Saturday, November 23, 2019

Claire’s Unmanned Road Works Initiative Has Had 7 Out Of 8 Victories SoFar

Since Monday, I’ve reported 7 fake roadworks and know of 1 reported by someone taking my lead... and within 24hours, five of these fake roadworks were completely removed!! 

Question their authority..why are we allowing this ??
London is being mugged off

Use Claire’s template it really works a treat. 
So far 7 of the 8 reported  unmanned road works have been removed in a matter of hours.  

Claire said :
I totally believe this proves TfL are purposely creating traffic jams and the illusion that london has too many cars on the roads..

When the true fact is london has lost miles of road space due to extended pavements, cycle lanes, bike docking stations and now unmanned road works. 

If london really had too many cars on the road.. then there would be as many parked cars as moving cars... look around there are miles of vacant car parking spaces everywhere except in the centre.. it’s an optical illusion... But, don’t take my word for it check yourself how many cars were actually sold in london over the last few years... I bet it’s not even half the number that was being sold ten years ago... and ten years ago ... traffic moved faster than today. 

In just a few minutes on Google, I found that UK new car registrations fell in May by  4.6%, with 183,724 units registered. 

To June 5th this year the market was down 3.1% with 33,000 fewer cars registered, compared with the same period in 2018. 

Claire Zazzara. 

Claire’s template below can be used to report unmanned road works/ roped off plant equipment to all councils and for Red Routes to TfL.

Report: Obstructions made by builders works. 
Location: Harrow Road, Paddington Green. 

There is absolutely no reason for this cones blocking off access to one lane of traffic at this location. It is causing chaos and adding to pollution and is totally unnecessary. 

I am requesting that these cones/plant equipment be removed as soon as possible, or that you provide me with a copy of the relevant permit, licence or link to the legislation that permits this major road to lose one lane heading eastbound for no good reason. 

I look forward to your prompt reply

And that’s it... just copy and paste (changing the location) to the applicable council website. 

So far Claire has complained to: 

Harrow Road/Paddington Green,

Westminster Bridge

Park Lane/Stanhope Gate,

Charing Cross Road/Lichfield Street 

Goswell Road/St Johns Street


Pelham Street/Brompton Road


High Holborn/Smarts Place...

Claire has proved that these unmanned road works and unlicensed storage facilities for plant and equipment can be cleared away pretty quickly. 

But don’t sit back and leave it all to Claire... try it yourself. 
There’s quite a bit of self satisfaction attached to getting this stuff removed and streets reopened. 

It is our opinion that TfL are weaponising congestion to raise revenue to fill their £1bn budget deficit. To get the most out of charging for congestion, you have to create it and that’s exactly what TfL and many local councils are allegedly doing.

Also to those who chose not to protest over losing access to road space

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