Secretaries/Chair and Committee members of the LCDC, RMT and UCG. 

With our largest org’s general secretary refusing to support drivers fighting for the right to go wherever buses go....let’s wait and see ( where have I heard that before?) how this is reported in the LTDA in-house publication. 

This isn’t the end of our protests, it’s not even the begging of the end.... but it is the end of the beginning. The fight for full bus lane access London wide, goes on from 8th May. 

Consultation Alert  the taxi age limits and exemptions consultation closes tomorrow on Friday 26 April 2019. Please ensure that you have responded


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Khan Gives Full Support To Protest Crippling London's Businesses. Has He Made A Deal For Them Not To Mention Tube And Bus Pollution levels???

London has always been a world leader in transportation. We had the worlds first underground railway, which has its own contactless form of payment system (Oyster) negating the need for staff at most suburban stations.

Back in the 17th century under the Lord Protector, we had the world's first regulated Taxi service. 
It was in London where the worlds first ever Knowledge examinations were introduced for its Cabbies.
It was in London where Taximeters were mandated in every Taxi. 
It was also a first in London to have every Taxi wheelchair accessible. 
And also, again London was the first global city to mandate credit card facilities in every Cab. 

London’s Mayor Ken Livingston, introduced the ambitious ‘Congestion Charging Scheme’. But one thing Ken put into practise was his philosophy that before you can charge for congestion you have to create it, which he did on a massive scale. 

Road works sprang up out of thin air, left unattended for weeks, traffic lights were re-phased to cause as many hold ups as possible. 

Ken also issued the statement to the utility companies that all unessential road works should be completed before the start date of CC as TfL would not give permission for any non emergency work for a couple of months after implementation. 

The Congestion Zone went live at half term when roads are normally quieter, this gave the illusion that his new charge was a massive success and he set about planning an extension to the west. But his plans were thwarted when he was replaced by Boris. 

Recently we’ve seen Khan use exactly the same tactics as Livingston. The amount of empty buses running around central London mostly empty, is scandalous. Oxford Street has become the most polluted street in Europe (so we’re constantly told) yet going by the photos above, the biggest culprits to the congestion on this street is constant stream of buses running along It day and night. 

Then Khan makes the statement that most of London’s buses are in fact green... yet pollution levels still break the European legal limit...when we recently had a bus strike, pollution levels on that day dropped by 50%. TfL sources have told us the batteries that have failed on Hydrid buses haven't been rep,aced because of the cost and buses are running on pure diesel. 

Just How a Toxic Is Londons Air Quality?
The late professor Anthony Frew said in an interview on LBC that the reason we constantly break the European legal limit on pollution levels is because the limit is purposely set too low.

Fact : Not a word about the underground being 30 times more polluted than the streets above!
Did Khan tell the Extinction Rebellion he would fully support their protests if that said nothing about the pollution in the underground and stayed away from the tube exhaust outlets such as the one at Warwick Avenue?
Fact : While 10s of thousands of police are minding these brainwashed children protesting with Khans support....17 young people were stabbed on London Streets yesterday!

So, we now have the congestion charge and the ULEZ charge but London is still congested. One thing that Khan hasn’t done which Livingston did and that was to remove unnecessary road plant being left around the streets causing pinch points, he hasn’t re-phased the traffic lights to ease the flow.... why???

TfL are currently implementing mental traffic systems outside of central. In Greenford we have an unnecessary chicane in front of a small shopping centre where the road has been narrowed to accommodate a wider bus lane and two unused segregated cycle lanes, also the lights at a major intersection have been badly phased. This has resulted in traffic congestion for 15-16 hours a day, with less local parking for the local shops. These types of TfL funded scheme are spreading all over outer London. 

Many see the new charges as no more than a cash cow, it’s like charging for plastic bags in shops.... don’t ban, charge but make it affordable!!!

Could there be a reason behind Khan’s actions .... you bet your life there is....After the extension of the ULEZ zone to the North and South Circular Roads this will be followed by a further extension to the M25. Plus (we predict) the next poll tax style charging scheme on the horizon.... will be road pricing.

After all TfL are a over a £1bn in the red and the money has to come from somewhere... and the somewhere is me and you. 

One Law For Us.... And Another Law For Khan And TfL


Is It Time Khan Was Removed???
London needs a strong Mayor who can stand up to the snowflakes on the loonie councils, a Mayor that will put the essential needs of Londoners first, and yet not bend over backwards to facilitate the ease of passage of multinational registered abroad who pay little to no tax in the UK.

Never mind professing the ultimate lie that London is open.... it’s time to 

We’ve heard Khan and a succession of TfL Commisioners and Directors lying to the GLA when addressing transport committees, Khan's exaggerated and fake news is legendary   

But his hatred towards the London Taxi Trade hasn’t gone unnoticed, in yesterday’s interview on the BBC Khan told interviewer Tim Donovan “I am always willing to meet with all protesters and protesting groups to discuss a way forward”. 

This is a blatant lie as Khan has constantly refused to talk to Taxi trade representatives over issues that affect out livelihood such as the ‘Where Buses Go, Taxi Go” 13 week protests.