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Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Or Is Khan Caught In His Own Rat-Trap?

Not only is London Mayor Sadiq Khan accused of being a liar, he is also accused of being a hypocrite.

Khan has allegedly been labeled a liar by the London Taxi Trade, after releasing fake information (supposedly from his expert scientist) that London’s Taxis we’re responsible for 20% of the toxic air in London -a physical impossibility- All London Taxis have to pass a stringent emissions test twice a year, with limits set by TfL, or they are taken off the road. 

The tests are part of the two yearly MOTs imposed by the previous Mayor Boris Johnson, on all Taxi vehicles which have to pass the tests to carry on servicing London’s public. 

But it seems when you are London Mayor, there’s one rule for the trade, and a different rule for Sadiq...who has recently come under fire for using his (environmentally unfriendly 4.4 litre) official BMW with no current MoT. 

This was published on Guido Fawkes' 

It appears that in amongst all the splashing taxpayers’ cash on PR firms and campaign groups while approving prohibited political ads on the tube, Sadiq has forgotten one important thing this week. His official swanky black BMW hasn’t had its MOT renewed – DVLA records show that it’s now almost a week out of date. Not a good look for the boss of the capital’s transport infrastructure. With a massive 4.4-litre engine it’s hardly very environmentally-friendly either…

Sadiq's Stats Exposed As Untruths by Proffessor Anthony Frew.


TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT :   Least we forget, September 2015....

"I will be the renaissance of the London taxi trade"

Friday, January 11, 2019

French court follows UK in ruling against Uber in 'employment' contract case

Ride-hailing service Uber lost an appeal in France brought by a former driver who wanted to be recognised as a full employee. 

The ruling on Thursday overturns one from last year when a French court decided in favour of Uber, saying its drivers could refuse customers if they wanted to and were not told how many hours to work by the firm.

The ruling was hailed as a "landmark decision" by the plaintiff's attorney, Fabien Masson, and follows a similar court decision last month in Britain that Uber should give its drivers workers' rights, including the national minimum wage and holiday time.

The former driver sued the company in June 2017, two months after Uber had deactivated his account, to have his "commercial accord" re-evaluated as an employment contract. 

He was seeking reimbursement for holidays and expenses as well as contract termination and "undeclared work" indemnities. 

The Paris court determined the contract between Uber and the former driver was "an employment contract" on the basis of the driver being dependent on the ride-hailing service for work. 

Thereby, the court ruled that Uber had "control" over the driver.

In response to the ruling, Uber announced today that it will reappeal the ruling in La Cour De Cassation, France's highest appeal court.

A Uber spokeswoman said that the reappeal was to "preserve flexibility" where "drivers can decide to connect in real time and without any requirement of exclusivity."

"Drivers choose to use the Uber application for the freedom to connect to it when they want" she added. 

Uber has long maintained it is simply a service provider, connecting people needing a ride with drivers - either amateurs or professionals, depending on the country - in about 630 cities worldwide.

The company has argued that it is just a service provider that people can use to request rides from drivers listed on its service. 

The European Court of Justice views the ride-hailing service as a transportation service, for which the same regulations on traditional taxis and other ride providers also apply. 

Source : Telegraph 

TfL Know Its A Taxi ... and Yet, They Still Get It Wrong ... Or Do They???

From 8 April 2019 if you travel in the ULEZ you will need to pay the daily ULEZ charge. 
This is because your vehicle does not meet

This is the answer I get from the TfL online ULEZ checker when entering my Taxi's registration. 
Try it for yourself here:-

As we all know Taxis are exempt from the charge, but it looks like someone needs to tell TfL. 

They will say not to worry, but will we keep getting fines through the post that we will need to spend time appealing against, like with some boroughs who are continually sending out PCNs to Taxis photographed in bus lanes they are entitled to use. 

Why can't TFL's website get this stuff right
Why is it we have to constantly complain about their continued woefully inadequacies.


We were told that if you converted your diesel Taxi to a cleaner LPG engine set up, then the age limit would be extended from 15 years to 20.....apparently this is no longer the case. 

TfLTPH have tweeted today that even if you make the 10 thousand pound investment, the age limit of your vehicle remains at 15 years....who in their right mind is going to invest £10k for the same age limit???

