Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ultra-Low Emission Zone (Ulez), has raked in £51m for TfL in its first four months

The policy, which charges polluting vehicles £12.50 a day for entering into the zone, was launched in April by the London mayor.

TfL claim that the amount of “non-compliant” vehicles has fallen by 12,524 a day from 35,578 in March to 23,054 in July – a reduction of more than a! Just who is paying the £51m then???
Is this just more PR spin from Khans spin doctors ???

What’s the pollution statistics before and after the introduction, has that fallen by a third???
TfL aren’t saying.... there’s a surprise!!!

The zone, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, currently covers the central London congestion charge but is due to be expanded from 2021, when it will cover the North and South Circular roads.

Fines for cars have been set at a maximum of £160, which will be reduced to £80 if it is paid within 14 days. For lorries, fines have been set at £1,000, which will be cut to £500 if paid within two weeks.

It’s alleged the Ulez move is part of a radical plan to tackle London’s air pollution, which is operating at illegally high levels (only illegal because the levels are set too low)and is known to increase health problems such as asthma, and even psychosis. 

More guesstimates from Khans so called experts no doubt. 
Is it really about pollution, or is it merely another cash cow for TfL to try and recoup some of its billion pound budget deficit??

Khan said: “Today’s figures prove that the Ulez continues to have a significant impact with 12,500 fewer older, polluting vehicles now coming into the zone compared with March. More stats from his own “experts” no doubt. 

“These older vehicles  send  harmful emissions into our air and lungs and I will continue to take bold action to protect Londoners from this invisible killer. It is highly encouraging to see that so many motorists and businesses are helping reduce pollution by driving cleaner  vehicles into the zone.”


Perhaps Khan and TfL should have concentrated on cleaning up their own polluting vehicles first. 

Clouds of exhaust fumes can be seen every day on London’s congested roads. Made worst by segregated cycle lanes, buses that were supposed to be hybrid are running on pure diesel, spewing out clouds of toxic fumes....yet not a word from Khan or TfL about this, just a promise that one day in the future they may buy more electric buses.  

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