Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nissan Dynamo Officially Unveiled At City Hall, Amid Controversial Claims From Mayor Khan

Nissan’s Dynamo, was officially unveiled to The Mayor, TfL and the GLA at City Hall this morning. 

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, said he was delighted to see taxi-drivers "were doing their bit to improve our filthy air". 

Funny though, the Mayor and TfL have no problem licensing up to 600 new, extra Private Hire Vehicles weekly to the streets.... greatly adding to congestion, resulting in extra pollution. 

London’s Taxis (black cabs) have traditionally been diesel, although there have been a large number of Cabs converted to LPG. Over the last decade, the engines in Taxis have become much cleaner and have always been in advance of EU standards.

Khan said: "Working with cabbies to go electric is a key part of our plans to improve London’s air quality. An air quality made much worse by the number of hybrid buses that are running solely on diesel because it’s "too expensive" to change the batteries that proved to be faulty. An air quality made worse by the badly planned road schemes and traffic light phasing, plus a massive increase in the volume of private hire vehicles. 

It’s hoped (at the more affordable price of £47,995 with subsidies) the Dynamo Taxi will accelerate the retirement of older diesel taxis from city streets across the UK."

London recently set aside £42m to encourage drivers to trade in older, dirtier vehicles earlier. Although at one point £25m went missing and it was only when the Mayor was interrogated by David Kurten, Kieth Prince and Susan Hall of the GLA, that it suddenly turned up again. 

According to TfL, taxis account for 16% of vehicle nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in central London, although in reality the actual figure is nowhere near that. 

When you take into consideration the expanding number of Electric hybrid TXe’s, the Gas conversions and the volume of cleaner euro6 Taxis currently in service, the true figure is considerably lower.  

TfL’s  figure  -which originates from the Mayor (another one of his guesstimates, which we’ve seen before on previous occasions)- is as fake as the 13,000 Uber drivers DBS certificates, uncovered by Inspector Neil Billany and publicised in his letter to Helen Chapman by the Sunday Times. 

The Nissan Dynamo is actually London’s third fully Electric Taxi....the first being the Bersey below
See Taxi Leaks article here:

The second fully electric London Taxi, was the Electromobile from Greenwood and Batley, seen below with luggage loaded on the roof, leaving the old Euston Station (image from Bill Munro’s book ‘A Century Of London Taxis’...available on Amazon)

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