Taxi leaks editor Jim Thomas has asked TfLTPH to confirm their statement on Twitter that the proposed age limit on Euro 5 Taxis who have spent nearly £10k on a convert to LPG, will remain at 15 years?
This is the statement they replied with :

It would appear to us, that this Mayor and TfL are using every measure in their arsenal to go to war against the Taxi Trade as is and to reduced its number of drivers dramatically as in the proposals contained in the leaked Project Horizon, with a more manageable fleet of around 13,000 central London green badge drivers.

Here's a scenario for you to muse over:
A driver has an older Taxi (14years and six months) with just six months left on the road under current age limit rules. He decides to upgrade to LPG and is assured that he will be able to run the vehicle which will remain fit and proper for an extra 5 years untill it is 20 years old. He pays his £10k for the conversion.

Later this year the mayor holds his much publicised consultation, which we all know means he's not listening to anything we say and goes ahead with the new age limits. 
Our driver now finds his cab is suddenly unfit for purpose and must come out of service.....meaning he has done his £10k in cold blood.

Please consider what is about to happen before having your Taxi converted to LPG, Khan is going to make it a very expensive mistake. 

Another done deal perhaps from the people who are going the political route?

Mayor Accused Of Burying TfL’s Bad News By Falsely Blaming Taxi For Toxic Air Quality

Mayor Sadiq Khan went before the GLA Transport Committee earlier this week and lied through his teeth in the same style as ex TfL Director Leon ‘the liar’ Daniels did on multiple occasions. 

Khans statement "I have a sceintific report from experts" almost as laughable as Leon saying I have here Uber's customer service landline number....oh how we all laughed at that one Leon, when it turned out to be Jo Bertram's ex-directory personal contact number. 

Khan stated that Taxis were responsible for 30% of the toxic pollution in central London. He knows this because his experts set up a number of check points. 

Miraculously these experts after taking a sample of the ambient air could tell which vehicle was imitating which toxic particle. Amazing science said Khan

Yes, it’s so amazing... it doesn’t exist!

So, why would he lie and spread this all over the media.... what news was he really trying to bury?

Well now we know as this news below is all over the media today!


Particulate pollution on parts of the London Underground (LU) is up to 30 times higher than levels beside roads in the capital, a report has found.

The report - by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants - found the Northern Line had the highest levels of particulate matter (PM).

Committee chairman Professor Frank Kelly said the committee were "uncertain about the health effects".

Transport for London (TfL) said they "closely monitor dust levels".

Tests were carried out over 10 days at Hampstead Station on the Northern Line, the deepest station on the network.

The average concentration of particulate pollution was found to be about 30 times higher than that found at monitoring sites close to a busy London road.

A similar length journey on a bus in the capital would expose passengers to about one third of the amount of particulates compared to the Tube, researchers discovered.

Particulate pollution was also found to be generally higher on London's Tube system compared to other subway systems.

Researchers said this was "likely due to the system's age and the fact that large parts of the network are in deep, poorly ventilated tunnels".

The Tube is the world's oldest underground railway network.

Prof Kelly said "further work" was required to look into the issue but commuters "shouldn't really change their attitude to using the Tube".

"These particles are of a different nature from the ones above ground so we are uncertain about their health effects," he said.

TfL, which commissioned the report, expanded cleaning regimes on the system in 2017 through the use of industrial vacuums and "magnetic wands".

Peter McNaught, director of asset operations, said TfL was "committed to maintaining the cleanest air possible".

"We closely monitor dust levels on the Tube and, through a wide range of measures, ensure that particle levels are well within Health & Safety Executive guidelines," he said.

Source : BBC News


So the question we would like an answer to now is:

Are these preventable deaths caused by pollution in London, 30 times more attributable to underground journeys than overground trips????

Also, can the Mayor explain how Taxis went from being responsible for 2% (TfL’s own stats) of all the NOx and particulate matter, to 20% he mentioned at City Hall to the GLA.... in just a few months????

Who wrote his script for him: Was it Leon ‘the liar’ Daniels ????

Who could forget Leon's previous lies to the GLA.....on off insurance being the biggest porkie

And this yesterday from the LCDC Twitter account !!!


