Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Statement From United Trade Action Group Legal Team

Dear UTAG Member,

Since our Judicial Review ("JR"), we have had many meetings with our legal team to formulate our next steps. We are writing to provide you with a brief but important update.

Our legal team including Robert Griffiths QC has been gathering the evidence to present to Transport for London ("TfL") as to why Uber is not to be relicensed, as it is not a 'Fit and Proper' Operator. In fact, we contend it never was, and via their continued poor behaviour and corporate structure it is clear to all that it has no intention of becoming one.

Crucial evidence has been collated and UTAG is very close to presenting our evidence to TfL.

Uber's temporary licence is up for renewal on September 25th, 2019 but shortly UTAG shall put TfL on notice that they should not relicense Uber, for even the shortest of periods. Enough is enough.

We cannot offer further disclosure in relation to the case at this time but we shall, in due course, make available the letter to TfL for all donators to read via our website.

Uber was fined £29,600 last week at Westminster Magistrates Court for failing to keep proper records and for allowing drivers to work without the required hire and reward insurance.  This fact will be included in both proposed letters to TfL.

Once our evidence is delivered to TfL, if they decide to relicense this law-breaking company once again, we shall consider launching an immediate Judicial Review into that decision once TfL announces their reasons for granting a license.

 Grounds for JR will be disclosed to members once drafted.

It is also our intention to serve a preliminary letter on TfL following the recent decision at Westminster Magistrates Court.  This will put them on notice that they should revoke Ubers’ licence without delay and that letter will be followed up with a much more in-depth document setting out why Uber should never be allowed to work in the capital again.

If you care about the London Taxi trades survival, and are not already donating to the United Taxi Action Group appeal to hold TfL to account through the court, then you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. 

Don't wait and see till it's too late, do it now and hold the people to account who have tried to wipe out this profession. 

Also remember, you don't need to be a London Cabby to donate. 

Just click on the link, top right hand column and go directly to the UTAG donation page. 


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