Saturday, August 24, 2019

Breaking News: LEVC Supporting On-Demand RidePooliing

Just when thou thought it couldn’t get any weirder.... breaking new that LEVC allegedly looking to promote a ride pooling on demand bus service. 

The makers of London’s only current available Taxi, the TXe, appear to be promoting this German based private hire styled ride sharing company which is expected to replace certain bus routes with a low emission vehicle.

LEVC put out this tweet yesterday:

Congratulations @kvgOF_mbH @door2doorHQ & the Hopper; a bus-on-demand bookable via app.

This completely new public transport service lets customers indicate their desired pick-up & destination, then an algorithm determines the most optimal route according to their requirements.

Drivers asked (via Twitter) if the drivers of this vehicle will be Taxi drivers, or PH bus drivers, but the company made no further comment. 


Anonymous said...

If this is true? It wouldn't surprise me at all.

All these companies are so greedy now that they will do anything for a pound note. They are not happy concentrating on the area they manufacture for any longer. In the past you would have companies that built up expertise in a certain field and became the 'top dog' in that industry - whether, it was shoe manufacturers, biscuit producers, sports wear, etc, etc. Have a look around now and they are all at one another's throats & will intrude upon any other area they can. If you go into any large pharmacy now, you can see socks, underwear & other items for sale, that were never sold in these places before. It's all about eradicating the independent retailer & ensuring big business has control.

This greed (although, these companies pr machines will call it diversifying) started in the 80's under thatcher - but the other mob are & would've been just as bad. In addition to all of this, the cab trade is now full of 'sell your soul for a tanner brigade' and most will carry on giving more & more of their income to apps, not associated to the trade. These companies have all noticed this and now realise they can do whatever they wish, without a whimper from the majority of the trade. I really can't see that LTI or metro, etc, would've dared thought about doing this. However, they were different days, when the workforce were more moralistic and had more pride! It's really sad but I look forward to going to the barbers and getting a washing machine whilst I'm there!

Anonymous said...

If LEVC are looking for a reason to dump the TXe then this is the way to go about it!

I have always questioned why this bus company was granted a TFL operator license using a euro 6 diesel engine 'after' the same engine was prohibited for London taxi approval clearly on emission grounds and I think the answer is in the question.

Mercedes have been eliminated from new Taxi supply after the euro 6 ban, and up to now, Mercedes do not have an electric version where as LEVC had a priveledged and managed transition from the euro 6 TX4 to the Electric TXe and in that capacity they have also as the clear favourite of tfl cleaned up on "all" the government grants subsidies (in London) which its self needs serious questioning, these grants will likely be ending in the not to distant future and the real costs of TXe supply will be considerably more expensive in "all" taxi alternatives so maybe LEVC vans coaches or minibuses will now be a more profitable venture and "new" grants will arrive like magic to encourage that these markets have a transition away from diesel,

The whole taxi decommisioning & taxi age limit reduction was a huge con schemed up to reduce our numbers in both vehicles and drivers and all those who kept their existing vehicles by resisting the tfl bung will now have the last laugh as they will run their vehicles into the ground comforted by knowing what they will be doing for work from tomorrow to the next few years when many other drivers suffer the anxiety as to how they will now earn a living as that 10 grang gets gobbled up in 9 months if luck finds them a rental whilst our so called "approved" vehicle manufacterers continue to exploit anyone or anything that kops them a few bob at anyones expense, so if LEVC wants to jump....good riddence as its clearly now the time to bring onboard other vehicle manufacterers to fill a huge void that has been created by the astonishing mismanagement of TFL who's motive is regularly questioned by bias and from where I stand sounds to be the best reason for their uncompromising attitude to our trade and in particular to our older drivers.

be lucky


Protesting4U said...

TFL's incompetence has made sure that I cannot afford to buy a TXe.
This article's revelation has made sure that I will never buy one, even if I could!

Anonymous said...

I concur with your thoughts anon, but when we leave on oct 31 Boris will be sharing out the lolly, he won"t let the workers down, we are going to be looking for more holidays than we ever had, maybe that cruise you only dreamed about, shorter working week with lots more shekles in our pockets, few days on the golf course, day playing tennis maybe, or just fishing? We gona all be loaded in under two months, life will be good again, not long to go, Boris and his eton pals care about us, unlike that communist red who prefers dancing around the maypole, not long guys an gals, OUT MEANS OUT!