Thursday, September 05, 2019

Is It Time For TfL and Camden Council To Hold Their Hands Up And Admit They Were Wrong Over TCR

Is it time to stop this vanity project from Camden Council and TfL as another collision is reported today by TfL Traffic News on Twitter. 

TfL Posted Today:

COLLISION The A400 Tottenham Court Road (W1T) at the junction of Goodge Street - Road is blocked southbound by a collision. 

Traffic is slow on approach and expect delays.

The collision happened on the southbound lane where only Buses and Cycles to access.
This is the 7th incident recently, involving Buses on this southbound route and the second in three days.

How long must we wait till this awful scheme is returned to how it used to be....traffic northbound reduced to gridlock with pedestrians being mowed down by Buses travelling at excessive speed by tired drivers, just to facilitate councillors with alleged financial interests in cycle hire businesses. 

Will we have to wait until someone is killed?

Yesterday saw yet another collision at the Bank Junction, involving a Bus and a pedestrian. 
The CoL banned through traffic on (as they say) safety issues, but the badly panned scheme has caused massive congestion and extra pollution on the just doesn't work. 

Over stressed Bus drivers, sudden given a clear road ahead tend to speed up dramatically and can become easily distracted. Instead of keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe, it's actually put them in danger.

These 'Bus and Cycle only' schemes are highly flawed....and the systems currently in place need to be returned to through routes to all traffic. 


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