Friday, September 06, 2019

The Dynamo Taxi Is A Game Changer... by Tom Scullion

I visited Dynamo today and was meet by John, Paula and Lee and  a London Cabbie Adam. 

I must admit I was a little apprehensive on the way up Edgware Road due to some of the negative comments I read on social media, but with an open mind I drove into the garage to be welcomed by John and the team. My first impressions were ‘Wow’I didn’t expect this, the Cab really looks amazing, shiny black with some very nice decals promoting this unique Taxi. As I was shown around the Cab I could see that a great deal of thought has gone into this vehicle with the focus being on the driver. 

I couldn’t wait to jump into the drivers seat and to say I was surprised is an understatement at 6”2  I couldn’t believe the head height and leg room I could fully extend my legs and I could easily moved the seat forward and be completely comfortable in the correct during position.

It’s actually a bigger driver cockpit than my Vito, the Dab radio and Sat nav multicolor screen, with reversing camera was top notch I soon realized this is a top spec vehicle not a converted van that I expected to see. 

The digital intercom is as good quality as an iPhone, the vision is as good as it gets, nice size wing mirrors. I knew straight away this is one nice Cab. The luggage compartment was rugged and a very clever partition between the driver and the freight was a clever little enhancement.

The passengers area manual sliding doors with a rapid low step which has sensors which stop the step from hitting your shins very clever.  Beautifully finished interior five seats the rear three seats are hinged to give you a complete floor area perfect for loading wheelchairs or freight and ample storage for sleep bags and out of site security like lap tops hand bags if you were doing a tour to stash your valuables.
The air con is brilliant, sliding opening windows in the doors an absolute must, the biggest gripe in having a Vito is customers moaning HOW DO I OPEN THE WINDOW!

Boot space:

Secured ramps and enough room for a set of golf clubs ✅

The drive:

After a 5 minute crash course with Paula it was time to hit the road I must admit it was very strange no noise, no vibration and no clunking it was if we were being propelled by wind the cab performed like a normal vehicle good acceleration and ridiculously smooth, the first experience of the regenerative braking felt very weird  the cab seemed to slow down by itself only needing my to apply the brakes at the last second I was rewarded immediately by the gauge which measures how much energy put back into the battery on braking.

We then drove through traffic with me transfixed on the regeneration gauge. As we hit the open road the cab drove like a dream, then Paula instructed me to push the green eco button and floor it. OMG it went like shi# off a shovel I couldn’t believe the power and acceleration.

At this point we reluctantly swapped drivers and as a passenger, I loved the fresh air, comfortable seats, beautiful panoramic tinted glass roof and amazing interior lighting. We then had the climate control perfect ambient temperature at the push of the button.


Very clever set up, ramp stored in the boot lift up back seats so a wheelchair could 360 with ease three point locking system for wheelchairs on a smart ratchet system absolutely first class accessibility in every detail full marks.

So would I buy one ?

100% YES for me this Cab is a no brainer

 3p per mile or £5 per day max 120 to 150 miles is a very conservative estimate if you take The braking regeneration IMO 
Servicing at any Nissan main dealer £120 or North West Taxis prices £60 or there abouts
No road Tax 
No down time this Cab has 17 moving parts no gearbox 
No oil
No filters 
No belts
It must run on pixie dust but it does what it says in the tin 100% Electric.

Now before you question this new opportunity for your choice of a working Taxi please don’t let my words influence you, in any way, take the time to go and see and drive this Cab what have you got to loose?


Anonymous said...

I thought you were jacking it in Jim. Saw you on Twitter earlier today, you looked all dressed up for Old Compton St. As they say: If it looks like a duck and waddles like a duck. Get you! lol

Editorial said...

Well Steve I’m not going yet and the good news is, it was me that the GLA invited to City Hall to discuss the mess the trades in and not you.

Anonymous said...

I'd only consider one when the age limit on 100% Electric vehicles is completely removed as its a con, it would both encourage older drivers buying one with financial equity in mind and prove that further lowering will not take place as I don't trust TFL an inch.