Friday, September 27, 2019

STATEMENT FROM UTAG Uber continues to regulate TfL. Another disgraceful decision!

As you will be aware TfL has given Uber London Ltd (ULL) a 2 months license extension; this decision is bizarre and totally unacceptable.

ULL is either fit to be given a 5-year license or not fit to continue operating.

Fit and Proper status is binary and not open to any other degree of interpretation.

This award of a further 2-month window in order to give ULL a third chance to ‘get their house in order’ is further testament to the reluctance of TfL to put public safety before all else.

Sadiq Khan has said ‘I’m not scared to take the big boys on’
In our opinion, he’s not scared but petrified. 

UTAG is the only group willing to fight for our trade.
TfL quoted, among other things ‘To ensure public safety’ in their lacklustre reasons for a very restricted license.

ULL has had 6 years and 8 months ‘to ensure public safety’. 

They have not satisfied our woefully inadequate regulator that the public is safe with them and yet TfL let them off the hook again.

When will this abdication of care stop?
After this wrong decision, UTAG was in contact with our legal team within minutes to seek guidance on an injunction to stop Uber operating until such time that the safety of passengers was beyond any doubt.

After seeking advice we remain ready and waiting for the decision in 2 months. Be assured we will take the correct action at the right time, including challenging any decision that is made.  Now is not the time.

We remain totally committed to holding TfL to account in court for the damage caused to our trade through inept and cowardly regulation that is seemingly biased in favour of a well-funded but unfit operator.

We shall keep you updated as things progress.

Once again we would like to thank each and every one of you for your unstinting support.

United Trade Action Group.

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Anonymous said...

This week we have witnessed how the establishment men in grey suits control the country.

"MPs have brought Parliament into disrepute, the corporate media have brought journalism into disrepute, and the Supreme Court has brought the law into disrepute, all in an attempt to deny the people what they voted for. What a political education this has been for millions of us."

Pat Condall

In reality, what chance does a man from Welling in a cream coloured suit and brown shoes really have?