Monday, August 26, 2019

Uber/Jump Bikes Dumped with Complete Disregard To Disabled Pedestrians...How Have They Been Allowed To Get Away With This?

Islington council are prioritising the expansion of dockless bikes over the safety of pedestrians, especially the disabled...with no room for wheelchairs to get through, also forcing mothers with prams to dangerously use the road instead of the sidewalk.... it’s a total disgrace.

The UPHD Union asked the question on Twitter:
"Have Jump Bikes got special dispensation now that Uber/Jump is principal sponsor of the All Party Cycling Group, chaired by Labour MP for Brentford and Isleworth, Ruth Cadbury?"

They went on to pose another question :
"Look at the promise of 'access' for cash on the website....How is this not illegal or against parliamentary rules?
Its PR for Uber money can't buy. "

Below, is the Transport Minister Michael Ellis, doing a photo call on an Uber/Jump bike earlier this year, at an All Party Cycling Event.

They finished their series of tweets by pointing out to Ruth Cadbury,
" It's hard to fathom the poor judgement of these politicians given there's been 3 successive worker rights judgements against Uber and an open HMRC gov uk investigation of Uber's evasion of £1 billion in VAT.
All this in an age of austerity"

Back on the streets of Central London, this is typical of how dockless bikes are parked (dumped) with complete disregard, blocking the way for disabled pedestrians... especially those with restricted sight, to stumble into.

Yet the all powerful cycling lobby, endorse this behaviour and are encouraging this behaviour to continue.


Anonymous said...

This never ending list of characters would make a corkscrew look straight!

Anonymous said...

Because of the colour of those jump bikes.
They cannot be seen on the bottom of the canal.