Wednesday, October 30, 2019

TfL, Still Putting People In Danger. How Bad Must It Get Before They Act And Do The Right By The Public

TfL must be bought to book over putting the public at risk by continuing to licence this toxic company. 

This post below has recently appeared on Face book 

On sunday at 1.30am, I got an uber from bexley to Swanley. 
My driver was named ajmal...this driver is dangerous and made me feel so scared its unreal. 

He took the dover exit of the M25, down the M20 and missed every exit the sat nav prompted him to take.  I sat in the back asking him to take the exits he should. 

This man chose to ignore both myself and the SatNav !

He ignored my worries and questions, drove down numerous dark lanes that in day light, I might of known where we was...but being as it was 1.30am and pitch black, I had requested we stay on the main roads, after he had taken the incorect exit and i was scared. 

The journey should of been 3.9miles and should take 16mins  but insted was around 19.9 miles and 40mins !!!!!. 

The trip should of cost me £14-£18 but I was charged £38! 

£38 for the privilege of being scared !!!.

After numerous messages to ubers customer service team, the best they can do is give a good will gesture of £20 credit on my uber account, that i wont be using, as I’m scared to get a Uber cat on my own !!!!. 

Today I called the main customer care team to be told my situation basically ‘isnt strong enough to be given the time of day’ by the specialist care team. 

My issue yes I was massively over charged but the main concern over all of this is what if another girl gets in ajmals cab and doesnt argue back to be taken home the correct way?

What if she is too drunk and doesnt realise whats going on? 

What if she calls uber the next day and says she has been raped or attacked? 

Will she be brushed off by uber??? 

Will her situation be strong enough to be listened to?!?!?!? 

Do not get in this mans cab!!!!  Uber Transport for London

This is the standard reply from Uber which in most cases results in no more than an offer of £20 off future Uber rides!

Not very reassuring to someone who’s been seriously sexually assaulted 

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