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It Seems Taxi Leaks Was Well Ahead Of The Game On This, Way Back In 2014

It Seems Taxi Leaks Was Well Ahead Of The Game On This, Way Back In 2014

Click on the link below

Also see :

Taxi drivers plan anti-Uber march in Hong Kong, threatening citywide protest if demands are not met

  • Local cabbies say they uncovered 800 cases of illegal ride-hailing in months of undercover operations

Armed with information on 800 alleged illegal ride-hailing cases, Hong Kong’s disgruntled taxi drivers are preparing to step up their fight against Uber with a series of large-scale actions.

In a joint letter to the industry, the Motor Transport Workers General Union and the Taxi Drivers & Operators Association have called for 300 cabbies to join a protest planned for January 15 at the Chief Executive’s Office in Admiralty.

The two taxi groups declared that, through undercover operations over the past few months, they had uncovered about 800 cases of Uber drivers illegally plying their trade, and reported 100 of them to police.

The organisations plan to submit the 800 cases to Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and the Executive Council before marching to the Department of Justice to call for immediate prosecution in the 100 reported cases and prompt police investigations into the rest.

Uber ‘has changed’ and is willing to work with Hong Kong government

They threatened to escalate their fight into a citywide protest if the government did not respond to their call within a week.

“Since Uber has entered Hong Kong’s market, the income of taxi drivers has dropped drastically. It’s time for us to kick Uber out from Hong Kong,” the letter read.

“We will demand that the chief executive give us a response within one week … if there is no response after that, we may escalate our actions to the whole industry to protest against the government’s inaction for strangling the taxi industry.”

Association chairman Wong Yat-fung said the groups would hold a press conference at a later date to confirm the details of their actions.

“The illegal ride-hailing companies are like a ticking time bomb to road safety because they are unregulated, without hire-car permits,” he said.

“The taxi industry is facing daunting challenges because many taxi drivers have switched to working for these illegal firms … We need to address this problem.”

Uber raises base fares by up to 157 per cent in Hong Kong

A police spokeswoman said officers were following up on a referral from a transport industry organisation on about 100 cases of illegal carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

“A police investigation is ongoing, and prosecution action will be taken if there is sufficient evidence,” she said.

Uber has struggled to get a break in Hong Kong, where a population of more than 7 million is served by 18,163 licensed taxis and about 40,000 drivers. The government has stood firm in cracking down on Uber despite calls from the Consumer Council to legalise ride-hailing services.

In July last year, 28 Uber drivers were convicted and fined for illegal carriage, following a landmark court ruling in March 2017 that concluded there was no significant difference between Uber drivers and pirate taxis known locally as pak pai. Five other drivers were consequently fined HK$10,000 (US$1,275) each and banned from the road for a year, in the first convictions of their kind in Hong Kong.

However, the beleaguered taxi industry is grappling with an ageing workforce and a bad reputation due to mounting complaints over the conduct of cabbies, who have been accused of overcharging, taking unnecessarily long routes and cherry-picking or refusing fares.

A source familiar with the situation said that in recent months some Uber drivers had been summoned by police for investigations about their ride-hailing operations, but no further action had been taken against them.

“I don’t think the Uber drivers are easily deterred by police investigations or undercover activities by the industry. They are well aware of the legal risks before they work for the firm,” the source said.

Source : South China Morning Post 

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TfL are under fire again for a breach of their own regulations.

So, TfLTPH are referring to Privat Hire Drivers as 'TAXI' drivers now ???
The Private Hire Vehicles (London) act 1998 section 31 states that using the words Taxi or Cab in advertising of their services is clearly not permitted....although TfL don't seem the least bit perturbed by the continual usage of the term Taxi by the mainstream media when referring to the private hire trade of individual private hire driver. 

But this time TfL seem to be in contravention of their own regulations when recently they put out a post on social media, referring to a Private Hire (minicab) driver, as a Taxi Drivers. 

We await with baited breath a full apology from the director of Taxis and Private Hire at TfL. 

TFL's logo on this advert for Private Hire drivers English language corse....containing the word TAXI.

As the legal definition states that a Taxi driver is someone who charges a fare using a Taxi could have been argued that, as Uber drivers fares are based on the use of a Meter measuring time and distance (the definition of a Taxi meter), that actually they could be referred to as Taxi drivers....But was is not TfLTPH who went to court and argued on Ubers behalf, that as their phone meter wasn't physically fixed to the car, it couldn't be argued that it was in fact a Taxi Meter! 
Rendering the drivers as no more than a minicab drivers and not a Taxi drivers!!!

