Thursday, September 19, 2019

TfL Experts Over Estimated Income From T Charge By 30%...Are These The Same Experts Who Calculated Khan's Taxi Emissions Stats ???

Well, you couldn’t make it up !!!
TfL are now complaining that due to the rise in cars complying with the new ULEZ Charge, their expected income is down by £21m. 

A recent report to the TfL board notes that as a result of better than expected compliance, income from the ULEZ for 2019/20 is currently forecast to be £51m, this is in fact down 34% on a previous projection from TfL’s financial experts of  £77m. 

As we are aware, the ULEZ operates 24 hours a day in the existing Congestion Charge area of central London and charges cars, motorcycles and vans that do not comply with set emissions standards £12.50 a day or £100 per day for lorries buses or coaches. 
The ‘T Charge’ was introduced in April.

There were 23,054 non-compliant vehicles and 60,844 compliant vehicles per day in July during Congestion Charge hours, compared with 35,578 and 55,457 respectively in March.

This meant that the overall number of unique vehicles detected per day in the zone fell from 91,035 to 83,899.

City Hall pointed to statistics showing improved compliance since February 2017, when mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed the introduction of the Toxicity Charge (T-Charge). 

Mr Khan said: ‘The figures prove that the ULEZ continues to have a significant impact with 12,500 fewer older, polluting vehicles now coming into the zone compared with March.

With 12,500 fewer cars on central London roads you would expect traffic flow to have improved. Unfortunately with councils like Islington, Camden and Westminster, they’ve done their best with hair brained traffic schemes (Old Street, St Pancras, Tottenham Court Road Baker Street, Gloucester Place etc) to keep up the gridlock.  

It appears TfL have become victims of their own success as actual money in, has not matched up to their expectations of their financial experts!!

We ask the question:
Are these the same experts Sadiq Khan uses when talking about the percentage of pollution attributed to the Taxi trade, when talking to the transport committee of the GLA? 

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