Monday, October 28, 2019

What Are TfL Waiting For, Why Did Uber Get A Further Two Months Probation ??

For some time now, TfL have refused to take reports of PHVs illegally parked on Taxi ranks through their Twitter feed. 

We have been asking them for months to explain why this has happened and as of yet, had no reply except a DM message saying that it is explained fully on their website. 

The TfL website states that you can only report a PHV contravention directly to TfL through their site if the rank is on a red route. Otherwise the contravention needs to be reported to the relevant borough council. 

This again is a complete white wash from TfL as local boroughs day that penalty notices can only be issue in situ by borough wardens or parking marshals.

As most of the contravention are taking place by Uber cars parked up waiting for a ping... Is this another example of TfL covering the back of their largest stakeholder?

TfLTPH have put a virtual stop on PCOs patrolling the ranks at night (operation Neon), and have of late only been concentrating on harassing only licensed Taxi drivers at mainline stations such as Kings Cross, Paddington and Waterloo. 


Between 26 June 2018 - 20 August 2019 there were 822 complaints against Uber drivers... 242 of those complaints were for inappropriate behaviour including ‘Sexual assault’ . 

Why are TFL even considering relicense them???

Notice there are is no serious sexual assaults or rapes on this list!!!

In TfL language... serious sexual assaults including rape, is inappropriate behaviour!!!

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