Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Despite so called man made global warming, we are about to go into an extremely cold winter. 
Certain London councils will be issuing tickets to Cabbies who don’t want to freeze to death in their cabs while sitting in them for extended periods with the engine on, keeping the heater given out warm air 

Their is a law that workers do not have to work in certain temperature.... but, does this human right, not extend to London Cabbies. Will you risk your health by working in freezing conditions?

There are a few unfortunate Cabbies that, owing to the way the trade has been attacked on all fronts by councils and even our own regulator TfL have fallen on very hard times. 

It’s more than you would think. The rest stop where I stop at night for a cuppa and a chat, there is regularly half a dozen drivers bedding down for the night. If they can’t heat their vehicles over night, how long before we find the first cabby, seriously ill or even frozen to death?

Insisting Taxis turn off their engines while stationary is not going to solve any pollution issues as many drivers will be put off ranking in the cold and will just continue circulating with greater engine revs, therefore adding even more exhaust gasses to any perceived problem. 

In much the same way as the new traffic systems (mainly in Camden, Islington and CoL) where through routes have been blocked, causing drivers to take longer routes around the divisions adding extra mileage, and again producing more exhaust gasses... it just doesn’t make sense. (Unless you follow the money!)

The idea of turning London into a carbon copy of Amsterdam or Copenhagen is causing massive congestion. It doesn’t take a genius to see what the problem is.... it just doesn’t work. 
It also doesn’t take a genius to work out why they are intent on pushing ahead with these ridiculous schemes.

Have no doubt, there is only one reason why TfL and certain local councils are pushing this agenda forward, and it’s got nothing to do with safety for walking and cycling. It’s all about the future instillation of a Carbon Tax... the next big thing to bolster their failing budgets. 

Ken Livingston showed them the way, his philosophy was “before you can charge for congestion you have to cause it!”...and he did just that. 

TfL and Khan are taking this a step further with their updated philosophy of “before you can charge for pollution, you have to creat it”....and that’s exactly what they are doing. 

The Taxi Trade have become no more than a porn in this game of aggressive persecution. Over the next year we will see more road space taken away, more places where we can’t pick up or set down, more Bus Gates and more exclusion from existing bus lanes. All CC’ed up, issuing fines left right and centre. 

Are you going to sit back and wait and see... or are you going to join your colleagues with militant actions?

Doing nothing, isn’t a solution, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. 

We are about to go into a “Winter Of Discontent”. 
Watch this space for updates!

At a recent meeting at City Hall, drivers informed Assembly members about the covert agenda of Project Horizon. 

A question was put to Sadiq Khan at MQT and he came back with a written answer that this project was internal and had no effect on the Taxi Trade. 

Going on the ‘guesstimated’ statistics he presented to the GLA about the pollution attributed to London Taxis, would you ever believe a word that came out of this man’s mouth. 

Just watching Sean Paul Day's YouTube video from the previous post, it's easy to see there's definitely been an agenda against us, with our regulator supporting a certain USA minicab App. 

If the air quality in London is so bad, should we all insist that the heating be turned off in government and council building. Will they allow themselves to work in freezing condition throughout this coming winter... of course they won’t. But they will expect you to sit there on a rank and freeze! 

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