Saturday, November 02, 2019

Thursday’s Fatal Crash Wasn’t An Accident, It Was A Consequence Of An Inadequate Regulator !

TfL have scandalously played fast and loose with public safety. It’s not probable that there will be more deaths, it’s inevitable.

Inevitable as we wait for more private hire drivers with fake criminal history/medical checks, bus drivers allowed to moonlight night and day as minicab drivers, to kill members of the public. 


Emergency vehicles stuck in 24/7 gridlock!

Virtually every scheme that TfL have implemented since 2000 has resulted in chronic congestion and added pollution. 
  • How on earth was London run by London Transport for all those years on a fraction of TfL’s budget?
  • Where is the accountability and where does the money go?
The alleged unchecked licence applications, perceived malfeasance and inadequate management from TfL, is now resulting in deaths and serious life changing injuries. People are dying because of the poor quality of the regulator and bias from both TfL and the Mayor. 

Thursday night, south East London, crash involving an alleged TfL registered Minicab with two buses.  One dead...fifteen injured. 
A TfL registered minicab driver has been arrested for driving whilst high on drugs. 

Ask by news agencies if this latest incident involved a TfL registered Private Hire Driver, TfL refused to comment or make a statement. 

It’s been alleged that the registration number of the Private Hire Vehicle was removed from the TfL licence checker within minutes of the death crash last night. 

Is this another example of TfL covering up for their major stakeholder?

TfL have consistently refused to distinguish between Taxis and Private Hire when it comes to collision data/passenger assaults/fraud... this attitude in itself gives a distorted vision of the real problem facing public safety. 

But again, TfL have never held public safety as paramount, especially when its concerning a certain on-line ride share app. 

Buses and cycles have been given priority (in the name of safety) on certain London road systems and yet KSI figures have trebled. 

TFL are now to reduce speed limits to ridiculous levels on major main roads. If this continues, we may eventually see traffic crawling along at walking pace, while unchecked, unregistered cyclists tear about like lunatics, mowing down unsuspecting pedestrians.

Segregated Cycle lanes have been implemented by TfL and the Mayor, in the name of safety and cleaner streets... yet the NOx levels on the embankment have sharply risen in the wake of the added congestion, plus cyclist casualties have tripled.

TfL are sweeping these accidents under their carpet

But, it’s not just TfL !

Not content with putting people’s lives at risk on an everyday basis, discouraging visitors to London and adding hours to working people’s commute, Camden Council intend to go further and close even more streets.

How is it we let these unaccountable people play with people’s lives?

We’ve seen the contempt that Camden’s councillors (particularly Adam Harrison) holds London’s safest passenger transport in. 

As streets are given over to buses and cycles, with all other traffic excluded, we have seen a plethora of bus/pedestrian collisions, caused by buses driven dangerously. 
We’ve also seeing an increase in the number of pedestrians mowed down by irresponsible, unregulated cyclists

In Tottenham Court Road, ambulances driven along the segregated cycle lanes, or on the pavement have become a regular sight, necessitated by manufactured congestion, the result of ill-considered planning by Camden Council.  

It’s time now for the London Assembly (GLA) to step up to the mark and thoroughly investigate the consequences of the actions of the Mayor, TfL and it’s commissioner, directors and managers, plus the actions of local council planners. Most new schemes have been implemented with no impact assessment whatsoever. 

This present situation can’t go on completely unchecked...people are dying on the streets of London, due to the inability of TfL to regulate sensibly. 

Is it really incompetence? or is there something more sinister going on behind the scenes?

Tonight, Buckingham Palace Road !
What it looked like earlier...

What it looks like now !

And before TfL take the details down off the website checker, it’s definitely a TfL registered PHV!

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