Monday, November 25, 2019

Press Statement From UTAG, Going Forward After Today’s Decision To Not Relicense Uber

Dear UTAG member

Today, TfL has refused to relicense Uber which is, of course, the correct decision.

Thanks to your backing and trust in us we were able to instruct our legal team to construct solid, in-depth and incontrovertible reasons why Uber has never been, are not now and never will be Fit and Proper to be entrusted with an Operator Licence.

Without your support, we would not have been in a position to take such action; 

The fight is not over; Uber will undoubtedly appeal but please be assured we are already in contact with the legal team to discuss our next move and will update you accordingly.

We will not sit back and leave it to TfL to robustly defend their position in any appeal; they cannot be trusted to remain anything but neutral.

TfL has allowed this rancid company to operate as it saw fit for the last 7 years and UTAG will hold TfL to account in court.

We have prepared a press statement the link to which is below.

Once again we thank you all for backing us and your trade.

UTAG showing they will not rest on their laurels and will take the fight to TfL. Unlike others who will be waiting and seeing, whilst spouting it was all our work lol. 

Calls to ban Uber in Medway is backed by council

"This is excellent news and a long time coming," said Mr Smith, who has campaigned for years to get Uber cabbies stopped from operating in the Medway towns.

"How Uber has been allowed to get away with operating like it does all over the country is beyond belief.

"We have always said if Uber wants to work in Medway, do the 'knowledge' and get a proper licence, like our drivers.

Coming Soon.... Round Two!!

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