Wednesday, November 06, 2019

After Residents Rebelled Against The W11 Madness From TfL, They Are Now Set To Disregard Consultation Results And Push Forward Regardless

Just when you thought the madness had been contained after a rebellion in W11, TfL ignore local groups, residents and workers in the area and come out with a blatant lie. 

The historic 300 year old trees, the lungs of W11 have been removed....replaced by scrubs. Traffic has been covertly photoshopped out as if it didn't exist.

Have a look at the image above, who n their right mind believes that Holland Park Avenue will look like this when TfL planners have finished!!!

We would submit the absolute chaos of Old Street roundabout as evidence that TfL planners have completely lost their hold on reality. 

TfL have now tweeted this post: 
We’ve set out next steps for vital walking and cycling improvements between Wood Lane and Notting Hill Gate

Following feedback we’ve reviewed our plans, which will protect more trees and we’ll be talking to local groups and @RBKC and @LBHF to gather their support....

And yet, just a look through the returning comments would show sane, rational people that nobody in this area, is interested in this fairytale. 

Comments include: (Those against)
• No room, London is not big enough! But you will still go head with your madness!
• @RBKC @LBHF Don’t support it it will gridlock the whole area and Business’s will suffer trust me and not TfL they have ruined London with their pathetic plans go and have a look around the city rd and Old st that’s just for starters
• A total fabrication , it’s deception nothing less
• RBKC are in bed with developers. They plan to remove social housing. Then replace it with trendy flats....(allegedly).
• Once again a computer generated image that claims to show what it will look like when finished is a total lie!
• Just curious how can TFL who are basically bankrupt even consider spending Taxpayers money on these projects.
• More fantasies and complete b... ...t from TFL.
• And cause more traffic congestion
• God help London.
• Please someone stop this madness.
• SCRAP THE SCHEME Use the money to house the homeless and feed the poor. 
• You literally won’t stop until you’ve f@@@@d up every way in, out or around London.

We could find only two tweets in support :
• ban on EUC's, ebikes / scooters is moronic, will increase traffic, and traffic deaths, but it will also at least save me from moving back. I mean they will be legal regardless, you need them more than you need cars. It's just boring that it will take you morons 5 years to learn.

But then this person actually lives in New York so should be discarded !

• City network of transport of the corridor to convention of route for the city to journey of investment operational to the policy of transport of London for the directive by evolution.

To be honest, we are not sure if that one is against or for !

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