Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New Report Alleges TfL Did Nothing Until BBC News Broadcast. Is Mike Brown In Hot Water Again ?

Is MikeBrown in hot water again? 

Hammersmith Bridge is part of TfL’s strategic road network. An investigation has found that TfL were sending 100 buses an hour over the bridge.  

An agreement with the local council, that there would never be more than one bus going either way at any one time, was never adhered to.  

The bus companies consistently breached that agreement, allegedly instructing their drivers to ignore the engineers’ warnings.

The BBC News team caught drivers moving the barrier and actually filmed three buses on the bridge at one time. The news team complained to TfL who immediately sent a square of inspectors to the bridge to monitor what was happening (as if they didn’t already know. 

Bus drivers had been repeatedly observed, pulling down the safety barrier on the bridge approach, but until the BBC News team filmed what was going on, complaints were never dealt with and the practise was allowed to continue. 

London Taxi PR makes donation of Pops the Magic Taxi books to Richard House

London Taxi PR (LTPR)an organisation which represents the interests of the Licensed London Taxi profession, has made a generous donation of a number of books about Pops the Magic Taxi to Richard House, Londons first childrens Hospice, based in East London.

The donation of books, which will be for the children to read and also for a forthcoming summer fair at Richard House, was presented by London Taxi PRs PR & Communications head, Andy Scott to Gaby Brown, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Richard House.

Pops the Magic Taxi is a childrens book about Pops, a magical Taxi that can not only talk, but also has the ability to travel back through time. It was written by Taxi driver, Fiona Kennedy. The book involves Pops visiting Battersea Power Station, to help rescue a runaway dog.

London Taxi PR decided to make the donation of the books having heard about the great work that Richard House does in providing essential care and support for life-limited children and their families across London from their East London base.

Opened in 2000 and founded by Anthea Hare, Richard House was Londons first childrens hospice, and cares for over 300 children from around LondonIt needs to raise over £3.5m to keep and expand on the services that it provides and relies upon the generosity of its donorswww.richardhouse.org.uk

Since their formation, London Taxi PR has undertaken aseries otargeted media campaigns, which are being usedby London Taxi PR to promote the benefits, advantages and safety of using the iconic London Taxi to a wide audience.

All the campaigns and publicity that has so far been generated by the company has been funded by fellow London Taxi drivers as well as supportive companies andorganisations, many of whom have signed up to donate to the cause on a monthly basis, indicating how passionate they all are about their industry and the cause.
London Taxi PR. Passionate about promoting and preserving the iconic London Taxi trade and funded byLondon Taxi drivers who care about their industry

For more information on London Taxi PR and their campaigns, please visit their website http://londontaxipr.com

For information about Pops the Magic Taxi and how to obtain copies, visit: www.popsthemagictaxi.com

Electric Car-Owners Shocked: New Study Confirms EVs Considerably Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars OVER TO YOU SADIQ ?

The Brussel Times reports that a new German study exposes how electric vehicles will hardly decrease CO2 emissions in Europe over the coming years, as the introduction of electric vehicles won't lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions from highway traffic.

According to the study directed by Christoph Buchal of the University of Cologne, published by the Ifo Institute in Munich last week, electric vehicles have "significantly higher CO2 emissions than diesel cars." That is due to the significant amount of energy used in the mining and processing of lithium, cobalt, and manganese, which are critical raw materials for the production of electric car batteries.

A battery pack for a Tesla Model 3 pollutes the climate with 11 to 15 tonnes of CO2. Each battery pack has a lifespan of approximately ten years and total mileage of 94,000, would mean 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometer (116 to 156 grams of CO2 per mile), Buchal said. Add to this the CO2 emissions of the electricity from powerplants that power such vehicles, and the actual Tesla emissions could be between 156 to 180 grams of CO2 per kilometer (249 and 289 grams of CO2 per mile).

German researchers criticized the fact that EU legislation classifies electric cars as zero-emission cars; they call it a deception because electric cars, like the Model 3, with all the factors, included, produce more emissions than diesel vehicles by Mercedes.