Director of TfL TPH John Mason put out this notice back in 2010 

Below (just incase TfLTPH have forgotten their own legislation) the applicable section (31) from the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998: 

Prohibition of certain advertisements.

(1)This section applies to any advertisement—

(a)indicating that vehicles can be hired on application to a specified address in London;

(b)indicating that vehicles can be hired by telephone on a telephone number being the number of premises in London; or

(c)on or near any premises in London, indicating that vehicles can be hired at those premises.

(2)No such advertisement shall include—

(a)any of the following words, namely “taxi”, “taxis”, “cab” or “cabs”, or

(b)any word so closely resembling any of those words as to be likely to be mistaken for it,

(whether alone or as part of another word), unless the vehicles offered for hire are London cabs.

(3)An advertisement which includes the word “minicab”, “mini-cab” or “mini cab” (whether in the singular or plural) does not by reason only of that fact contravene this section.

(4)Any person who issues, or causes to be issued, an advertisement which contravenes this section is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.

(5)It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section to prove that—

(a)he is a person whose business it is to publish or arrange for the publication of advertisements;

(b)he received the advertisement in question for publication in the ordinary course of business; and

(c)he did not know and had no reason to suspect that its publication would amount to an offence under this section.

(6)In this section—

  • advertisement” includes every form of advertising (whatever the medium) and references to the issue of an advertisement shall be construed accordingly;

COVERUP : Sir Terence Morgan Accuses TfL Of Deleting Sentence From Statement To TfL Board Meeting.

Former Crossrail chairman Sir Terry Morgan has hit back at accusations from Sadiq Khan that he had "misremembered" the events leading up to the announcement of the project's delay, telling the London Assembly: "I do not suffer from memory loss."

Morgan appeared before the London Assembly's transport committee this morning to answer to the evidence given by Khan to the assembly on 21 December, in which he accused the former former Crossrail chairman of "misremembering" events.

Last summer a political crisis was triggered over the delay to Crossrail, which was originally set to open last month but has since been delayed past 2019.

The London mayor has maintained he was not informed of the need for a new opening date until 29 August, two days before the public was informed that the railway had been pushed back. Morgan has contradicted his account, saying the mayor was made aware that a 2018 opening date was "no longer feasible" on 26 July.

At the London Assembly grilling this morning Morgan said he was "disappointed" at the "personalising" of the Crossrail delay against him.

"I do not suffer from loss of memory, "he said. "Do you really think when a piece of paper says delivery in 2018 is not feasible that it is what it is?"

The former Crossrail boss also told the assembly that Transport for London (TfL), which is a joint sponsor of the project with the Department for Transport (DfT), gave him a piece of paper with what to say at a TfL board meeting on 25 July, which removed any mention of there being a delay to the Elizabeth Line.

He added that TfL also deleted a paragraph in a 19 June Crossrail briefing note to the mayor which removed the fact that there would be insufficient time to complete testing.

The former chairman is referring to a tranche of Crossrail board minutes released by TfL in a "document dump" at the end of last year.

Among the the documents was a slide shown to the mayor and TfL executives on 26 July that the December opening date was "high risk". The mayor has said that in spite of the warning, neither he nor TfL were given indications of the need for a new opening date.

Following Morgan's account Khan's deputy mayor for transport Heidi Alexander appeared before the committee. She said: "This idea that on 26 July Sir Terry ruled out a December 2018 opening date is simply not true and it did not happen."

In the first weeks of taking up her post, Alexander said she was struck by the "real resistance and a lack of realism from Sir Terry about what was really going on with this project".

Responding to Morgan's accusation that TfL had omitted references to the project's delay in certain documents, Alexander said: "I have no knowledge of the process of the preparation of those notes.

"I would be as interested as you if there were changes made."

Source : CityAM 

Read more in the Express


There are lies, there are damn lies, then there are redacted statements from TfL to support the Mayor. It's also interesting to note that the Mayor's deputy for transport, has accused Sir Terry Morgan of making a statement that is "simply not true and it did not happen". I am of the opinion, the statement from Hidi Alexander, could be construed as an accusation that Sir Terry was lying to the GLAtransport  committee. 

