Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Uber Granted Two-Month Extension To London Licence. Statements From TfL, LCDC, UTAG And Sadiq Khan.

Uber has today been granted a two month operators’ licence by Transport for London. 

This is the shortest operators licence ever issued. 

Conditions attached.
TfL have said:
"The short licence is to allow for scrutiny of additional information that we are requesting ahead of consideration of any potential further licensing application."

Uber’s General Manager Jamie Heywood responded by saying

"TfL’s recognition of our improved culture and governance reflects the progress we have made in London. 

"We will continue to work closely with TfL and provide any additional requested information."

He added: "Over the past two years, we’ve launched a range of new safety features in the app, introduced better protections for drivers and our Clean Air Plan is helping to tackle air pollution."

But granting Uber a two month temporary licence, has clearly shown the firm has failed their probation and are still a huge threat to public safety.

The terms of the probationary licence, Uber were supposed to improve its operations for the better. 
But they have continued to shirk their responsibilities. 

But by Granting this new shirt Licence We have been shown that both TfL and the Mayor can’t be trusted. 

Our wait for justice goes on. 


Just heard the news, unbelievably, Uber have been given a two month licence... WTF is that about.... they should of been revoked after contravention of their probationary period!

But, what did our trade do then???
And what will the trade do now???

Every driver should be heading to Blackfriars, to smash down Mike Brown's door and demand a face to face explanation. 

But they won’t 

Or better still, every driver should stop their engine in whatever road they’re in, lock up and walk away 

But they won’t 

Every driver should be removing their plates and Identifiers and slinging them back at TfL

But they won’t 

Why ? 
Because this trade is weak 

This trade has no real leadership

This trade has no representation worth having....and no backbone for a fight 

We’ve witnessed total hypocrisy today from TfL, one rule for Uber and a different rule for us!

This is unbelievable and should be challenged (but we know it won’t) 

Statement From London Cab Drivers Club:
TfL have been asked by LCDC’s legal team about the legality of Uber’s booking system and they (TfL) are saying they haven’t had details back yet from Uber.... that’s in 15 months!

Uber have now been given an extra 2 making 17 months to provide TfL with information and, Uber can continue to operate in this time...Yet Taxi drivers are told to surrender their licence if they cannot provide information within 28 Days

Has any other PH firm been given this type of Leniency???? 
We all know the answer to that......

This is TfLs letter to its "stakeholder customers" today. 

Dear Customer,

Transport for London has today (Tuesday 24 September) announced its decision to issue Uber London Limited (ULL) with a two-month private hire operator licence, ahead of consideration of any potential further licensing application. 

The two-month licence will have the same conditions that ULL has been subject to over the last 15 months, along with new conditions to ensure passenger safety. 

We are requesting additional material from ULL and this will help inform any future licensing decision.

Yours sincerely,

Transport for London

Let’s also remember that Uber investors are locked into their shares till November!!!

If TfL had refused Uber’s licence renewal, the share price would have collapsed. 

One of Uber’s biggest investor is Black Rock 
The very same Black Rock who handle TfL pension fund 💡

This stinks of a financial conflict of interest

I wonder how many UBER SEXUAL PREDATORS will have taken advantage of their lone female passengers after they’ve had a few glasses of wine 🍷 in 60 days???

TfL, putting money before public safety. 

Statement From The Unite Trade Action Group 

Statement on behalf of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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Gerald Coba said...

‪Well now we know why‬

‪TfL have a financial conflict of interest in not revoking Ubers licence‬

‪Uber investors are locked in to their shares till November‬

‪Black Rock are Uber Biggest inverter‬

‪TfL pension fund is with Black Rock ‬

‪The whole thing stinks‬ Of corruption