Wednesday, August 28, 2019

In The News Today...Taxis Rome, Refusing To Work On The Meter At Night.

In the news toda, Mark Rapley say’s 
“Come to Rome, and you will find out why London taxi drivers are the best in the world. 
Day time no problem. 
Once night is here majority of drivers refuse to run on the meter. Fixed fares only. 

From my hotel to Trevi fountain 17 euros on the meter. Return trip back to the Hotel...40 euros. Can’t believe their audacity


Do believe this is one of your ‘Cash Cow’ Minicabs TfLTPH  
Naughty boy letter in the Post ??   Or left in the In Tray Marked.  Nothing To See Here ??    
Lucky we could see the rear Green Roundel of Death cos most of em are covered up with a darker tint. 


Such a wonderful photo op for St Greta on her journey. 
Well except for the single use plastic bottle they forgot to take out of shot😜

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Anonymous said...

Bloody Romans