Friday, October 25, 2019

Khan And Brown Taking One Step Forward With Electric Taxis And Two Steps Back With Diesel PH Cars.

For the moment let's put to one side the unfair disparity between TfL vehicles, mandated to become fully electric.
  • Taxis biting the bullet first in 2018
  • PH are allowed five years grace until 2023
  • TfL Buses being pencilled in for 2037, almost two decades after Taxis.

Let's instead focus on who is pumping diesel vehicles out onto our streets.

Sadiq Khan, under the watchful tutelage of Mike Brown, proclaims that 2,500 LEVC Taxis are making the air cleaner for Londoners... whilst simultaneously licensing 90,000 PH diesel cars onto the roads of London.

TfL spin doctors have been able to hide the truth from the public that 4,000 extra PH diesel cars have been added by TfL to London streets since Taxis went electric nearly two years ago.

How can Khan & Brown quantify this anomaly when the amount of extra PH diesel cars added to London's streets are double that of decommissioned Taxi cabs?

Sadiq Khan and Mike Brown are taking one step forward with electric Taxis and two steps back with PH diesel cars. All the time pretending to be concerned about air quality, when in fact they've made £1.2m from the extra diesels.

TfL registered Private Hire have a staggering 480% more vehicles on the road than us.

However we are blamed for the pollution!!!

Khan states 20% of the pollution is taxi generated.... while the true figure is 2%

The discrimination is absolutely clear.

Just for the record Sadiq drives a BMW 440. Never one to lead by example our Mayor. 

If you don’t enforce the sign then they just ignore it 
Oxford st / Park st 24/10/19  @ 17.00

And it gets worse... TfL are currently licensing new Euro 6 diesel Vito’s to be used by a PH operator as a hop on hop off, on demand bus service in south west London. The very Vehicles Khan and TfL have banned for use as Taxis 

The complete incompetence of TfL doesn’t end there!!!

Apparently, we are not the only ones who think Old St is an absolute mess. 

The company contracted to work on the project is in despair with the sheer ineptitude of TfL

It is alleged that TfL have already changed their mind 9 times, and appear to be unconcerned that the scheme has rocketed from the original projection of £15m, to a staggering £40+m

It is very strange that Uber’s licence was not revoked after its recent court case just before its probationary licence ran out! 

It’s also very strange that Uber were given another TWO months temporary licence!
Why two months?
Why not one month or a year?

Two months takes the company over the period where Uber shares can be traded!
Is this pure coincidence ?

We need an independent inquiry to find out if any senior members of TfL, or the Mayors office, have shares in Uber. 

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