Sunday, October 27, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: PoppyCab Badges, Now Widely Available From Most TaxiShelters.

Big thanks goes out to Ocado, for sponsoring the Taxi livery 

PoppyCab badges are now available from A&S Services Hoddesdon, and also at Ascott’s garage.

Kate, at the Russell Sq Taxi hut, has plenty of the PoppyCabs pin badges for £6 donation. PoppyCab flyers as also available from Kate. 

The PoppyCab badges are also available from Andre at St John Wood has flyers and badges

Karen at the Kensington Park Road shelter has her latest stock of Poppy Cab badges too, for you to collect. You can also get till rolls for 50p each. 

The Kings Cross Taxi Centre at the Camley Street cafe’, have also had a delivery of flyers and PoppyCab badges too. 

Fury as top Corbynista says it’s ‘sickening’ that so many Brits wear 'racist' poppies and lays into veteran charity fundraisers

A LEADING Corbyn supporter has sparked fury by mocking the poppy appeal – calling for the Royal British Legion to be binned.

Aaron Bastani, a far-left commentator known as one of Jeremy Corbyn’s “attack dogs”, even claimed that commemorating dead soldiers is RACIST.

Mr Bastani runs a website called Novara Media where he pumps out aggressive videos pushing Mr Corbyn’s message.

Come and get em!
Big cab grill poppies now available here at the Russell Square Taxi hut for a big donation

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