They further wrote that the EU target of 59 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2030 is "technically unrealistic."

The reality is, in addition to the CO2 emissions generated in mining the raw materials for the production of electric vehicles, all EU countries generate significant CO2 emissions from charging the vehicles’ batteries using dirty power plants.

For true emission reductions, researchers concluded the study by saying methane-powered gasoline engines or hydrogen motors could cut CO2 emissions by a third and possibly eliminate the need for diesel motors.

"Methane technology is ideal for the transition from natural gas vehicles with conventional engines to engines that will one day run on methane from CO2-free energy sources. This being the case, the German federal government should treat all technologies equally and promote hydrogen and methane solutions as well."
So maybe Elon Musk's plan to save the world with electric cars is the biggest scam of our lifetime...

Source : zerohedge.com

Trade Apathy Sees Project Horizon Swinging Into Full Steam Ahead... by Tony Smith.

 Project Horizon seems to be in full swing now, with the help of apathy from the rank and file drivers who-"just want to work on regardless"- supported by even more apathy from most of our representative orgs who think it's th best idea to wait and see.

Last weeks stats showed 101 Vehicles decommissioned, and this week they show we lost another 104 vehicles from the fleet. Even though 70 new cabs were sold, that's still a combined void of 205 vehicles lost from the fleet in just 14 days. 

With this constant decrease of vehicles lost forever from the main taxi fleet, Project Horizon's goal of bringing the trade down to under 13,000 vehicles, could well be achieved in the next 11 months.  
This will affect drivers renting as Taxis became scarce and rental rise!

Virtually no arguement from our orgs (another done deal perhaps), forced into a situation with only one (extremely expensive) vehicle and no suitable infrastructure, when we were promised a possible five vehicles to choose from with charging points in every street.

Rrecently Sadiq Khan's TfL gave the go-ahead for ViaVan (a minicab operator) to function using the very vehicles we've been banned from buying, and yet still our orgs fail to argue for the trades continued survival with current levels stabilised. 

Watch GLA member Keith Prince argue the point with both TfL commissioner Mike Brown and Mayor Sadiq Khan, that the London Taxi trade should have been allowed to carry on purchasing and using the Euro6 Mercedes Vito as Via Van have been authorised to use, until the infrastructure is more suited to support the trade's transition to electric vehicles. 

'News' yesterday that Sadiq Khan has agreed to meet with the protesters who held London's businesses to ransom for 10 days.....yet after a 13 weeks campaign of protests, the Mayor and Mike Brown still refuse to meet with spokespersons from the Independent Taxi Alliance. 

Still don't believe in Project Horizon?
Still don't believe the Mayor, TfL and the MSM are bias? 

Don't forget, although we've won a victory with Tooley Street and a delay at Tottenham Court Road...our campaign to make it law "Wherever Buses Go, Taxis Go", resumes on Wednesday the 8th of May. 
Location and times will be announced nearer the date.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

You Wouldn't Believe How Few Consultations Replies It Takes To Bring London To A Standstill

Can’t be bothered to fill in consultations.... well don’t moan about the unbelievably stupid TfL traffic schemes currently hitting London, bringing the place to a gridlocked polluting mess. 

If all the people users and residents alike, who use Edgware Road, only 584 bothered to fill in the consultation, most from the cycle lobby and probably living outside the Greater London area. 

On the approval of just 340 people, the speed limit will be permanently lowered to 20mph. 

With the approval of just 374 people, there will be dramatic changes to 5 major junctions, including:
• Narrowed Road space
• Longer red signals with count down timers 
• Enforceable cycle only boxes at each junction 
• Additional pedestrian crossings 
All this because people couldn’t be bothered to fill out a 5 minute consultation. 

