Friday, September 20, 2019



TfL have broken their self-imposed silence to answer drivers on social media, wanting to know what's going on with reports of cloned TfL registered PHV Prius, picking up the public. 

They say they've identified a possible cloned vehicle.....yes they actually said that, even though they are in possession of two identical vehicles including the same registration plates....and that these two vehicles were bought to a vehicle testing centre. They went on to say the matter is now subject to a police investigation. 

But that's not what the Taxi, and Private hire trades and the public want to hear. 
We want to hear that TFL's accredited PCOs -the ones with the power of stop and search, along with Cab Enforcement officers- are setting up road blocks all over London, to catch other cloned vehicles. 

Funny they can identify a vehicle that enters the congestion charge area without paying the congestion charge, they can even identify vehicles that don't comply with the ULEZ conditions.....but the seem to be having trouble identifying cloned vehicles in the area at th same time!

We also want to hear that an investigation has begun of Ubers records to find cars with the same registration, affiliated to different drivers using the Uber app at the same time.....isn't that what technology is all about ? .....or are TfLs stakeholder partners still not keeping full and proper records 

This needs investigating by the GLA ASAP,  to find out how this has been allowed to happen.

Did Sadiq Khan lie to the GLA transport committee when he said he had greatly increased the number of on street Carrage Officers???
Because that's not what we are hearing from TfL employees, who have stated that the number of PCOs have dropped dramatically... as officers have been seconded and reassigned to other duties on the buses and tube, leaving just a few foot soldiers to carry out checks on Licensed Taxi drivers at mainline stations.

This situation is scandalous and needs immediate action from both TfLTPH and Cab Enforcement Unit.   
We need answers not excuses 


charlie levy said...

if you believe that then I am the king of England they come out with this old flannel all the time

Anonymous said...

It's just a pity they didn't clone the staff and thought processes of those at Penton Street, when the PCO was moved to Blackfriars!