Thursday, August 08, 2019

More Evidence That The Mayor Of London Is Giving Uber A Free Pass Again

You really couldn’t make it up. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is to fund driver training (through a third party obviously) of delivery van drivers, as part of his ‘Vision Zero’ project. 

The statistics are there, they are available and yet Khan turns a blind eye to the fact that the majority of road traffic collisions in London are caused by private hire drivers who constantly take their eyes off the road to study the Sat/Nav on their phones. 

Yet TfL scrapped the advance driving test for Private hire drivers... his TfLTPH directors turned their backs on the fact that not only are many of the 120,000 private hire drivers working on a foreign driving licence, 13,000 of them submitted fake criminal record DBS checks. A similar figure had medical including eye tests done on line.

Uber Rape is real, with predators protected by TfL and The Mayor!

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Now Khan is now fundings third party (Fleet Source) to undertake  delivery driver training while leaving the private hire trade alone...again!

Fleet Source to support TfL’s ‘Vision Zero’ with driver training

As part of the Mayor of London’s long-term Transport Strategy to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions, Transport for London (TfL) has appointed Fleet Source, as one of two contractors on the Framework to deliver its funded driver training programmes.
Fleet Source will support TfL in delivering driver training for around 3,600 (60% of the annual delivery of 6,000) commercial drivers each year, over the next four years. Fleet Source will train all participants to the highest level of driver accreditation, aligned to FORS standards.

Commenting on its support of ‘Vision Zero’, Fleet Source founder and CEO, Nick Caesari, said: “Winning this place with TfL is strategically important for Fleet Source as it’s fully aligned with our mission to help save lives and improve road safety through professional driver training in every sector of the economy.

“Whilst this new contract represents a continuation of Fleet Source’s partnership with TfL, which began in 2014, our responsibilities as a principal contractor now are much more significant. 

Working in collaboration with TfL and FORS, we look forward to making a major positive contribution to the Mayor’s ‘Vision Zero’ action plan, which we endorse wholeheartedly.”

Commenting on the contract award, TfL’s Principal Delivery Planner, Sam Weller, said: “We are pleased to announce that Fleet Source has been awarded a place on the Framework contract as one of the two contractors awarded the delivery of our driver training programmes, we look forward to working with them on the roll-out of this important initiative.”

Known as ‘Vision Zero’, Mayor Sadiq Khan’s, objective is for no one to be killed in or by a London bus by 2030 and for there to be no deaths or serious injuries on the capital’s TfL-controlled road network by 2041. In the shorter term, the ‘Vision Zero’ action plan aims to cut road deaths by 65% before 2022, compared with 2005-09 levels. 

An important aspect of the ‘Vision Zero’ strategy is training commercial drivers on how to protect vulnerable road users (VRUs) and share the road with them safely.


Anonymous said...

Sidy Khan love Uber I bet half he's relations work for them.

Anonymous said...

Nick Clegg went to facebook so never kid yourself about politicians when it comes to feathering their beds, Oh and I nearly forgot about mouth piece Osborne.

Always suspect politicians who affects by policy from the safety of a governmental position and later receive a related job for direct past considerations.