It appears to me that Teflon Sid, is again trying to shift the blame away from himself and onto someone else. We've already seen this week how Khan massaged the statistic on London's "Toxic" air, accusing London Taxis of being responsible for 30% of the pollution. His figure is in stark contrast to TfLs own, which previously show Taxis responsible for just 2%. 

But then perhaps Khan didn't have time to redact TfL's pollution breakdown.

If you have 4 hours, have a watch of the whole GLA Transport Committee meeting


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

EXCLUSIVE : ANOTHER KHAN SCAM: The Great Toxic Air Gerald Coba

This toxic air crap from the Mayor is total fictitious crap. It’s Fake News of the highest order.

He points to the science, yet his report was compiled by so called experts and not scientists, experts that is, belonging to think tanks like the IEA and the cycling lobby. 

Q. So why is he doing this?

A. It’s all about the money. 

He doesn’t want or expect everyone to switch to electric, (apparently there’s a one year wait for a new fully ellectric car)...he expects you to pay the charge... TfL have a deficit of £1bn this year yet the performance related bonuses go up every year. 

Some top directors at TfL are getting £250,000 performance related pay bonus payments. The money has to come from somewhere!

The constant fake news about how many London’s are dying prematurely (notice he keeps mentioning "young children" this is no more than condescending emotional blackmail) is burying the bad news from TfL, such as:

What happened to the missing millions from the Garden Bridge?

What’s going on with these extended delays with Cross rail? 

What’s the reason behind why TfL have taken a soft approach with the Uber situation?

While we are on the subject of pollution, we ask the Mayor about the damage caused by Log burner stoves but he wouldn’t give an answer.... Log burning stoves although they have some green credentials because they don’t add to globe warming as such but in winter they are responsible for 30% of all  PM2.5s in the atmosphere and that figure comes from scientists, not dodgy experts. Will the Mayor be slapping a £12.50 daily charge on Log Burner owners ?  

Will the owners of wood burners have to pay the charge ?

In his recent statements, Khan says "Dirty Black Taxis" are responsible for 25% of PM2.5. This is a lie and TfLs own statists put the figure closer to 2%.

Out of 3 million vehicles in London, he blames 19,000 Taxis.. 1,000 of which are electric,4,000 of which have add blue...his figures are pure lies.

TfL have finally admitted, older Taxis such as euro 3 and 4 versions have been found to be cleaner than later euro 5 and 6 taxis....why was this covered up and why was there such a big push to get rid of the older cabs if they were in fact cleaner?  

Fact is with modem cleaner Diesel engines currently in production from manufactures such as Mercedes Audi and BMW, the air in London should be much cleaner than 10years ago.... but then TfL cane along and introduced segregated cycle lanes. We now believe this was done to purposely cause congestion on a massive scale. 

Before you can charge for pollution, you have to creat it. 

If anyone is responsible for premature deaths in London it’s the mayor and TfL, not the motorist.

Livingston did this with the congestion charge. Before you charge for congestion you have to create it. 

Now we are seeing the same with Khan, to enable him to charge for it, he’s had to create it and create it he has with the massive roll out of cycle lanes and unworkable traffic systems.

One question the Mayor refuses to answer:

If Taxi emissions are so bad, how come we pass two MOTs every year?


The scientific evidence is in the report produced by Defra which cost millions to produce. The report was sanctioned by the government, then broomed under the carpet because it exposed the corruption behind Boris Johnson's emissions strategy. The findings of the Kings College experts who did the research contradict everything Khan is claiming!

Look at this, read the last sentence in the overview, it proves Khan is a liar!

TfL Could Soon Be Moving Victoria Coach Station To Royal Oak Paddington.

Strapped for cash and in £1bn worth of debt, Transport for London could soon be closing down London's iconic Victoria Coach Station and shift it to Royal Oak, but the plan has "horrified" nearby Bayswater residents.

TfL are in the early stages of discussions with Westminster City Council about the possibility of moving the capital's biggest coach station from its historic Art Deco buildings at Buckingham Palace Road, to a site near Bayswater and Westbourne Green.

The idea is already meeting massive local opposition, with councillors backing concerned residents to fight any proposal, and the council itself appearing lukewarm on the idea.

Getting to the new coach station could be more complicated for some who already use Victoria. It would mean six stops on the District and Circle line from Victoria or a trip on the Victoria Line and Bakerloo Line.

