Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Westminster Announce They Want To Ban Diesel Taxis From Oxford Street As Soon As Practical!

In a vitriotic email to his members, the General Secretary of the LTDA inferred that a statement posted on the Taxi Leaks news blog (assumed as no one else put out the story) was ‘Fake News’. 

The story in question from last week stated that in a meeting with Westminster Council, the Trade was informed Taxis could to be banned from parts of Oxford Street and that an announcement would be made this week. 

Despite Mr McNamara’s claim that our story was Fake News, Westminster announce the proposals in today’s in the Evening Standard. (Apology would be in order)

Click link for full story :

As the trade suffers the effects of all these roads closures and alterations, many drivers are stunned by the LTDA’s waiting and seeing policy and total resistance to challenge these latest proposals.

Surely there’s no conflict of interest involved here, with the proposed eTaxi only bus lanes ?


Even with the hundreds of marshals, A Bus has just knocked down a pedestrian in the new two way Baker Street, Northbound Should it now be taxis and cycles only?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Judicial Review Judgement :

Dear Friend,
Just three months ago, very few had heard of United Trade Action Group ("UTAG"). In that short time period, UTAG has made our intentions patently clear that we shall fight to defend our trade from those that wish to seek us harm.
We have gained tremendous support from both sides of our fragmented industry, this illustrates the broad injustice and frustration felt by all. To date, we have been overwhelmed by the support, both vocal but most importantly financial, for without, we could not pursue the course of legal actions we identified to protect our illustrious industry. The desire to work professionally and collaboratively is evident from the volumes of donators and we intend to continue with this unified path, ignoring the neigh sayers.
At UTAG we started a movement, a movement based on the will of the people, a movement that has put our detractors on notice that the London taxi trade, the best taxi service in the world, is not going to sit idly by and allow others to dismantle us one piece at a time. We have shown that when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, we can be a formidable force. The ongoing ITA protests are an indication of the resolve this industry has.
Our Judicial Review was a fight that the trade wanted to have based on a series of circumstances that appeared to link the Judge of Uber's licensing appeal, to Uber. Winning, although morale boosting, was never going to be a 'game changer' for the trade and the same applied to a loss. UTAG's arguments on behalf of the trade, were found to be meritorious by Mr Justice Walker, and we took on a formidable challenge, by challenging the Judiciary, demonstrating to all, our very deliberate intentions to fight wherever and whomever necessary to retain our jobs. Regrettably that initial challenge has proved to be insurmountable and we have learned that our submissions on bias have failed, as has our arguments regarding the granting of a probationary license. However, the failure to win the JR does not mean that UTAG fails, we shall fight on. To attain your badges, each one of you have already proved that you are fighters, you didn't give up at the first set back and neither shall UTAG. You fought to gain your badges and we must continue the fight to defend them.
Naturally, we are disappointed with the judgment but rather than comfort ourselves with self-pity, we must move on, time is not on our side. Our industry must not lose sight of our end game, nothing turns on this verdict, we must maintain our determination and desire to hold accountable those who have caused us harm. Our next course of action against TfL is set out on our website

Friends, we have lost the opening battle but the war for our survival very much rages on. UTAG took on the responsibility of the JR on behalf of the trade, to fight a necessary battle, however, a win was never going to be our panacea.
               "...the object of waging a war is always to be in a better position in which to wage another war."    ― George Orwell
To date, your financial support has been outstanding and we need for you to keep faith in UTAG for the massive battles ahead. With your assistance, we can still determine our own future. Whilst it has been strategically necessary to date to avoid answering questions relating to funding, we wish to share with you that UTAG has more financial contributors than UCG, LCDC, Unite and RMT have in combined memberships. The trades' support of UTAG has been overwhelming, however, we need more, we need for everyone to get behind UTAG and provide us with the financial resources to see us to the next stage of action, action against our regulator.

The battles ahead will be challenging but those battles shall define our future and whether we actually have one. We have the ability to determine our own future, let's not allow that opportunity to pass us by. Please continue your support of UTAG or now join in the fight. Now or Never.

Trevor Merralls & Angela Clarkson
Directors , United Trade Action Group Limited

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The State Of The London Taxi Grant Davis And Michael Glassman

After the news that new euro6 Diesel engines are currently being manufactured that are producing zero Nox....Grant Davis pleads with the GLA and TfL to allow us to buy these Euro6 diesels, the ones authorised by TfL for use by Addison Lee and other private hire companies.

Chairman Of The London Cab Drivers Club Grant Davis Said:
With just one choice of taxi available, we will die, quite simple. We need a choice of vehicle.

This week I have been emailing the GLA and TFL over the urgent need for the trade to be able to purchase Euro6 diesel taxis.

They will be able to have 15yr life span and the air will get cleaner as we take older taxis off the fleet by natural wastage and thus no need for a 12 year age limit.

We cannot sit back and watch our trade be decimated by fools any longer. The promise made to the Mayor by the LTDA that we will have 9k on the road is now being used to bash us with, not good.

I have already spoken to the fleets who have given this there support

Below is a series of tweets made by one of London's Fleet owners, Michael Glassman:

It’s getting serious now, as more job losses at LEVC we’re announced yesterday at a fleet/garage meeting at BREWERY ROAD. 

I pray we do not go back to the sad situation of being left with NO PARTS supply, NO WARRANTY and NOTHING TO BUY. 
The trade is being ripped apart... we need the choice of an affordable taxi

What’s urgently needed is a temporary stop gap, such as being allowed to purchase The EURO 6 VITO diesel... until other workable alternatives are available and the infrastructure has been enhanced. Running on petrol all day was never the original plan. 

One of the drivers asked me this question on Twitter:
If addlee are allowed to buy euro 6 cars, why are we not allowed to buy euro 6 vito, or tx4? 
Total mess by tfl.
A case of discrimination? 
Orgs should be on this...

My answer:
Yep Grant of the LCDC is all over this like a rash, we all should support this ORG as is the only group who see this as total bias towards PH. Plus we should all support and sign up to UTAG, as this is an association of drivers from all orgs and businesses who are fighting TFL on everything and you can help for as little as a fiver a week. 

The latest trade associated business to donate to UTAG is Sophisticats, who recently moved from Marylebone Lane to Eversholt Street. We’ve been informed that they have made a substantial donation. 

Euro 6 Vito has a 15 year life, as has the Electric Taxi from LEVC, but you can guarantee the Mercedes will be alive and kicking in 15 years time and spares always available. 

We need to now fight to reinstate the euro 6 diesel VITO... If private hire are allowed to run clean euro 6 diesels, then so should we !

The Orange Paradox:
A ORANGE DIARY holder customer walks in today and I go into the UTAG sales pitch .
The driver did not have a clue on the JR, HIGH COURT, UTAG , DEMO’s , 4% Uber discount for TfL staff on TfL’s staff website, THE BADGE PAPER....after a few minutes with myself, result...he is now FULLY IN !!  
How many more out there are oblivious to WTF is going on.....

It’s mind blowing how many out there, really haven’t got a clue ... I have spoke to many,  but on the plus side there are many who are well informed.  

It is up to the drivers who know what’s going on, to try and spread the word of UTAG and the fight against the injustice against our trade.