This below from TfL’s website:

The junctions proposed to be improve are: 

  • The Chapel Street/Praed Street Junction
  • Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Junction
  • Kendal Street/George Street Junction
  • Connaught Street/Upper Berkeley Street Junction
  • Seymour Street Junction

We are proposing the following changes to this junction

  • Chapel Street – we will provide a new green and red man crossing opposite Marks and Spencer and Patisserie Valerie
  • Edgware Road – we will provide a new green and red man crossing opposite Patisserie Valerie and Devonshire Pharmacy  
  • All crossings will have count down timers
  • Kerb area on the corner of Praed Street and Edgware Road – we will extend this kerbed area to reduce the time it takes to cross the road as well as creating space for those waiting to cross
  • Praed Street – we will create two lanes for right-turning traffic on Praed Street, changing the middle lane from a ‘straight ahead only lane’ to a ‘straight ahead and right turn lane’, to ease traffic flows on Praed Street 
  • Introduce an advisory cycle lane on Edgware Road south, outside Marks and Spencer
  • Modify the existing advisory cycle lane on Praed Street to reflect the new junction layout 
  • New cycle boxes for cyclists at each arm of the junction 

Improvements proposed to the Chapel Street/Praed Street Junction with Edgware Road

download the PDF.

The Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Road Junction with Edgware Road

We are proposing the following changes to this junction

  • Edgware Road – we will install green and red man crossing signals to the existing crossing between Select and Save and Cambridge Court 
  • All crossings will have count down timers
  • We will provide new cycle boxes for cyclists at each arm of the junction

Improvements proposed to the Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Road Junction with Edgware Road

 download the PDF.

The Kendal Street/George Street Junction with Edgware Road

This junction forms part of the Mayor of London’s Safer Junctions project and has been prioritised for improvements along with 72 other junctions in London. We are proposing the following changes here

  • We will provide green and red man crossings  on all arms of the George Street and Kendal Street junction
  • All crossings will have count down timers.
  • We will provide a new cycle box and a mandatory cycle feeder lane for cyclists on George Street
  • We will provide new cycle boxes for cyclists on each arm of the junction

Improvements proposed to the Kendal Street/George Street Junction with Edgware Road

 download the PDF.

The Upper Berkeley Street/Connaught Street Junction with Edgware Road

We are proposing the following changes to this junction

  • We will provide green and red man crossings  on all arms of the Upper Berkeley Street and Connaught Street junction
  • All crossings will have count down timers.
  • We will provide a new cycle box and mandatory cycle feeder lane for cyclists on Connaught Street 
  • We will provide a new cycle box and mandatory cycle feeder lane for cyclists on Upper Berkeley Street
  • We will provide new cycle boxes for cyclists on the north and south arms of the junction with Edgware Road

Improvements proposed to the Upper Berkeley Street/Connaught Road Junction with Edgware Road

 download the PDF.

The Seymour Street Junction with Edgware Road 

We are proposing the following changes in this junction

  • Seymour Street – we will provide a green and red man pedestrian crossing between Starbucks and Marble Arch House
  • All crossings will have count down timers.
  • We will provide new cycle boxes and mandatory cycle feeder lanes for cyclists on both East and West approaches of Seymour Street
  • We will provide new cycle boxes  for cyclists on the north and south arms of the junction on Edgware Road 

Improvements proposed to the Seymour Street junction with Edgware Road 

 download the PDF.

This below, is the email reply from TfL to the 584 who could be bothered. 

Dear Sir or Madam
Between 5 November and 23 December 2018, we consulted on proposals to improve five junctions on Edgware Road, between Marylebone Flyover and Marble Arch, and to introduce a 20mph speed limit.
We have published our Consultation Report, which summarises how we sought the views and ideas from the community in and around Edgware Road on our proposals. Our report includes our responses to the most common issues which summarises the responses we received to our consultation.
In total, we received 584 responses to the consultation of which:
·         64 per cent supported or strongly supported the changes to the five junctions; and,
·         59 per cent supported or strongly supported the introduction of a 20mph speed limit
We intend to implement the scheme as consulted upon but will continue to work with our partners and stakeholders on its detailed design and future construction and implementation. 
You can find our consultation report here: 
Yours faithfully
Abbas Raza
Local Communities & Partnerships
Transport for London