However it could be a boost for people who can get to Paddington easily.

Victoria Coach Station opened in the 1930s and has averaged 40 million visitors annually, which Bayswater ward councillors warn could swamp the local community, cause traffic congestion on Harrow Road, increase air pollution, and put the squeeze on local tube stations.

TfL says Royal Oak is just one location it is looking at, declining to reveal more detail about other possible sites.

Victoria Coach Station is part-owned by TfL and upmarket Mayfair and Belgravia landlord Grosvenor Estates.

If TfL moves the Coach Station it could open up development opportunities at the site, which can't be demolished because it became Grade-II listed in 2014. Grosvenor has long eyed up sprucing up the district around the station.

What are TfL actually planning?

A TfL spokesman confirmed Royal Oak was one potential option on the table.

He said: “We know that we will need to adapt operations at Victoria Coach Station as the area is likely to change.

"No decisions have been made on a location and we are looking at a wide range of options across London that ensure the city is adequately served by coaches, while allowing them to operate more efficiently and reduce both pollution and road danger.”

Westminster's cabinet member for environment and city management, Councillor Tim Mitchell, confirmed the council was in "ongoing discussions" with TfL about the proposal, adding: “We have set out our concerns that we are not convinced that Royal Oak or central London is the right place."

Locals spell out their fears

Bayswater, residents are not happy about a proposal to move Victoria Coach Station to the area.

Bayswater councillor Emily Payne said Conservative ward councillors were opposed to any coach station for Royal Oak proposal.

"It's a place where families live and people stay - it's a very residential area, so we don't think it's suitable," she said. "The local infrastructure is just not set up for this."

She had been told the early concepts for Royal Oak included a "luxury" tower including a shopping mall atop a new coach terminus, which would be on railway sidings - land TfL already owns - Cllr Payne claimed.

New retail space could threaten Bayswater's already battling High Street, she added.

She said the councillors' view was the coach station should be moved further out of the centre to another future major transport hub.

Some were suggesting Old Oak Common in Acton, which is earmarked for an HS2 link and interchanges with Crossrail, Cllr Payne said.

Tfl declined to comment on whether the plans included a tower, or on speculation it was carrying out a feasibility study this month.

Bayswater Labour Councillor, Maggie Carman, said Labour is calling on the council to order a scrutiny committee session to call TfL in to speak in a public session and answer questions on its plans.

Monday, January 07, 2019

More Crime Prevention Advice From Mayors Office...But It's Not What We Want, We Want Action.

Police offer tame reassurance in the St Johns Wood and Maida Vale local paper, Wood and Vale. But afte almost three years of muggings, it's not what drivers want.....WE WANT ACTION!

It appears that the only help cabbies have had is in the form of the advise:

Be vigilant by being aware!
* keep the doors locked
* Never open the window more than is needed to hear destination 
* If approached and asked to get the ramp out, wait until you see the wheelchair, then turn off the engine and remove keys, manually lock the front luggage door, lock the drivers door... before getting the ramp ready. 
* Only deal with passengers through nearside window if possible and never open the drivers window more than a couple of inches.
* Never get out of the cab to deal with these gang members (a bilk is better than being violently mugged)

Therefore Diana Jordan has made an official complaint to the Mayor, on behalf of London's Taxi drivers.

To: Mayor <>
Subject: Attacks in taxi drivers in Lisbon Grove

Submitted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 5:39pm

First name Diana 

Last name Jordan 

Phone number xxxxx

Email xxxxxx

I am a: 

Member of the public 

Where do you live? 

City of London 

Have you contacted us about this issue before? 


I want to: 

Make a complaint 

What is your message regarding? 

Attacks in taxi drivers in Lisbon Grove

Your message 

Why Are you not doing anything?

These men from Lisbon Grove have been attacking and robbing taxi drivers. Police are called and no one comes to help us. 

You take our taxes but we are not safe in London. It’s s group of young Arab men, robbing Taxi drivers every day. The police don’t do anything. 

This is absolute disgusting.

After Three Years Of Driver Muggings.

Yesterday, saw uproar on social media from the London Taxi Trade. Another driver, violently mugged for a few pounds in his money bag. 

After three years of this gang, mugging their way through the Taxi Trade, there are now calls for vigilante’ groups to set up honey traps from within the rank and file drivers.

The police at present appear to be ignoring calls from desperate drivers who have been attacked and in some cases are refusing to attend. 

We had one driver who phoned 999 after being threatened by an attacker with acid. After being held on the line for 20 minutes, he was told that they didn’t have anyone available to attend the scene. 

But as sure as eggs are eggs, if someone were to call the police and say that a group of London Cabbies were harassing three young Arab looking children.... the police would turn up by the coach load and the possibility of drivers losing their bills would be a sure bet, with police spokesmen in the media saying we can’t have Londoners taking the law into their own hands!!!!!

Drivers have been told not to ‘tool up for protection’ as they will lose their licence if caught with any type of weapon in the cab. 

But where are our largest trade org on this problem????
Have they again decided to 'wait and see' ???
Not a word in their inhouse publication, not a word from their online platforms.... and yet this org’s management is mainly made up of ex-police officers ????

Our representative orgs and Unions must demand action today from the police. 
It is unacceptable that our trade is being subjected to these dangers, with virtually no response or protection from authority. 

Trade leaders must seek immediate meetings with the Mayor and police commissioner and demand action!!!

This isn’t a new problem to our trade, this gang (labelled, the Lisson Grove Gang) have been mugging their wY through the Taxi Trade for over three years. 

More recently, the gang have extended their operational area from just around Church Street/Frampton Street Edgware Pread Street, Finchley Road, Marylebone Station, Park Lane, Piccadilly and Knightsbridge. 
There appears to be two groups:
First group at younger and use diversional tactics to distract the driver allowing other members of the gang to snach property such as mobile phones, money bags, satnavs....

Second group are older and use violence against the driver.
They know who the door locks work and at open windows, put their arm inside, unlock and open the door. Drivers have been dragged out of their cabs and assaulted. 


The only protection we have at present is this advice from the Met :

Be vigilant by being aware!
* keep the doors locked
* Never open the window more than is needed to hear destination 
* If approached and asked to get the ramp out, wait until you see the wheelchair, then turn off the engine and remove keys, manually lock the front luggage door, lock the drivers door... before getting the ramp ready. 
* Only deal with passengers through nearside window if possible and never open the drivers window more than a couple of inches.
* Never get out of the cab to deal with these gang members (a bilk is better than being violently mugged)

Below is the reply from the Mayor's office received by Diana

Subject: FW: Attacks in taxi drivers in Lisbon Grove

Dear Diana,


Thank you for your email of 19 October to the Mayor of London. It was passed to his Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and I was asked to respond. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. I have been liaising with the local MPS to try and get a clearer picture and understand what is being done about your concerns.


The Mayor is clear that this kind of criminality is completely unacceptable. Keeping Londoners safe is his top priority and together with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) he is determined to ensure criminals are caught and punished. 


The MPS have been aware of these incidents since there was an increase in reports of thefts from black cab drivers in October. The issues you have raised are being addressed by a Detective Inspector from the MPS pro-active gangs unit alongside the newly appointed neighbourhood Inspector.


The Lisson Grove area is currently subject to enhanced patrol activity. This includes officers from the Violent Crime Taskforce, Territorial Support Group, RTPC Cabs Unit, and Westminster Gangs Unit. They continue to undertake overt and covert activity.


The MPS will of course follow up any investigative opportunities to identify the suspects involved in these matters and bring them to justice, and I understand there have been arrests made in some cases. The MPS has also issued crime prevention advice which includes:

  • Remain cautious when transporting groups of young men around the Edgware Road and Lisson Grove area;
  • Keep front passenger door locked and window closed when transporting such groups;
  • Be wary of requests distracting you to the back of the cab
  • Do not keep your valuables in view on the front passenger seat or console area;
  • Always lock your cab and keep possessions safe when exiting the vehicle;
  • Report all crimes to police immediately and ensure any cab CCTV footage is produced to police at the earliest opportunity.


I would also recommend you speak to your Dedicated Neighbourhood Ward Officers and PCSO about your concerns and pass on any information you have about these crimes. They are there to help. To find out who your local officers are, please visit and type in your post code to find out about your local team and how you can get in touch. 

Thank you for writing to us and sharing your concerns. I hope I have provided assurance that the MPS are investigating the problem.


Yours sincerely,


Juliet Tewungwa

Corporate Development Officer

Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime

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